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    I’m sitting here trying to figure out how much “gap time” the band will have available given the fact that a) Rutherford has said the aim is for a 2 hour setlist, and b) the band sees certain songs as falling into the “must play” category. In that category I identified the following songs: Land of Confusion; No Son of Mine; TTT circa 2007/Invisible Touch (assuming Phil’s voice can handle the vocals in TTT); Throwing it All Away; Follow You, Follow Me; Domino I and II; HBTS/SHBTS; Carpet Crawlers (it’s fairly easy on Phil’s voice and he loves that song); I Can’t Dance ; Los Endos (I’m praying it’s in the set but they’ve never played it on stage with just one drummer). If you throw song intros and banter in as close as I can figure that leaves 40-45 minutes or so for other material. Based on the promo vids and other sources it seems that Behind the Lines and perhaps Squonk may be in the offing. Abacab has been suggested as well (I guess based on some comments made by Nic Collins, though doing the instrumental outro with a single drummer would potentially rob the song of much of its power live). Assuming those were all played in their entirety (a big assumption I know) that would leave about 20 minutes or so. If we subtract time for the break between the main setlist and the encore(s) that would seem to leave 15-16 minutes. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on a) whether this list as I’ve given seems likely and if not where I may be off base; and b) what might fill that 15-16 minute gap.

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    I too listed all those songs above as pretty much definitely based on all the available information as well as knowing their past tendencies and what they feel are their strongest hits/stage songs and feel most proud of. List Hold on my heart, Turn it on again and Mama as well. I know that we are making a broad assumption but I really think that they will play most of not all of these. If so there is very little time for anything else outside of a 15 to 20 minute medley which would probably include the instrumentals Cinema show and or Firth of fifth and maybe one or two surprise tracks. I mean the set list kind of writes itself. I think we all feel that they are not very adventurous when it comes to a set. I really loved the 2007 tour and thought it was they right kinda of set and balance for that particular lineup. I would hope that it would be different enough this time but realistically I don’t know how.

    I believe you have to search for and join the Facebook Group "Genesis - The Last Domino? Tour 2020". There is a photo on there of the rehearsal setlist from New York. It was said to be originally leaked by Alan Hewitt so it is assumed to be pretty authentic. I don't know if Mark Bataitis would like to comment on that further as he may know more about it. I don't want to post the picture here since or type out the songs since I'm not sure how to use the spoiler function.


    I was able to find the word document that I saved ten years ago. I converted it to a PDF in order to upload here. I had copied most if not all of the Nick Davis posts from the official genesis forum between March 2007 and March 2010. There was a lot of great comments that he made as well as valuable information pertaining to the reissue boxsets.



    Ok, it just seemed like a webpage but when I looked at the address bar it says "file:///C:/Users/pcont/Downloads/index-2.html". That obviously is accessing those files I've downloaded. I would like to put these in a separate folder though and it is taking forever to copy them over. Is that possible and do I have to do anything different?

    Thanks Ian!


    Those 'tapes', unfortunately, will most likely remain where they are. And as far as rarities out in the collector's pool, those will as well stay put, I think. When I put out all those Lamb recordings and other material some 10-15 years ago, I think put the whammy on the possibility of more eking out. That wasn't my intention as I merely wanted to bring those out into the light of day but unfortunately as a consequence of what I did, everything in that regard froze.


    I can't thank you enough for putting these lamb shows out years ago. I can't get enough of live lamb shows and many of these sounded really good. The OAM's had a lot of ambience and sounded "live" while the soundboards very generally really balanced and clear. I suspect that these were just copied flat from the cassettes at the farm and most could be improved upon if a proper restoration was done on the master tapes? I know some like yourself did good jobs remastering different shows and it would be nice if the masters could be restored and enhanced.


    I downloaded the zip file and unpacked the contents. There are over 25k files and I was able to find the one entitled "index". I clicked on it and it took me to a webpage where the forum reappeared.

    Two questions:

    1. Can I now delete all of these files as it appears I can navigate from the web page with all of the contents available?

    2. Can you search the forum for topics or is that feature no longer available?



    I don't know if anyone else saw but someone posted a "leaked rehearsal setlist" on the Facebook site he started called "The Last Domino Tour?". He had stated that Alan Hewitt leaked this somehow. I don't want to list it here due to the spoilers. I have to think that it's legit since Mark has always been good with getting information out.


    Where is this picture from Dave Kerzner showing “New Duchess”? Is this the Sound of Contact keyboard player that went to the 2007 New York Rehearsals with his friend Simon Collins? Was he invited again to these rehearsals?



    anyone saw the image by Dave Kerzner of Genesis rehearsing back in January? If you zoom in, you see "New Duchess" displayed on his iMac.

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    I was wondering if anyone ever saved Nick Davis posts on the old Genesis official forum. I had once copied many of them including the ones where he gave us clues to spoilers on the 2007 setlist. Also, he gave updates on all the boxsets he was remixing. He actually told us a lot about Genesis Live, Live At the Rainbow, Second's out, Three Sides Live and The Way We Walk. This included information on the dates and shows from which these shows were compiled and other tidbits like which tapes were lost, etc. My computer hard drive crashed a few years ago and I lost the word document I created. I just curious is anyone else found those posts that interesting that they would save them as well.



    Mark and Krissy,

    Thanks so much for the link. I never saw this and it's great. I was still curious if the old forum will be accessible somewhere on the web, even through Wayback? I know Krissy said she was trying to save and house it somewhere. I really liked the long discussion about the Soundboard project as Alan Hewitt and other gave some updates and discussed why it may never happen.

    Also, did anyone ever save any of the old Nick Davis posts from the old forum? I remember he gave spoilers on the setlist for the 2007 tour as well as gave a lot of information regarding the boxsets and live sources such as the Way we walk and Second's out. I saved a lot of that but my hard drive crashed once and lost it.

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    Will there be a place on the web to view the old forum and old posts? There were a number of post that I wanted to try to copy and save, particularly the discussion on the Soundboard project (A no go) and the history of the Farm and it being sold. There were a few others as well.

    Thanks For all the you do,