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    Genesis - BBC stuff is probably all we're going to get, which is not surprising at this point. Their DVD shows could seriously do with coming out on Blu-ray/4K, not sure why this hasn't happened but I have no knowledge about this sort of thing.

    Phil - Just to hear he's doing okay at this point would be good. I don't think he's been in the media since the tour ended. Hopefully he's enjoying life.

    Peter - new album by the end of the year and of course the tour (which I'm attending at the 02 in London!)

    Steve - Foxtrot at 50 live CD/Blu-ray would be great as I missed the show, and a new rock album (Hopefully he'll tour this year in the UK too).

    Mike - He's with the Mechanics, wouldn't mind catching them as they are actually playing in my neck of the woods!

    Tony - No new album from the sound of things, he's probably happy playing Firth of Fifth at home on his piano, and why not!

    They're playing in my hometown, Reading, at the Hexagon again on this tour, so I'll hopefully catch them.

    I saw them in 2019 at the same venue and they were great fun. I'm not a huge Mike & the Mechanics fan, but I own some albums and definitely enjoy them. Plus, the new singers do a great job, so it's always good to see them live.

    I'd love to hear one more Phil solo album, particularly as he'd probably be able to write some hard-hitting stuff given everything he's been through the past 15 years or so. Something raw and emotional like Face Value or Both Sides.

    However, I think he's probably done; we'll probably only see/hear from him in the odd interview, if that.

    Mike will probably do some more Mechanics stuff, Tony may toy with a few things, Peter will probably release a new album in 2099 and Hackett will very likely keep doing what he's doing until he finds himself in a position where he has to retire (fine by me, I enjoy his shows!).

    Genesis - Seconds Out (favourite live album ever)

    Genesis - Live

    Yes - Yessongs

    Saxon - The Eagle Has Landed

    Motorhead - No Sleep 'Till Hammersmith

    Iron Maiden - Live After Death

    Rush - Rush In Rio

    The Scorpions - Tokyo Tapes

    Phil Collins - Seriously Live In Berlin

    Gary Numan - Hope Bleeds

    Simple Minds - 5x5 Live

    Nice article, Christian!

    I've always been pretty vocal about my disappointment in the setlist, although I still adored the show and so glad I went. No complaints here.

    Regarding Domino, I've always enjoyed the song and the heavier vibe a live setting brings to it. Not everyone's cup of tea, which is fine. If I were to replace something, I'd take out Home by the Sea.

    It's been done on every tour since its release, and for the final tour, it would have been nice to have those 10+ minutes devoted to something that hasn't been performed in decades, such as Abacab, One for the Vine, Squonk, White Mountain, or Burning Rope.

    Those aren't all 10+ minutes obviously, but they're 'long' songs. And for the record, I like Home by the Sea, but think it was time for something else to take its place.

    For Absent Friends - a beautiful little piece that is short and simple, could have easily fit in for the final tour!

    A Trick Of The Tail - Always thought it was odd the title track to the album was never done live. I think it would have come off well and would have fit nicely into an acoustic set.

    Blood on the Rooftops - Needs no explanation!

    Just A Job To Do - A great rockin' track that should have been performed over the awful Illegal Alien.

    Living Forever - This track is so underrated and while they did rehearse it, the song never made it to the live set. The beginning is funky and upbeat, and the instrumental is brilliant stuff - would have been a nice showcase for Phil's drumming.


    Viewed objectively, subjectively, upside down or from right to left, Trespass simply isn't a very good album.

    Beg to differ. Easily Genesis' most underrated album, IMO, and one of my favourites. Subjectively yes, you may not think it's great, but you can't objectively say that it's not a very good album. There's no such thing when it comes to music. Everything is down to opinions, which aren't right or wrong.

    Anyway, I picked Looking For Someone, Stagnation, and The Knife. All the songs are enjoyable to me, although despite loving Dusk at first, I've gone off it somewhat. I still enjoy it, but the lyrics don't strike me as much as they used to.

    I loved Phil's version of White Mountain on the Trick of the Tail tour, he did a great job and it was the definition of a deep cut. Pity they didn't do more of this in later tours!

    One of my favourite Genesis albums of all time, always in my Top 3. There's something quintessentially English about it all; whenever I listen to it, I think of the English countryside, villages, and lanes.

    I love all the songs on the album but The Musical Box, Return of the Giant Hogweed, and Fountain of Salmacis were my picks. The epics, if you like. However, I adore the shorter songs; For Absent Friends is one of my favourites, Phil's vocals are great and I love the lyrics.


    Yes Knight's high placing is thoroughly merited. Those 8 minutes brilliantly distil pretty much everything good about PG-era Genesis. It's a thing of folky jazzy rocky proggy beauty

    I find the track gets overlooked a lot by Cinema Show and Fifth of Fifth, which I of course love, but honestly could take DWtMLK over those two depending on my mood of the day! And nicely said!

