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    Nick, however, implied (indirectly) in the video's description that there would be other songs. He wrote- "I was going through some old videos and came across some drum cam footage from the Genesis "The Last Domino?" Tour. So I thought I'd put together a quick edit along with some board audio" (of course the post is longer but it's mostly about how Nick could play all those songs on tour even better). Besides, I don't think he creates a separate one!!!!!! Youtube channel for one song. But I doubt we'll hear Phil's vocals. I suspect there will be instrumental songs like Duke's Intro, Second Home By The Sea or Firth Of Fifth. However, I didn't expect Nick to add anything - so nothing really surprises me anymore. Surely Nick had to have Phil's and other band members' permission to show it. We will see how it goes. :)

    Great news my dears - we have the version of Mama from Foxborough 1992 on video proshot :))))))))) Although at the beginning we see Phil singing not as "through the keyhole", but from 3 and a half minutes it is already "full " video. :)))))) Watch the entire video carefully - from beginning to end. It builds a kind of "state of tension" with this track and I like it. :)))))))))))) The best quality that can be. Infinite thanks to David Lightman for adding this. Once again, he "broke the system". 🙂

    As someone said here - it's unclear what Tony meant - whether he was talking about future recordings "from the past" - or about concerts with Phil in the future. I didn't understand the context well. It all depends on whose rights the concert recordings are. If it's in the hands of Concord - they really will want to "get back" the money pretty quickly - which means something "new" will come out in my opinion by the end of 2024. But if Tony makes the decisions - there may be a problem. For sure, this box pays off financially for the band - the significant activity of Phil and Genesis on social media is also strange. It really is weird.

    It's good that at least these boxes were released - Burning Rope sounds great, Lyceum sounds very good too. However, full concerts have to be released. If I understood Tony Banks correctly in the interview today (although I'm not sure), he said "there won't be any new projects" but added that "the band is no longer touring". I don't know what he meant. You really don't need band members to release some "new" project- for example DVD. It's strange that they don't understand it.

    And even if someone were Tory, is that a crime? In fact, after Thatcher's rule, the Conservative Party has already lost its identity and there is not much difference between them and the Labor Party or the Liberal Democrats. What about Genesis? I wrote the truth. One or two concerts full of excellent quality for the tour should have been released on video a long time ago. Plus rehearsals and songs not played at concerts. How long has the profile of Phil or Genesis on Facebook not been active before? 10 months from what I remember. Surprisingly, Phil and Genesis's profile is more active lately - so maybe something will start to happen here. I just demand from myself, but also from others. Check out the Queen profile on Facebook - there you will see the difference. Almost every day different types of posts :) This is how social media should be run.

    I love this 10 minute version of Mama. The fact that it happened - I consider it a miracle. :))))) We'll see how it goes - I would combine these rehearsals with a thematic box for a given album. People - it will be, no it won't. At most there will be unofficial recordings and someday something unknown will come out anyway. Of that I am convinced. Not today, not tomorrow, in 5 years. :) By the way - the website of eg "retired" band The Police still exists. :) Dire Straits has also been dead for 30 years. The website is. Therefore, please - those who say that the website is not needed, are making fun of themselves and embarrassing themselves. These websites are meant to be for the fans. :) For new fans to get to know the band they like well. Oddly enough, I have to commend The Genesis Archive here - at least it has the semblance of a good website. But that's what the team's marketing people should be responsible for.

    I wrote that it can be combined with a 4-disc box, the proposal of which is presented here. It would also be possible to combine these rehearsals with some "unknown" concert to be released. With a good promotion, a lot of people will buy unknown releases. Don't tell me that, for example, one unofficial full concert proshot on video is something good - the only one from 1980. Expectations are absolutely legitimate - and here we differ, because you think that nothing can be expected. If there were around 7 or 8 full proshot gigs like Queen, I'd shut up. But we don't have a single official full Genesis concert on the proshot video. Phil only has a 3. So please don't tell me this is normal. The rehearsals are very similar here. As for marketing - don't tell me that the lack of a band website for 6 years is normal, because it's not normal. Therefore, those who deal with marketing in this team (marketing directors, their subordinates) - should simply leave their positions. Life experience teaches me (I'm a young person) that you have to fight for everything, drill yourself, search. I do exactly the same at work and I get results. I'm surprised that people who know management well don't suggest anything, don't ask them - and maybe release this and that, hire sound and video engineers. I'll bet 100% that even such an attempt has not been made.

    Certainly, people who live in England and know this "market" at least a little should show determination to get these recordings. Even let them be put up for sale, e.g. on Amazon - but damn, if you could buy them. If I were a musician, I wouldn't mind if my every gig was available with rehearsals.

    You also have to take advantage of the situation after The Last Domino tour. As long as relatively little time has passed since it, then the sales of these "unknown" recordings can be much better. The more time passes from this tour, people will forget about the band again for years - as it was after 2009. I'm amazed and don't understand how many of these record label and band people don't understand really simple things.

    The team and Phil are completely lacking in marketing. To be honest, I'd kick the marketing people out of this team. But this is what I'm saying - dynamic young people should join there. Maybe if there were younger "advisors", then more of these concerts would be issued. But there isn't - it isn't. At most, there will be unofficial recordings and you have to ask about them.

    After all, I wrote that I was wrong - I meant 3 CD from one rehearsal. And besides, I wrote that the team is to NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS. They take 10-15 sound engineers and make a video or remaster some unknown concert on CD. I also completed a marketing specialization and that is why I believe that in order to increase sales, it is not enough to publish only compilations. Just to increase sales, releasing something "unknown" before hand is essential. Even the rehearsals. But you have to want it. And this is worse.

    This is a really good tour. I know that there is not much progressive rock, there is not a single song from the Abacab album, there are too few instrumental parts. But I really like this setlist presented by Usapcfan and I would be really happy if these 3 CD from rehearsals came out even unofficially.

    I'm just a collector (books on international politics too, cups from different countries, stamps) - and it's the same with Phil or Genesis concerts. And from rehearsals in 1992, when these songs sound the best. I will do everything to get them - but the task will not be completed for 99% of the time.

    Why a boring thread? It's just that I really like the 1992 tour and a lot of fans do too. Of course, I like every tour, but the one from 1992 is one of the best for me. Dreaming While You Sleep, Mama, Driving The Last Spike, Fading Lights, Domino or No Son Of Mine are sensational. Living Forever and Way Of The World are great too. These songs always sound best at the beginning of a tour, during rehearsals. Plus, the 1992 rehearsal clip was actually watched by almost 100,000 people. Therefore, these rehearsal CDs would certainly be liked. But as it was written - you could make a box that Usapcfan wrote. Unfortunately, this is unreal.

    Precisely because for over 10 years Los Endos was all the time or In The Cage, those songs were thrown out. But the fact - they could add one or two songs from the 70s - for example Ripples, Eleventh Earl Of Mar or Carpet Crawlers permanently. But really, this setlist from 1992 is good for those who like this era from the 80s a bit more. Therefore, if these 3 albums from rehearsals in 1992 were ever released unofficially, I would be very happy.