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    I love Abacab too. I think Mike isn't that keen on it ad a whole, but I maintain the title track, Me and Sara Jane, Dodo, and Keep It Dark are very good progressive songs, just shorter.

    Well said, and you obviously speak from that experience. Please share further thoughts, this Yankee is interested in your perspective.

    Read a report on CNN that the endgame now is to carve Ukraine up into North and South like Korea, according to intelligence reports. Bidens plan ensures more natural gas to Europe but if he gets the north, that would subside the losses he's incurring.

    The other plan is a big risk and take him on directly, which if it was a Mano e Mano with guns and planes it would be over soon. There's a big but in that equation though if it goes south for Russia.

    I am okay with no bray if that's the decision. I would more like a post tour interview about the challenges, what they had to do to get this tour going. Remember we had doubts if we were even gonna get to the proper end of the tour. And what they want to do in the future within music or not. The tour was their gift to us.

    I went to Thursdays O2 show. Loved it. Very emotional. I saw nine shows from this tour in total (the first seven here in the UK + 2nd Liverpool + 1st O2) and loved them all. Very sad to think that this will be the end. But I am pleased they pulled it off. I now have seen 81 Genesis concerts in total. I have all my Genesis ticket stubs proudly framed hanging on my dining room wall. Huge THANKS.

    Holy crap 81 shows? Phil should have thanked you after the crew last night!

    Sorry to hear that - no consolation to you, but mine eventually dropped into the o2 app on Tuesday evening for Saturdays show.

    I know I'm an old fart but I'd much prefer to have real-life, hard-copy, proper-printed tickets in my hand than a QR code / ticket on an app!! I'll still be nervous until I'm physically allowed inside the building!!

    I had problems on my phone downloading til that day too and I agree why is a ticket so hard? I wonder if the empty seats wr saw around is because of stuff like tickets not delivered in time.

    I was just happy to be in the room again with the lads. It was my 3rd tour that I saw, and loved all of them. I missed Duchess, they didn't play it, which I was looking forward to, but that's life. Genesis could play arm farts for 2 hours and I'd still show up. That would be quite a bootleg!

    Agreed on Fading Lights, I thought the lower step worked for that well.

    Only 3 more shows and that's a wrap. Glad they did this though, going out on their terms and I felt it was a thank you to the fans.

    Thank you. I know Daryl's wife was fighting breast cancer during Phil's tour. I wish the best for the Stuermer's. Have heard nothing but positive things about Daryl being a decent guy.

    So as I was thumbing thru the tour program credits, I noticed old pal Steve Jones got a promotion to tour manager, good on him.

    In the thanks, I saw Anthony Drennen's name mentioned. Did anyone happen to see what role he played in the tour or rehersals?

    He did a nice job on CAS tour from what I saw. That did catch my eye.

    So happy you finally got to see them. It took me a bit to sort out all the emotions, since it wasn't just another concert after all.How was the band as far as you could tell with their vibes? I must say, back in Chicago for instance, Mike was as animated as ever, and I thought that at 71, his guitar was the best I had ever heard him.

    Cheers to you mate.

    I dunno. If this was about Covid and vaccines why wouldn’t a substantial number of empty seats be a common sight at all the shows on the tour? Given the fact they canceled the show in Brooklyn I suspect this is more about scheduling too many gigs in the NYC area.

    For all we know that maybe true. I imagine some of the Brooklyn folks were in attendance. I can speak from my own experience when I went to the Chicago gig there was literally no one else from Chicago but all over the nation and in one other case South America. So it seemed to be a hot national ticket, rather than a regional big deal. Not that this is official, the official Belmont Tee shirt has a sold out letting out in front.

    I think it's the promoters who gauge to see interest in demand and have a lot to say in where to put shows and how many. Course after the calling all stations time we all know promoters could be wrong too.