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    One thing I haven't seen mentioned here is the title Abacab was derived from the song's form at one point in its development. As in part A, part B, and part C being played in the order A-B-A-C-A-B. From a title like that, I would say they weren't exactly telling any kind of story with the lyrics...

    Just as an aside - Abacab's final song structure as on the record did not end up being as such.

    Tricky or "false" starts in Genesis songs:

    ...similar on Man On The Corner - even Banks and Rutherford joked about that one, saying they couldn't figure out "where 1 was" (ie where to start counting it out). Which other ones do this?

    Man On the Corner is 1 and we already discussed Keep It Dark (2).

    3. Jesus He knows Me

    4. Home By The Sea

    5. Scenes From a Night's Dream (!)

    ...I thought there were more

    Keep It Dark -

    At first it sounds just ok and maybe even a little monotonous. But then I realized what happens with the timing in this song (It's either in 6/4 or 3/2, still not even really sure). It utilizes a little trick that I recently noticed Genesis employs quite frequently: I call it a false start, when you hear the beginning of the song and start counting the beat and then - Bam! The beat totally changes when the drums come in. The guitar riff that repeats throughout starts off, it seems, on the downbeat or first beat. But when the drums and synth suddenly come in, it can catch you by surprise and the guitar riff ends up starting syncopated, in between two beats! And that's just the first few seconds. I could go on for a while on this one, but probably shouldn't.

    The Lamia -

    I, too, admittedly do not listen to disc 2 of The Lamb as often as 1, but I always loved riding the scree (in a tricky, almost funky 9/4!) - but for a long time overlooked The Lamia. I originally thought it was a bit of a snoozer until I noticed the guitar solo at the end. Very powerful. I realized that the rest of the song was pretty awesome, too , and the rest is history!