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    Has there been no interviews anywhere for the American Tour?

    Seems very quiet from the band

    Darryl had an article in the Milwaikee Journal, but yeah pretty quiet. I'm sure Covid has been a reading to restrict some access. That's OK boys, save the energy for showtime. It's got to be rather boring this tour for them, I bet everyone's pretty much in the hotels and not out about in the cities as usual.

    Very cool! I’ve had the same experience with my partner. All she knew about Genesis was Invisible Touch and In Too Deep. Now she adores the older stuff (Supper’s Ready; DWTMK; Carpet Crawlers; etc). She was absolutely bummed (and I was as well) when the setlists were posted for the shows in the UK and Apocalypse in 9/8 didn’t make the cut. She is thrilled to know that DWTMK (albeit much abbreviated) and CC are in the setlist. Enjoy the show!

    It is nice to share it with others. It takes me back about the excitement of learning the music and how it was unlike anything else I ever heard. Yeah I snuck a look at the Leeds show and saw the link between DWTMK and CC and got emotional. Did you guys go already or going to London?

    Going to the 16th with my wife, and couldn't be more excited. She knew Genesis from the radio only and thought they were okay. She is a classical guitarist and was bowled over by The Musical Box, One For The Vine, Me And Sarah Jane, Silver Rainbow, The Brazillian, Duchess and other things you'll never hear on the radio. Now this band means so much to her now. We weren't a couple for the TIOA tour, but this is a bucket list night for her. My 7 year old would love the show, but we're not made of money! Thanks to the guys for doing this, it's a celebration of the music that will live on.