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    Saw them in Liverpool too.

    Genesis my all time fave band.

    So glad I got to see them again but too much of it made me a bit sad.

    The stage show and lighting were both superb - but the energy Phil used to inject into the shows was sadly lacking.

    Sadly, the setlist is so predictable now and has hardly changed since the last tour.

    The 'audience participation' sections got going eventually but seemed strained and awkward initially.

    Any old favourites generally have to make do with being part of a medley, just an opening verse or, in the case of The Lamb, a badly misjudged and slow, energyless version. Would it really kill them to play the full version of The Cinema Show? Even Duchess, that I was soooo looking forward too was slowed down too - like Afterglow I think it was?

    I actually particularly liked Home/Second Home By The Sea - as I did most of the instrumental parts.

    I think I have to accept I'm probably in the minority now of people going to a Genesis gig as the crowd just lapped up the likes of That's All and I Can't Dance.

    As much as I love Carpet Crawlers, I still think there's no better end to a gig than Los Endos. Especially is preceded by Dance On A Volcano...

    I don't think I've ever been to a Genesis gig where nobody has shouted out 'Supper's Ready!!...' - they certainly know what it means to fans. As much as I know the full version wasn't an option, 9/8 would have been great.

    Thankfully we still have the incredible Steve Hackett keeping the flame going. The Seconds Out show, after every song, was just 'wow'.............