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    I'm sorry Genesis78 but this made me laugh. For anyone who's seen Genesis in the 1970s, you know that the entire arena was engulfed in pot. It's funny to see how things have changed with shows more generally since then. Now, you actually notice it because it's so rare. Back then, you either partook (cough, cough) or you needed a bloody oxygen mask lol.

    What’s really funny is we smelled more pot at a couple of hotel stops (we did a larger trip around the concert) we stayed at than the concert.

    Been a lurker here since the tour started, been part of older Genesis message boards in the past. Decided to join to share my experience/videos/photos of the concert.

    Me and my sister went to the Columbus show. I was originally going solo, bought the VIP fan package. It was nice, even though a couple of items (like the keychain and poster) you could buy at the merch stands. Lucked out later on and got my sister a ticket pretty close to where my seat was. We got to the venue about an hour before the doors opened. Was one of the very few there that early.

    The concert itself was amazing. The band sounded great. Nic gives them new life and I feel they sound better than 2007. Phil sounded good, as everyone has said his voice gets stronger throughout the tour. Mike seems to be having the most fun out there. From what I gather from the PBS documentary Mike was the driving force in getting this reunion to happen.


    backing vocals with song like the ending of Turn it On Again. Really enhanced it and others like Afterglow. I kept thinking why Genesis haven’t had backing singers before.

    The ah ha/growl during Mama. The aging of Phil’s voice makes it more creepy and really fits the song

    Nic’s drumming in the beginning of Second Home by the Sea. I thought I would miss the duel drumming of Chester and Phil in parts like that, but Nic did a great job and I didn’t miss the duel drumming

    Mike’s solo during Second Home by the Sea, all I can say is wow.

    i loved Daryl’s solo during Firth of Fifth. Love the new spin he did in it for this tour.

    Afterglow and Duchess. I’m so happy they didn’t switch back to Misunderstanding, Duchess was probably my favorite moment in the concert. I love the Duke album so much.

    Follow You Follow Me works great in a more stripped down version. One of the better performances compared to other tours of it.

    No Son of Mine was very powerful, especially towards the end, another example of the backing vocals adding another layer to the music.


    Fortunately very few.

    I was on the floor and people sat down a few times during the show. I sat down a couple times, but my legs was giving out on me so had to get off my feet a little bit.

    cellphones. I tried to be aware of others around me when I took photos/video and kept my cellphone in front of my face to keep from blocking others views (I’m a tall bloke to begin with). However there was a lot in front of me who constantly kept sticking there phones up over there heads that blocked the view at times.

    The crowd was hit and miss. During the Domino Principle, when Phil started with the left side of the crowd, he wasn’t pleased with their reaction the first time, he had them try again.

    And several times I smelled weed. My sister was near the aisle and after the show she told me that security kept coming by the area and that’s when the smell went away. Guess each time security left, whoever was partaking lit up again.

    All in all it was such a great experience, I never expected to see them live again after 2007.