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    I got into Genesis around 1979 when I was 14, roping some of my school friends in as well. When the band decided to do the Duke tour and the tickets sale dates were announced, plans were made for a bunch of us to skip school and queue up overnight outside the Manchester Apollo UK. This in itself was a fantastic experience. Come the morning and the Apollo doors opening we were in a fairly good place to be able to secure tickets. Unfortunately by the time the doors opened the queue had twisted itself around the building, across open wasteland with the end of it meeting the start. People at the end of the queue must have thought it was their birthday as the two ends became one. So after all the effort we missed out on tickets. So on the 18th April 1980 and the first night of them in Manchester, me and my schools mates stood outside the Apollo and listened to the whole concert. I was near to tears when the opener, Deep In The Motherload started. The positive here though was when they finished we were waiting at the stage door for them and managed to see all the band leave, unfortunately, not hanging about.

    I was more successful gaining tickets in the following years although I missed Six of the Best as my mum wouldn't let me go.

    Abacab - Birmingham NEC Dec 1981

    Three Sides Live - Birmingham NEC Sept 1982

    Three Sides Live - Chester Deeside Leisure Centre Sept 1982

    Mama - Birmingham NEC Feb 1984

    Invisible Touch - Leeds Roundhey Park Jun 1987

    Invisible Touch - Wembley Stadium Jul 1987

    We Can't Dance - Leeds Roundhey Park Jul 1992

    We Can't Dance - Manchester Apollo 30th Oct 1992

    Calling All Stations - Manchester Nynex 6th Mar 1998

    Turn It On Again - Manchester Old Trafford 7th Jul 2007

    The Last Domino - Birmingham Arena 20th Sept 2021

    The Last Domino - Liverpool, M&S Arena 4th Oct 2021

    Some things I remember from above: We were lucky to get to my first concert due the weather as we had to travel a fair distance and it was snowing heavily. We had a few near death experiences on the way. The Deeside gig in '82 was the second best one I've been to due to being quite close to the stage, being stood up and my first hearing of Suppers Ready live. My first Roundhey gig memory was the weather, Paul Young as support and getting out of the car-park. Wembley Stadium on the IT tour was the next day following Leeds. Travelled down from Manchester on my own and bought a ticket from a tout outside the Stadium. Five years later and Roundhey again. Remember seeing Jimmy Savile out jogging (who later introduced the band on stage) and then the 5 hour wait to get out of the car-park, again. Same tour and then Manchester. The best concert I have witnessed. I had good tickets, maybe 8th row from the stage but when they came on everyone ran to the front and I ended up against the stage two foot from Phil at times. CAS next in '98. walked out half way through after a while as did a lot of people. TIOA at Man United's ground, great to see them back together again. Finally to this year. Me and the wife witnessed the opening night at Birmingham and I've never sang out load at a Genesis concert before. It was fabulous. We were sat in the back corner, one of "the tiny people at the back, look there they are!". For the Liverpool concert we were 10 rows from the front. Unfortunately the night was marred by some obnoxious women who wouldn't sit down, even though numerous people asked her to and which ended up her being forced down by a right hook from my wife. It raised the biggest cheer of the night.