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    I’m quite familiar with the timeline, but thanks for the recap. I guess I still am disappointed that he left. I’ve always gone back and forth as to whether I wished they would have continued or not. At the time, I was enthusiastic and supportive of them moving on with Calling All Stations but ultimately it wasn’t ever going to be as successful as the trio. If they would have stuck with it for another record and tried to build it, eventually there would have always public pressure to have Phil return. I think they probably knew that too in the back of their minds.

    What was interesting From Darryl, he said that if Genesis had of toured again after the 2007 Tour, then he would have expected they would have had to record a new album, because they couldn't do another show like that again with no new material and it's probably why it didn't happen, along with Phil's issues, Phil was set against it at that point to record an album and tour anyhow.

    I still feel, they should have done one more album around 95 / 96 and called it a day.

    How much Genesis stuff did Phil do after he left, lots! Songbooks and documentaries and other stuff all around early 2000 era.

    I’m still really puzzled why he felt like he had to “leave Genesis”. He was so adamant about quitting between 1994-1997. I mean he didn’t officially announce until 1996 but he checked out after writing Both Sides and that Cowdry Ruins benefit concert. Maybe he felt it wouldn’t be fair to keep Tony and Mike from trying to keep Genesis going since they were all still pretty young. It’s just that by 1998 he was back in the picture talking about the box sets and by 1999 and each year after it seemed like he kind of missed them. I’m not saying that Tony and Mike shouldn’t have tried with a new singer but I’m not sure they were really committed to that challenge and what their realistic expectations were as to how successful it could be.

    I'm guessing the setlist didn't change on the third night in Birmingham either? That, I believe, was the only chance that they would introduce new songs on this British tour. I think that Jesus He Knows Me and Hold On My Heart are ready to go if necessary but probably won't be played unless they change it up slightly for the American tour. I think it may have been decided since last November's rehearsals that neither Abacab nor the Musical Box would be in the set this tour since they weren't printed on the T-Shirts. I still can't believe they did that as well as released the cd with nearly the same setlist order. I am still so disappointed that Abacab didn't make it since it is/was so popular and gives the set another harder rock song. It actually is still one of the songs that is played on classic rock stations here in America. If they did rehearse it though, I fear that it would be the edited version since that again is what is on the CD set. That to me would be worse than not playing it at all.

    I've been looking at the setlist and I thought that it seemed shorter than past ones but it still says it is 140 minutes, which is already over the 2 hours we expected them to play. I really don't know what they would consider dropping to swap another song in. I'm stuck on this.


    If you were at or was given access or information on the setlist of the two production rehearsals Thursday and Saturday, would you be willing to share that information to those who want to know? Obviously, with spoiler warnings?

    Does anybody know if this was really legit? This appeared in April 2020 after the tour was first announced and was apparently songs that the band rehearsed or considered rehearsing during there initial three week period in New York in January 2020. There was rumor that it was legit but then rumor that it was debunked. I imagine no one knows for certain but it does seem very close to the songs that we have been hearing them rehearse as well as the fact that there was an acoustic set planned. If it was a fake, someone did a really good job in guessing what they were going to rehearse and eventually play. I've seen discussion on Facebook and Forums that it came from someone "in the know". Does anyone have any other information?

    If I were Tony, Mike and Phil I wouldn't have allowed PBS to use recordings of any potentially surprising song choices. So I would like to think that there are one or two surprises left for us.