    The first ever concert I went to was The Musical Box at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2003 (Nad, future singer in Steve Hackett's band, was there and I gave him a copy of the Genesis Chicago '78 show!). It was spectacular.

    I'd love to see these guys again, especially if they're doing The Lamb. For fans of the 70s Genesis, these type of bands are crucial as they are the only way to see this fantastic music performed live (outside of Steve, that is), now that Genesis are no more.

    Thrilled to see Dancing with the Moonlit Knight so high on the list, as it's probably my favourite Genesis song. The solo is one of the best things any guitarist has ever done, IMO.

    Supper's Ready at no.1 is obvious but still can't really argue as it's a masterpiece. Haven't seen the whole list, and as people have said, these things are always polarising, although I don't envy these guys with the task of ranking all Genesis songs.

    No Reply At All is a very good song but shouldn't be above Dance on a Volcano IMO (one of their best ever tunes), and I'd personally have Watcher of the Skies, One For The Vine, and Looking For Someone in the Top 10 (All of them are lower than No Reply, Domino, and Turn It On Again; umm, what? Each to their own, but that's a bit crazy!).

    It's a shame they won't have an official document of their final tour, but with all the material out there - including some good quality videos on YouTube from The Last Domino? shows - I'm not too bothered.

    Don't get me wrong; If they released a show on Blu-ray I'd buy it, but I'm more than satisfied with all the stuff I have already. I'm glad I managed to capture some songs from the show I was at too, which is a lovely bonus.


    I must say - I really liked Throwing It All Away in the set (although I wanted it kicked out after first news about the setlist), but this is really emotional.

    I agree, that was quite nice to see. The images of the band in the background were really cool, good to see Peter and Steve included. At least, I think this is the song that featured those? On the 2007 tour, they did this for 'I Know What I Like.'

    Very good interview. Nic seems like a great bloke, too.

    Interesting to hear them talking about songs that didn't make the cut, with Supper's Ready and Los Endos both considered but never seemingly making it past the early stages.

    Pity we didn't get a few more nuggets -- was Watcher or Squonk ever rehearsed? I know the former was mentioned on here a lot, but I never came across a direct quote from Nic ever confirming as much.

    Mama, Land of Confusion, Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea, The Cinema Show, Afterglow, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Duchess, Domino, Dancing With The Moonlit Knight, Carpet Crawlers.

    I enjoyed the whole show, even the awful I Can't Dance was fun. Those were my highlights though.


    - They could have played A trick of the Tail, in a similar way to That's All. They never played it ? That's the point ! That would have been a great surprise...

    I couldn't agree more. I've been thinking during the tour that A Trick of the Tail would be a superb choice for three reasons:

    1) It's a simple song that would fit well into the acoustic set, Phil wouldn't struggle too much with it at all nor would the musicians.

    2) It's short, so it wouldn't extend the run time too much.

    3) It hasn't been done before, making it a nice treat (and ensures Trick is represented).

    Obviously this is all moot now; the tour's over, but still it's nice to dream! :D

    I saw the March 24 show, only my second time seeing Genesis but that's probably due to my age (38).

    I will freely admit that I was disappointed with the setlist upon learning it. I'm not trying to be negative for the sake of it, just being honest. I thought that for a final tour it was very safe and too similar to 2007.

    I have my own ideas for what a setlist could have looked like, but if they added three songs we know they rehearsed - The Musical Box (Closing Section), Abacab, and Supper's Ready (either Lover's Leap for the acoustic section or Apocalypse In 9/8 as part of the medley -- that alone would have been much better. Perhaps replace Home by the Sea with Abacab, as the runtime would have been too much otherwise.


    I still had a marvellous time. The band sounded great, the drums was booming and Phil's voice was very impressive and not all weak. He also nailed a lot of the lyrics with minimal flubs, and was in great humour as always.

    I cried during Afterglow, first time I've ever got that emotional seeing a concert. I lost my nan in November and that combined with the fact I was seeing the guys for the last time set me off. The song sounded beautiful; it was a very powerful moment for me and worth the price of the ticket alone. I will never forget that performance.

    Duchess, Domino, Home by the Sea, Land of Confusion, Fading Lights/Cinema Show, Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, and Carpet Crawlers were fantastic, although the whole show was brilliant. Oh, and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, while being somewhat of a polarising arrangement , was great, IMO!

    Thank you for the memories, Genesis.

    I caught Steve in London for this tour in September 2021, my first time seeing him but long overdue. Should have seen him years ago!

    Anyway, it was a brilliant show. I've always liked Nad's vocals, he did a fantastic job and the setlist was incredible. I'm 38 and so never got to see Genesis perform most of these songs, so it was amazing to see them. Supper's Ready was phenomenal, and Hackett was mesmerising to watch. It was also a treat to see the full version of The Musical Box.

    I really liked the new tracks too, so I bought Steve's new album and love it!