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    Thanks Christian

    Lots of rubbish about Atomic Sunrise has spread online over the years and then eventually accepted as true. Things like it was found in a skip, a large amount of money asked of Genesis etc etc - all totally untrue. From quotes, even the members of Genesis think the latter is true!

    So I think you will understand that I cannot risk comments being associated in any way with an area dedicated to things that may be 'shady' - and add in any way to that perception.

    I suppose I could start my own thread elsewhere on your forum?

    Thanks again

    I notice that this is in the Boot and Torrent section of the Forum.

    As 'Boot and Torrent' were/are an ongoing problem facing me - and anyone trying to do things legally - any future information and responses will be given in another section.

    I am a novice at using a Forum so bear with me while I set that up : )


    Yes, it has been FRUSTRATING for you. I quite understand!

    Frustrating for me never finding ANYONE - except David Bowie - interested in getting it to you!!!

    Well, this year all things are more possible. Rest assured, I'll try my hardest.

    By the way, Yoko Ono was never involved. EMI have not got a copy. And I've NEVER asked Genesis for money. It's never been for sale.

    Speak soon.