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    this was my first Genesis show and was so happy to hear Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea, Domino, I was floored. I’m sad we didn’t get Misunderstanding in the setlist. We saw Phil 2 years ago in CLT and I while he played a lot of his stuff, he threw in some Genesis along with Follow You Follow Me showing a video montage behind him of the band through the years. After the show I told my wife I’d do anything for them to tour again only to my surprise 2 years later back in the same arena hearing them!

    I couldn’t believe how many people got up and went to the bathroom or got beers etc. I had one that I got as I went to my seats and I’d have peed in my cup if I had to go that bad. So irritating how often people were making us stand up. Then as the concert got closer to the end we noticed some getting up and was evident they were leaving. What is with people? Then the band left the stage which everyone should be aware by now that an encore is coming - still a large number of people streaming for the exits. Guess they wanted to beat traffic.

    I’m very grateful I got to hear them live as well as Phil 2 years back. My only regret is we should’ve seen the Raleigh show the night before too and didn’t.

    Really good show! I hesitate to say great because I felt like the slower tempo took away from the energy of the songs. Butchered lyrics aside, I’m glad they had back up singers since Phil was unable to sing a long sustained note. I thought Phil’s voice was good for his age and physical condition.

    I swear, I have never seen so many people going back and forth from their seats to wherever they were going. Is it cause we’re old and need frequent bathroom breaks?? or was it for beers? I saw people leaving early which surprised me as well.