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    There's an 80s music podcast, 80sography, that seems very Genesis/Phil Collins friendly.

    It has a great 4-part interview with Hugh Padgham where he talks at length about working on the 80s albums from Face Value/Abacab to But well as his other work with The Police, Bowie, McCartney, etc.

    The latest is an interview with video director, Jim Yukich where he talks about working with both (as well as briefly working with Peter Gabriel). There's also three great audio commentaries to sync up with for Easy Lover, Don't Lose My Number and Take Me Home.

    Definitely worth checking out as a fan!

    I do this all the time...have the following saved under an Album Edit playlist (loser that I am)...

    My Genesis - Genesis would be thus;

    Side one as is (pretty flawless)

    Side two

    lose Just A Job To Do (save as non-album b-side to Mama)

    replace It's Gonna Get Better with 6:30 version

    Perfect 8 track LP

    For Invisible Touch add the 3 b sides and make it a double.

    Or as 8-track but start with Land of Confusion but with live arrangement where it doesn't go into vocal straight away. Then Invisible Touch, In Too Deep and end the side with Tonight x 3

    We Can't Dance

    No Son Of Mine

    I Can't Dance

    Never A Time

    Driving The Last Spike

    Living Forever

    On The Shoreline

    Way Of The World

    Fading Lights