    Did anyone get to the bottom of the Last Domino Compilation track list differences? Why are there two different ones? Which one is correct and why on earth would they release a compilation with the exact same setlist as the upcoming tour? I never heard of something so ridiculous. Also, if that is true, I hope that they don't do an edited version of Abacab. Could you imagine that song without the second part? That would be way worse than the Tonight X3 edited version. It seems as if the setlist speculation is/was tied exactly to this compilation. For example, what makes us think that Fading Lights will start an old medley? Is it because there is one shot of Phil singing with Mike next to him with the double neck? Is it because of this compilation? I'm really curious as to why this compilation is so tied to the running order and song selection. I might be wrong but I would never thought that the band would put out a compilation that would completely leak the setlist of a tour that is just about to start. Is the first version and accidental leak of the filmed rehearsal setlist and the second the compilation setlist? Anyway, here are the two versions again:


    Duke's End
    Turn It On Again
    Land Of Confusion
    Home By The Sea
    Second Home By The Sea
    Fading Lights
    The Cinema Show
    Hold On My Heart
    Jesus He Knows Me
    That's All
    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
    In Too Deep


    Follow You Follow Me
    No Son Of Mine
    Firth Of Fifth
    I Know What I Like
    Throwing It All Away
    Tonight Tonight Tonight
    Invisible Touch
    I Can't Dance
    Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
    Carpet Crawlers

    Disc 1

    Turn It on Again
    Land of Confusion
    Home by the Sea
    That's All
    Throwing It All Away
    Follow You Follow Me
    No Son of Mine
    Hold on My Heart
    I Can't Dance
    Invisible Touch
    Jesus He Knows Me
    In Too Deep
    (Pt. 1 & 2)

    Disc 2
    The Carpet Crawlers
    Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
    Firth of Fifth
    Abacab (Edit)
    Los Endos
    Fading Lights
    The Cinema Show
    Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
    The Musical Box

    I guess we will know in a week and a few hours

    Does anyone know why they are emotionally attached to Carpet Crawlers? I've heard Phil and Tony mention it, but I've never known specifically why.

    I think that it is one of the older songs that they all really like. I think that is part of the problem with them playing old material. I think it is hard for all three of them to agree on certain older songs. The ones that they do play, it seems that they all still feel strongly about. Most bands are critical about their past and Genesis is one of the most critical.

    Yea, I think we've heard about 90-95 % of the set list thus far. "Invisible Touch" and "I Can't Dance" are obviously going to be in there, and maybe "Fading Lights." "Follow You, Follow Me" will be in there as well.

    Biggest surprises will likely be "Duchess" and "Dancing with the Moonlit Knight." I've given up on "Supper's Ready" in any form, and I really don't need to hear the Phil in the documentary sing it three steps lower and unable to sing it with the intensity and emotion it requires (at least the last two sections). I don't think "Squonk," "Misunderstanding," or "In Too Deep" will make it. Hell, I think they're even gonna bench "Hold on My Heart" and "No Son of Mine" this time around.

    It'll be at most 20 songs, more likely 18-19, with a medley thrown in. The medley will likely be "Fading Lights -> Cinema -> Afterglow." "Turn It On Again" will either open or close the show.

    I think you are right. You can just do the numbers and see there is only so much time. I would normally guarantee No Son Of Mine but it may sound to dull at an even lower key, so maybe you are correct. I'm really surprised though if there is not at least one tune from Trick. That would be pretty odd. Also, I' really don't think Abacab will be on there unless they saved a few songs knowing that this special will air and they didn't want to give it all away. We will see in twelve days!

    I heard the same thing regarding the middle bit of TTT while Tony was discussing lighting cues. A written set list that includes “TTT/Invisible Touch” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re playing the bastardized version of TTT. We get all of In the Cage every tour as part of a medley, although it’s listed as “In the Cage/Cinema Show” (etc). It’s entirely possible that the band figured why not play all of TTT on their farewell tour. In my mind’s ear I can hear the transition from the end of TTT played circa 1986-87 into IT smoothly. There’s certainly no guarantees we get the album version of TTT but after watching the doc it strikes me as a good possibility.

    I hope your right MoolitKnight. I thought the same thing when I heard Tony comment about "the middle bit" when TTT was playing in the background. I did see the screen with all the objects flying around though (money, telephones, etc.) and I didn't know what it was.

    Usapcfan said it was Jesus He Knows Me, which makes sense as there is a middle section (kinda reggae) which does go back into the verse.

