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    This is interesting as it relates to a thought I've been having these last 24 hours.

    Am I right in thinking they've never actually formally announced a split? There are three occasions when such an announcement would be expected - after they decided not to continue post-CAS, after the 07 tour and now. Obviously they're no longer a live band and no-one would reasonably think they'd do an album, and it's unlikely they'd ever do any more interviews or public appearances but as PC once said, Genesis is a sort of "brand". It's like an entity. Well, that's how it is in my mind anyway. So, wiki schmiki.

    Well, if they won't tour or record new albums, I would say it's really over, no?

    To me, a group that is like a "brand" is Yes (my other favorite band), with its revolving door of musicians. Sadly, the "brand" has been seriously damaged for the last decade or so by lousy albums and subpar musicians, to the point where the band called itself "Yes" right now is a sad and very pale shadow of its former self. In other words, the current Yes lineup sucks real bad.

    Thankfully, Genesis never went down that road. I saw the Genesis tour in Montreal last November and I really liked it, but when I left the venue, I thought that it was the right decision for them to stop. As a farewell tour, it worked out well, but on certains songs, especially on "Domino", you could tell that this was really the last tour.

    First off, thanks to all of you who posted videos and thoughts on the final show (for those of you who were lucky enough to be in attendance last night at the O2). But, forgive me if I'm reading in between the lines, it sounded all a bit "anticlimactic". Not bringing Steve and Peter out for 1 song was a bit of a downer to long-time fans. At the very least, introducing them and thanking them for their contributions would have been a nice gesture and a way to close the loop. As someone stated, "it was business as usual" which is disappointing as a final show. From the sounds of it, the show could have happened in the US, Germany or anywhere else they played on this tour. Then again, Genesis have never bent over backwards for their fans (I know that I'll get torched for saying this) or have never struck me as such. They do what they want to do. And as far as the "they owe us nothing" argument, I can buy that in some respects but the reality is that they would not exist without the support (financial and otherwise) of their fanbase so let's temper that a little bit, shall we? And finally, for those of you hoping for a Phil solo tour, uhhh, keep dreaming. If you think he looks beat up now, he will exponentially look worse in the next couple of years. Sorry if this is a bit of a downer as a message..... This is the end....

    I don't think Steve is in the UK right now, he's on tour. Peter was in the audience and wisely chose to stay there. If he had joined them on stage, it would have eclipsed everything else and taken away the spotlight from the musicians who "have been" Genesis for the last 45 years. 45 out of 55 years, dare I say, the Ray Wilson interlude notwithstanding. It is a bit ironic, now that Genesis is over, to think that some fans have never got over the fact that Peter left in 1975 and Steve in 1977 and never admitted that Genesis was a trio for the vast majority of its existence. I was born in 1967 and I became a fan in 1980, so the Banks-Collins-Rutherford lineup is the only lineup I've ever known. I love the albums before my time, they're my favorites, but to me, and a lot of fans, Genesis is the trio.

    As for the "they owe us nothing" argument, you might want to have a chat with Robert Fripp... :-) But they indeed owe us nothing. They made great records and performed great shows. That's it. That's "the deal", so to speak, between musicians and their audience. I can't see why we should feel entitled to anything else.

    I can now add two more to my "final" Genesis concert list that started (1973) and ended in Montreal:

    Montreal Bell center - November 22 -23, 2021 Last Domino Tour 2021.

    Total shows= 12

    12? That's the number of times I saw Yes, from my first show in 1984 (90125 tour) until my last ever (2004 tour.)

    I'll comment. This guy is a raging imbecile. When he searched tickets for this show, the very first thing that popped up:

    You literally MUST check that box in order to complete purchase. So screw him and his whiny rant about wasting his money.

    Not that I want to defend the guy... but when I bought tickets in May, there was no vaccine passport in place. That said, you are 100% right: we *all* knew for a few months that one had to be vaccinated to get in. The guy chose not to be. In fact, he wrote it, something like "I'd rather miss the show than submit to a dictatorship"... You get the idea... :rolleyes:

    Getting into Scotiabank Arena was surprisingly efficient. We went an hour early, expecting things to be slow and expecting line-ups. Instead, our vaccine passports and then our tickets were quickly scanned. We went through security screening in a few seconds. And so we were left with an hour of found time. The arena was mostly full, although there were definitely some empty seats. People were supposed to wear masks if they weren't drinking or eating. The reality was that a lot of people never wore their masks during the concert, so take notice if you have concerns.

