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    Do you mean musicianship, technical proficiency or something else?

    Well, I don’t expect anyone to agree because Genesis fans…but if you look at the supreme ease with which they play live around IT, it seems that they are the most on top of their game at this time, with both the newer and older songs. The older songs may be more complex, but that doesn’t make older Genesis more technically proficient. It just means the songs were more complex. Yes, the drumming is more bad-ass on The Lamb, but I suspect IT-era Phil was more at the height of his ability.

    They have done Elvis and Johnny Cash albums where they have orchestras play the music and they use the pre-recorded vocals from the albums.

    So we will probably have the London Philharmonic accompanying Phil Collins on Jesus He Knows Me and I Can’t Dance.

    There are actually 3 versions now. Each label has a different track listing.

    I bought tickets on my phone for Philadelphia. I tried to buy the cheapest VIP package but it was sold out and when I hit the back button I was no longer in the Genesis presale. After I found my way back I chose “best available” but it wouldn’t show me the seats I was buying until I finished the purchase. I ended up with two seats in section 111, lower aisle seats in the back on the right. 583 dollars.

    I suppose I would rank my level of interest in solo careers thusly:

    Phil Collins (most interest)

    Peter Gabriel

    Steve Hackett

    Tony Banks

    Anthony Phillips

    Mike Rutherford

    While I find Steve more interesting than the bottom three, it doesn’t bother me when he is not given equal treatment in documentaries or not included in reunions. Three-man Genesis is, after all, Genesis. I don’t live in the past.

    None of the solo acts are more interesting than Genesis. Steve sounds the most like classic Genesis because he is still prog.

    I have all of Steve’s albums. Especially the later ones I think generally all sound the same. He doesn’t seem to be growing into anything new, although he is very good at what he does.

    My favorites are Acolyte, Spectral Mornings, Defector, Cured, Guitar Noir, and To Watch the Storms.