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    from an interview with Rael himself, 11 years ago. What happened? Is it still a possiblity?:

    One thing that’s constantly speculated upon is the possibility of Genesis regrouping to play the whole of The Lamb LiesDown On Broadway live. And Gabriel has something of a surprise for all those who are keen to see this happen.

    “I’ve spoken at length with the others about doing something along those lines. But what we’ve talked about is not doing the album live, but using it as the basis for a film or a musical. To take the storyline and develop that into something more coherent. I wouldn’t say that we’re a long way down the line with this idea. However, I would expect this to happen in the not too distant future.

    “Would there be many changes to the actual songs? I know people assume I’d want to completely overhaul them. But that’s based on nothing I’ve said. I would expect the songs to remain as they were all those years ago.”…-gabriel-guide-to-success