    Some of the empty seats could have belong to people who were not vaxxed. Saw a tweet from a guy who had tickets for yesterday's show but refused to get vaccinated and preferred to miss the show and waste away $600... I'll refrain from commenting this...

    Saw my first show in 1981. The vari-lites were brand new and still experimental, but it was mind-blowing nonetheless, especially during In The Cage, when the lights all focused at once on Phil. Everyone in the audience just gasped!

    Saw every tour after, except the Invisible Touch tour, because they skipped Montreal, for some mysterious reason that I've never been able to find, and the We Can't Dance show because I was out of town that weekend. I'm not very sorry I missed the WCD tour, because it was the worst setlist in the band's history.

    I had tickets for the Calling All Stations tour, but we all know what happened...

    If I could go back in time and see one of these shows again, it would be the Mama tour, no doubt.

    The problem in Toronto is the owners of the arena [Rogers].

    They are cheap basters how are paranoid about getting sued. This arena is not fan friendly.

    However , good luck everyone and enjoy. i cannot wait. Tonight , Tonight , Tonight.:):thumbup::love:

    Enjoy the show tonight! I had a great time on Monday, even if it was bittersweet to say farewell to the band who's been the soundtrack of my life since for the last 41 years.

    Oh yes! That is the only ticket that they will except. Have all of your Covid vaccination proof on paper or on your phone [2 vaccinations]. You can bring in small cameras with out a removable lense. You cannot bring in bags with straps , only very small purses They are cheap bastards. Be there early at the gates. Gates open at 6:30pm.

    Who knows how long it is going to take to get in.?=O

    In Montreal, it took me a good 15 minutes to get in. I was in line at 7:15 and in the Bell Center around 7:30. I'm curious to see how it will turn out for the folks in Toronto.

    Seems there has to always be at least one idiot near me at every concert. Last night this one guy after every song got up and shouted "Play In the Air Tonight". The first couple of times everyone nearby chuckled but after a while it became really annoying. He finally stopped. Someone must have told him "Listen son you're wasting time. There's no future for you, even in the fire escape trade, so get out of town".

    As Phil used to say sometimes: "Yeah, I'm on my first beer as well..."

    Note that the band can't hear any audience noise during the entire show as they have IEMs in. Only at the end when they take them out, can they hear the applause.

    I'm pretty sure that after all these years of touring, they can feel the "mood" of the audience, even if they can't hear it.

    I think Phil was right: the crowd was a bit too quiet at one point on Monday night. It was right before "Domino". When he did his "Domino effect" routine, he pointed the right side first, and then he pointed to our side and we screamed much louder. Phil turned to the right side and said: "You see? *They* are awake!" He was kidding, of course, but there was some truth to that. I've seen Genesis multiple times, always in Montreal, and it was by far the quietest crowd I've ever been in.

    I'm glad the audience was more into it yesterday for their last Montreal show.

    It was a fine show, even if the mix was not the best, I thought the sound was a bit muddy and several details were lost. My favorites songs were the quieter moments: the acoustic section & Carpet Crawlers. Biggest letdown: Domino, it never got off the ground and that's the song where Phil's limitations seemed the most obvious. The instrumental sections were excellent, especially my favorite, Second Home By The Sea.

    They lost a lot of spectators around me when they played "Fading Lights" and "Duchess": people started checking out their phones, got up to get beers, etc. Quite a pity! Fading Lights was a great addition. Not so sure about Duchess: it's a great song but live, on its own... didn't quite had the same impact.

    Overall, it felt a lot like a way to say farewell to Genesis, a celebration of their career. It's obvious that this is their last hurrah and we made sure to let them know.

    I also felt that Phil was annoyed by the audience. At one point, he said: "it sure has gone quiet here." At the end of the show, it was simply "thank you, good night!", nothing more.

    At the News paper the MONTREAL GAZETTE today on line in the Arts section there is a review of last nights show with several pictures in the section called , Gallery. Just search for it please. I don't know how to down load it.

    Reviews in La Presse, Radio-Canada online and Journal de Montréal were very positive, probably the best reviews Genesis ever got in a long time. I'm surprised to read a positive review in The Gazette, that sorry excuse for a newspaper has always trashed anything prog-related.

    I’m wondering how long it will take to enter the venue since they will have to check everyone’s vaccination passport? Did any of you in Europe have a problem or long wait entering the venue?

    I was there last night. They checked everyone's vaccination passport (with i.d.) and there was a metal detector at the entrance. First time this happens to me at a show in Montreal. (Not sure why a metal detector... Definitely not COVID-related...)