    If you are taking about the visuals they were watching, those were the visuals for Jesus, with the icons/graphics around the edges of the screen.

    There’s a screen grab that clearly shows TTT/Invisible Touch -bottom line of the set list.

    I was really hoping for the full TTT but really don't expect it. After I heard that comment and based on the fact that they are trying some different stuff, I thought who knows. If not the whole song, maybe a little more than just that first part, like they did with Ripples last time. The Instrumental part isn't that long and the build to the "You keep telling me I got everything" is the highlight of the whole song, in my opinion. The repeat of the verse and the end does go on a little long, although it completes it properly. I never liked the version in 1992 and it always felt that they turned this song into a rock anthem singalong, like We will rock You. It's like a throwaway just to get people to sing the catchy chorus.

    The other song I'm really wondering about is Fading Lights. Tony said he "convinced" the other two to sing the first two verses. He said nothing about the instrumental which is so essential to that song, otherwise it is a little boring although beautiful. I would think that it would be played, at least some of it and transition into the Cinema Show. I'm not sure how much of it though since last time they only played the last two minutes of Duke's Travels in the medley. If it indeed starts the medley, it will be interesting to see "newer" material placed next to "older" even though they are all old now.

    I'm so hoping for Abacab. It's a rock song and people love it and it is still played on classic rock radio here is the states. I don't think that they would do the edit version as indicated on the new compilation. If so, that's ridiculous. The best part live has always been the second part, although two drummers feature heavily in that part.

    I'm still confused about the setlist. If I add up all the songs we absolutely know they rehearsed, its like 2.5 hours easy. I'm a little surprised that they still feel they have to draw 70% of the set from the last three albums. I mean, I love those albums and love most if not all of the songs but it is a little much. If I count correctly, 6 from Invisible Touch, 5 from We Can't Dance and 3 from Genesis. It really doesn't leave any room for any big surprises other than what we have heard already unless they drop some of these songs.

    Daryl said in an interview that they tried some 70's songs but they sounded dated. I mean, no shit they sound dated. Nobody writes songs about little mythical creatures that disappear anymore. It's not really the point and there is really no reason to get embarrassed about that anymore. I can see when they were trying to be young and relevant back in the eighties and early nineties. I think that there also is a greater number of fans that are into the 70's stuff than during the 1986-1992 era since time has there music to be rediscovered over many years and it seems that magazines and documentaries always focus 60-70% of there story on the Peter years up until they became a three piece.

    I'm certainly happy to see whatever they play since I love it and I know I sound like a complainer, but I guess I never understood why they struggle to embrace more of their past catalogue which is very rich and diverse. I can understand that it might feel like a different band to them since it was so long ago but I can't understand how they can't hear the beauty and magic of some of that earlier material.

    Sorry for the ramble:)


    I saw this post n Reddit from a member named lightningrider40 and I thought it was worth sharing. He did a great job of summarizing what many of us long term fans may have considered regarding what is possible/likely with the tour. None of this is confirmed or anything we don’t already know or have discussed beforehand.

    Here it is:


    The Last Domino? Setlist - What We Can Expect

    I've been looking at other people's comments on what they're expecting the set to look like and I wanted to throw my own predictions out there. There are comments I've seen that say things like "they're only going to play the hits, plus a couple of longer tracks" and I have to disagree. So rather than just give a one-sentence summary of what they'll play, I felt like making a whole post on my thoughts. A bit indulgent maybe, but most of us here listen to ten-minute songs regularly so...

