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    But remember these were just rehearsals. We really have nothing to complain about - the video and sound quality are great. :))) The first video of Living Forever in 30 years - it was given by the wife of the cameraman who died on COVID (we don't know when), who shot this video in 1992. We look forward to the next one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe he doesn't have any more.

    I will say this. I will write in general - I'm away from home. For several reasons, I think something else will come from the band - but I think it will be in 2-3 years.

    First of all - due to the band's popularity rising again after The Last Domino tour, young people from different countries, my age 20 30 years old- and outside of England -will want to learn more about the band's work from different years. And we know that apart from studio albums and a few videos, there is nothing too much. If not for Simon's effort on Genesis Movement and dozens of older fans, nothing !!!!! so we wouldn't have. The band should be aware that young fans would like to know some unknown material. 😊

    Second - band members are generally retired and therefore may have more time to think about releasing something. Always a retired man looks at many things differently. What is Tony Smith going to do with this whole catalog of concert or rehearsal bootlegs or videos? Will he take to the grave? He himself promised in March 2022 that he would "organize the archives" and I am sure that in a few years there will be a few more unique items. Plus, you really don't need a team member to release something. 😊 They take a few music engineers - they get an order from the band, for example, to improve the picture and sound of a concert, for example in Toronto on September 22, 1986 - a year, one and a half work and this is released in a year and a half. But it has to be done specifically. We also know from the 2004 fan chat that Phil has ALL attempts bootlegs at Genesis. Here, Phil's manager and his entourage should somehow convince him to release some of them. 😊 The task is very hard, but none of us are doing it. 😊

    Third - I find Phil and Tony especially - and their manager - perfectionists, which is evident in almost every interview. Apparently 15 years ago (someone wrote) - Tony and Mike were supposed to say in an interview that they don't want to publish "nothing perfect". And if, for example, in this movie, Living Forever, they saw that people were crazy about it, they would see that even if this video has some small imperfections (it's great, but e.g. Phil peeked at the text several times) - it's people including me - would like more songs. The band needs to know that fans love their rehearsal songs and don't give a damn that Phil got the lyrics wrong or Tony didn't play any sound. 😊 It doesn't really matter. 😊

    Of course, I know that the band has a reserved attitude towards releasing something new. We'll probably never get everything, but it's important to have a little more. However, I agree that in the current situation, you have to ask older collectors (who certainly are) to release what they have - and certainly have various concerts. Just the type of cameraman. 😊 99% broken 100% that it does not have a single track. 😊 For now, let's wait for it and I think that some collectors and cameramen will also appear with time. 😊 Besides, I know from one of the internet users that in the near future there will be 2 more Genesis audio "huge surprises" from the 1977 and 1987 trials. 😊

    Above all, there is a lack of new stuff for fans - good quality videos and bootlegs from rehearsals. Virtually from every era. And thanks to a lot of old fans, Genesis is not really bad - we have a lot of bootlegs from virtually every tour - but as for the video and rehearsals - it really is slightly weakness. I can't regret there isn't a good 1983 or 1986 video. Then Genesis was really at its peak. There really is a need for change here. You don't need team members for that - they take audio and video engineers, one video is half a year, a year worked - and we have a release in a year and a half. It's even worse with bootlegs from rehearsals or videos from them. If it wasn't for this cameraman's wife, we would never have gotten this Living Forever. There are very enthusiastic comments on this video on Youtube and I hope someone in the band is reading it - and they will be persuaded to release some bootlegs or a rehearsal and concert video sometime. For now, let the sound engineers handle it.

    Chester is at the very beginning of the video - 15-16 seconds. At first, I thought he was not there, but Internet users caught it somehow. Chester just wasn't filmed up close, but he was. But it seems to me that the instrumental part was played by Phil himself - 99%.

