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    I can't see from the link posted above which 'top names' are actually doing the re-mastering or what source tapes are being used.

    I found a few btis of information here :

    about SEBTP : "These are the original mixes and most are from the UK masters. Some may be from one-off analog tape copies, mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering." source

    about TLLDOB : "Mastered directly from the original master tape by Bernie Grundman" source

    Also seems to be SACD 2.0 and not SACD 5.1.

    Could these theoretically be re-edited and prepared for HD blu-ray?

    There are two options :

    1. if the HDVS tapes have been transferred to film at the time (as mentioned by Peter Wilson), and if this transfer resurface one day, it will have to be scanned.

    2. if the HDVS source tapes still exists, so they will have to be transferred.

    Perhaps my memory is playing tricks on me, but I remember (in 2002?), that someone from the Genesis production team had confirmed that the group may had in its archives the original tapes, but they did not consider a transfer because it was too complex or too expensive.

    I also remember (or believe) that someone had located a company (in Germany ?) still having the necessary competence, but nothing occurred...

    Now, if the HDVS tapes still exists, I think the best solution would be to get in touch with a die hard enthusiast, like (in Italy), who collects such HD analog equipments. (He have some Sony VTR like the HDV-1000.)

    I wonder how well a 4k scan of the 35mm film/HDVS tapes would look. I imagine it could be stunning.

    By way of comparison, a such "HDVS tapes backup project" has already been undertaken by the EPFL (for the Montreux Jazz Festival) :…ux-jazz-heritage/28996072 :

    In early 2000 Nobs enquired about Sony’s HD Montreux Jazz archive and was told the firm was about to erase them as they were too expensive to keep. He eventually paid SFr10,000 and brought them all back to his private bunker via the Swiss diplomatic courier service.”

    I invite you to see the result by watching the Toto Rosanna HD transfert !

    ps : for the most curious of us, some information from a 1991 audio revue here (in PDF).

    (Just to complete the excellent review of Tom Morgenstern)

    Conclusion: an absolutely professional video production that one could well imagine on Blu-ray, provided of course that the HDVS original in 2003 had also been digitised with at least 2K resolution (had they?).

    The HDVS capture may have been transferred to film at the time :

    Peter Wilson (from High Definition & Digital Cinema), who worked on the HDVS production of this concert, said that the tapes have been transferred to 35mm film using Sony EBR process (and then blown up to 70mm film). source:

    ps : Electron Beam Recording (EBR) was a process developed by Sony PCL to transfer HDVS video tapes (1125i @ 60hz) to 35mm film @ 30fps. (There also was a mode to transfer into 2250p @ 24fps to simplify the direct distribution to cinemas!)