    Anyway, first off I'd like to set the basic parameters on what will make a song more or less likely:

    • The band - in particular, Phil's decreased vocal range, Nic being the only drummer and the new backing vocalists. The last is obviously to offset the effects of the first, but all three affect what songs could or couldn't be played.
    • Previous tours - Our closest comparison is probably the 2007 tour, at least in terms of setlist composition. We can take that into consideration to look at older versus newer material, or shorter versus longer. Aside from that tour we can go back to the Calling All Stations tour to see what Genesis tried with just one drummer, or to Phil and Mike's recent tours away from Genesis to see what Genesis songs they played.
    • The audience - First of all, it's going to be people who are already huge Genesis fans, so they're going to cover all their bases, from hit singles to extended suites. Also, the tour was initially planned for just the UK and Ireland, and it doesn't look like they have time to change the set, so the setlist might be more geared towards that audience (for instance, songs that were hits in the US but not so much in the UK are less likely to be considered).
    • Rumours and teasers - We can take hints from songs have featured in the trailers for the tour, and which ones have been floating around the rumour mill.

    Okay, enough waffling on. Time to get to the actual songs.

    Right out the bat I think we can exclude anything from From Genesis to Revelation or Calling All Stations. Genesis have done their best to pretend both albums never happened, and nothing from either has been played live outside of the first couple of years after release. So that leaves us 13 albums that they could choose from, give or take. I'll separate these into three categories for convenience: hits, live staples and surprises.


    Obviously there will be plenty of these - but not an absolutely overpowering amount. There are a few that are absolutely untouchable, that have been in basically every setlist since release and have been heavily hinted at leading up to the tour: Follow You Follow Me, Turn It On Again, Mama, Invisible Touch, Land of Confusion, No Son of Mine and I Can't Dance. Aside from these, there are plenty more that stand a chance of making the cut.

    Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Throwing It All Away and Hold On My Heart all made it into the final set last time, and all stand a good chance of returning this year; Tonight, Tonight, Tonight is likely to be an abridged version like in '92 and '07 should it return though.

    Out of the songs that were left out last time, Abacab, That's All and Jesus He Knows Me are probably the ones that stand the best chance of returning. According to Tony, they were all rehearsed back in 2007; any of them could well be in the set for this tour.

    There's an outside chance of Misunderstanding or In Too Deep appearing - both are well-known and successful enough - but with the amount of songs competing and the aforementioned UK-centricity that I imagine the set could have, I wouldn't bet on them. Same story with a lot of less recognisable hits - apologies to the one guy holding out for No Reply At All.


    As anyone who knows about Genesis' live set knows, their show is not all about the hits. We can expect to see a high enough number of album tracks... but exactly which ones isn't so clear.

    Obviously Domino is a guarantee because of the tour name. The Home by the Sea suite is also likely; it's been played on every tour since release. The first trailer also clearly featured Behind the Lines - since it wasn't transposed into a lower key it's safe to assume we'll hear the Duke's Intro medley like the last tour (so only the instrumental intro merged with Duke's End).

    Of course, there will have to be some older stuff too. I Know What I Like is probably the safest bet in this regard - it will also most likely include the Stagnationtheme as on past tours (this is almost certainly the only bit of music from Trespass they will play). The instrumental section from Firth of Fifth is likely enough as well, since it's been played on almost all of their tours since the mid-80s, even on the CAS tour without the double drums.

    The In the Cage medley is another probable pick, even without Phil doubling up on drums - though the parts of it aren't nailed down. Afterglow would almost certainly be part of it, as would The Cinema Show - Mike can be seen in the second trailer playing what is surely the guitar riff from it. As for other bits, they could play some of Duke's Travels like last time (though they might want to shake things up), or The Colony of Slippermen, or ...In That Quiet Earth, or maybe even something they haven't done before. Nic Collins even mentioned in an interview that they had rehearsed the last parts of Supper's Ready... could they be trying a medley ending in that, like in 1986? It's a long shot, but we have reason to dream.

    Speaking of Nic, he also mentioned trying Los Endos. Out of Genesis' entire catalogue, it and the drum duet that often came before it are the things they played the most - but also the most likely to be gone now that Phil can't really drum. The drum duet is basically out of the question, but Endos still has a bit of a chance. It's very up in the air though.

    A more likely entry would be The Carpet Crawlers, which works on all grounds - it is good as a standalone, it suits Phil's current range, and basically everyone knows and loves it. In terms of single songs from this time, Ripples is another candidate from last time, though its place isn't as secure as Crawlers.

