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    Strangest ever support for any live act I have seen was Steve Hackett 1980 who had a Ventriloquist consisting basically of guy with his hand up a monkey glove puppet. Steve, cost saving in his early days I think. Did not last long on stage at the at times boisterous Glasgow Apollo.

    Peter Gabriel Glasgow Apollo Feb 1980 ( PG3 Tour)

    Genesis Glasgow Apollo April 1980 (Duke Tour)

    Steve Hackett Glasgow Apollo June 1980 (Defector Tour)

    Genesis Ingliston Edinburgh Sept 1982 (Abacab Tour)

    Genesis Milton Keynes Oct 1982 (Six of the Best Reunion Tour)

    Peter Gabriel Glasgow Apollo Sept 1983 ( PG4 Tour)

    Peter Gabriel Edinburgh Playhouse Sept 1983 (PG4 Tour)

    Steve Hackett Glasgow Royal Concert Hall May 2013 (Genesis Revisited Tour)

    Peter Gabriel Glasgow SSE Hydro Sept 2013 ( Back to Front Tour)

    Genesis Glasgow SSE Hydro Oct 2021 (Last Domino Tour)

    1980 was a great year to see all of Genesis and solo projects on great form.

    I would pick the PG 1980 and Genesis Duke Tour 1980.

    Both very memorable 40 years later, particularly the opening for Peter Gabriel, Intruder with the Apollo in complete darkness as the drums pounded and PG & band walking through the audience to climb onto the stage. What a start to a gig.

    Six of the Best is a bit more vague. I remember the rain, Peter Gabriel being carried on stage in a white coffin and the excellent Talk Talk being disgracefully bottled off stage as one of the support acts. Talk Talk's treatment still makes me fume to this day.

    To 2021 and lucky to catch Glasgow before they cancelled the second night. I had no expectations 39 years after I had last seen Genesis. Still great and enjoyed being back. What a fantastic live band. Its all still in my head.

    Feel very lucky to have seen this version of Genesis on the Thursday night in Glasgow.

    Sorry to see Belfast & Dublin cancelled & just hope Glasgow 2 will go ahead.

    The last time I saw them was Milton Keynes 1982, so its been a while and at least I wasn't standing getting soaked in the rain this time.

    Not surprisingly the band did seem nervous initially, particularly during the semi acoustic set . A few missed lines from Phil. However a huge amount of appreciation for PC throughout from the audience which was heartwarming.

    What I love about live music is that its never guaranteed and the key to this gig was the run of songs following the acoustic section. So Duchess , No Son of Mine ( Phil's best vocal performance of the night), Firth of Fifth, I Know What I Like, Domino & Throwing It All Away, were all excellent. In particular I loved Daryll Stuermers slightly bent out of shape Firth of Fifth. Not note for note & made his own. Superb.

    I could have changed some of the later songs e.g.Abacab & anything from Duke instead of Invisible Touch & Can't dance but no real complaints. Finished on Carpet Crawlers which was perfect.

    Probably the most emotional gig I have been at in 42 years of gigging in Glasgow. Post Pandemic, Last Genesis Tour.