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    Feel very lucky to have seen this version of Genesis on the Thursday night in Glasgow.

    Sorry to see Belfast & Dublin cancelled & just hope Glasgow 2 will go ahead.

    The last time I saw them was Milton Keynes 1982, so its been a while and at least I wasn't standing getting soaked in the rain this time.

    Not surprisingly the band did seem nervous initially, particularly during the semi acoustic set . A few missed lines from Phil. However a huge amount of appreciation for PC throughout from the audience which was heartwarming.

    What I love about live music is that its never guaranteed and the key to this gig was the run of songs following the acoustic section. So Duchess , No Son of Mine ( Phil's best vocal performance of the night), Firth of Fifth, I Know What I Like, Domino & Throwing It All Away, were all excellent. In particular I loved Daryll Stuermers slightly bent out of shape Firth of Fifth. Not note for note & made his own. Superb.

    I could have changed some of the later songs e.g.Abacab & anything from Duke instead of Invisible Touch & Can't dance but no real complaints. Finished on Carpet Crawlers which was perfect.

    Probably the most emotional gig I have been at in 42 years of gigging in Glasgow. Post Pandemic, Last Genesis Tour.