    And last but not least, an Old Medley like in 1983-84 or '92 is a possibility. This could include some of the songs from before like Firth and IKWIL, and also other fan-favourites. Dance on a Volcano and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway spring out to me immediately, though both are likely to be very shortened like in 92. There are other songs that could appear if they do play this medley: if we look at past tours we can find the intro of Eleventh Earl of Mar, Squonk, and the end of The Musical Box. But sadly I would have to doubt any of these, especially The Musical Box given Phil's voice. Still, they can't fully be ruled out. Nor can an acoustic medley like 98, with Dancing with the Moonlit Knight's intro (besides, this would be much easier for Phil to sing) but by this point we're getting into pure speculation. Which really belongs in our next section:


    Almost every Genesis tour has had some sort of curveball in the setlist - who'd have expected Duke's Intro from 2007 before it was revealed? With that in mind, here are some songs which are rumoured or plausible but which are really just hunches.

    First off, back to the longer material: It is possible that they go for another later epic - Fading Lights is a suggestion I've seen and I think it is certainly possible - no guarantees though. Driving the Last Spikeprobably deserves a mention in this regard too, but it is much less likely.

    Next are some things which have floated around the place but would be pretty unexpected. A while back an image was posted of Genesis rehearsing, with a computer displaying "New Duchess". There's a good chance they'll rework it somehow if that's true.

    There was also rumour floating around about Many Too Many being rehearsed. Back in 2007 Tony apparently suggested both it and Blood on the Rooftops - neither of which they have ever played live - but both were voted down. It might be the case that they play one this time.

    And that's about all I have, but who knows? There are a good few songs that could get played, and when it comes to surprises the whole point is that we can't necessarily guess them. If you have a guess at anything they could do, comment away. But that's about all that I have. Whatever they play, I'm looking forward to seeing them.

    I’m sitting here trying to figure out how much “gap time” the band will have available given the fact that a) Rutherford has said the aim is for a 2 hour setlist, and b) the band sees certain songs as falling into the “must play” category. In that category I identified the following songs: Land of Confusion; No Son of Mine; TTT circa 2007/Invisible Touch (assuming Phil’s voice can handle the vocals in TTT); Throwing it All Away; Follow You, Follow Me; Domino I and II; HBTS/SHBTS; Carpet Crawlers (it’s fairly easy on Phil’s voice and he loves that song); I Can’t Dance ; Los Endos (I’m praying it’s in the set but they’ve never played it on stage with just one drummer). If you throw song intros and banter in as close as I can figure that leaves 40-45 minutes or so for other material. Based on the promo vids and other sources it seems that Behind the Lines and perhaps Squonk may be in the offing. Abacab has been suggested as well (I guess based on some comments made by Nic Collins, though doing the instrumental outro with a single drummer would potentially rob the song of much of its power live). Assuming those were all played in their entirety (a big assumption I know) that would leave about 20 minutes or so. If we subtract time for the break between the main setlist and the encore(s) that would seem to leave 15-16 minutes. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on a) whether this list as I’ve given seems likely and if not where I may be off base; and b) what might fill that 15-16 minute gap.

    Moonlit Knight,

    I too listed all those songs above as pretty much definitely based on all the available information as well as knowing their past tendencies and what they feel are their strongest hits/stage songs and feel most proud of. List Hold on my heart, Turn it on again and Mama as well. I know that we are making a broad assumption but I really think that they will play most of not all of these. If so there is very little time for anything else outside of a 15 to 20 minute medley which would probably include the instrumentals Cinema show and or Firth of fifth and maybe one or two surprise tracks. I mean the set list kind of writes itself. I think we all feel that they are not very adventurous when it comes to a set. I really loved the 2007 tour and thought it was they right kinda of set and balance for that particular lineup. I would hope that it would be different enough this time but realistically I don’t know how.