    I don't know if you've heard and seen it, but a few days ago one of the internet users added this video to the network. This is an acoustic performance by Genesis Follow You Follow Me in April 2007 at a concert dedicated to Ahmet Ertegun. :) I like the version of this song very much, it's better than in 2000. :) We see Tony playing guitar in this video. :) I recommend watching it, because it is another unique piece that we can see - I haven't seen it until today. :) Link below:

    I myself am surprised - and very surprised that we heard it. I assumed that we would finally hear the audio version in 2-3 years, but the video? And is it of such quality? Nice event. I suppose this unfortunately deceased man made more of this video. We are waiting.

    Watcher09 - as for the tracks - probably the set list on this April 30th rehearsal was standard - Land Of Confusion, No Son Of Mine, Driving The Last Spike, Old Medley, Dreaming While You Sleep and Fading Lights. However, I am not sure. Older fans will know more, but probably Jesus He Knows Me was just played instead of Living Forever. Christian- none of us have seen this movie. On Youtube is in the description under the video this movie. It was made by a cameraman who recently (we do not know when), unfortunately, died of COVID. Presumably, this man instructed his wife to publish this video before he died. His wife, in turn, decided to share it with some friend of hers - and so it went on. Honestly speaking, I thought maybe in 2-3 years' time we would hear the Living Forever live audio version. But the video? And is it still of such quality? I think everyone is surprised, since 2,000 people have already watched this video - and it hasn't even been a whole day to add. I don't know if this woman has more videos - in my humble opinion there is more. A cameraman would only shoot one song? I do not think so. We are waiting anyway for every video to see what will come of it. :) Audio files, too. Anyway, we got the "most important" for the 1992 tour. :)

    Very very nice news. In link below is FIRST HISTORY audio and VIDEO version of Living Forever from the rehearsals on April 30, 1992! Full song. This is what we mean! One of the fans added that under the video! Flac audio version, 36 MB. I encourage you to listen to this unique piece after 30 years! Someone at night- we don't know who added this file- and 2 hours ago it was added to Genesis Movement On Facebook. :)

    - this link to video!…gL24NzW5G3zz3rMwj2bEMomjM

    I don't think there will be any Genesis activity in any form by the end of 2023 - but I'd like to be wrong. Tony Smith said at the end of March that he would "clean up the archives." :))))))))))))) Sound engineers should focus on this, look for those "unique" ones - of which there are hundreds. :) Similarly at Phil's- someone should research his archive. :)))

    I totally agree. :) !!!! After all, Phil has his own official Facebook account, he even made a video for fans in 2018. After all, it's not really a big deal to either ask Phil's friends about his health - or to have a video chat with Phil - even with the ability to ask questions. :) Phil Sam I think he would be pleased to see how many fans would like to talk to him. But perhaps his surroundings must convince him to do so.

    I suspect that if it wasn't for this version - Land Of Confusion and Mama - I would never want to release bootlegs from the rehearsals. :) And from that point on, I'm so curious to know what Genesis and Phil have played in rehearsals in the past that it's a massacre. :) Land Of Confusion from 2020 is simply nostalgic, great, touching and stimulating to act on various issues.

    The "problem" is that Land Of Confusion just sounds better on these rehearsals in this movie. I can argue about it with fans hahaha. I never liked this song at concerts - but the 2020 version is great. Tony's darker sound, Nick's strong drums and finally Phil's voice - sad, nostalgic, touching ..... This version is better. Throwing It All Away or Domino sounds worse, but Land Of Confusion sounds better than in the past and at the concerts later, in my opinion, there was no better version.

    I think this is definitely the end Genesis - we were only talking about Phil's solo concerts. :) I think that in some time there will be some last Phil's final 2-3 month long farewell tour - but it will be the definite end. And if this farewell tour will not be - nothing happened. :) Phil should then ask the engineers to do a good "research" about his best Genesis gigs and solo career archives for a future release. :) Especially DVDs and bootlegs from rehearsals. :) We will be waiting for it with longing.