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    I saw Steve's Genesis Revisited Show on Feb 25th in Phoenix, AZ at a small venue with my 16 yr old daughter who goes to a lot of concerts. Initially, my son who is a musician was supposed to fly out from NY to see them for his birthday, couldn't make it. So I took her in his place. They played for 2.5 hrs, opening with my favorite of his "Please Don't Touch", which they didn't play last year on the Wolflght Tour. This time they played all my favorites of both Steve's and Genesis. The crowd was mostly over 50 with grey hair and beards (I'm 64) and interacted a lot both before and after the show. But when the music played, it seemed to transform all the oldtimers into their 20's. My daughter said she had never seen me so happy. Genesis music has a way of bringing me back to better times in my past when life wasn't so tumultuous. After a 25 min rendition of "Supper's Ready" and a very long solo by Steve, I told my daughter that he had recently turned 68 yrs old. I wasn't the only one who was impressed. He is almost as good as ever. One thing I can say about Steve, who has always been my favorite member of the band, is that he has never seemed spoiled by success. He never embraced the iconic MTV type success that the others eventually obtained in the 80's and 90's. He continued to prolifically write, produce and perform - Still playing smaller venues right up until the present. His warmth and his obvious love of what he does and his humility is unmatched. And you can tell that his band loves playing with him. I can't heap enough praise upon this incredible musician and wonderful human being. And I am forever grateful to have been a part of his career as a fan since the early 70's.

    I don't remember exactly the year. But the first time I ever heard Genesis was on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert on TV. They Played "Watcher of The Skies" from Foxtrot. It was such trippy stuff, with Peter decked out in his cape and the front of his head partially shaved. I loved it. So I went out and bought the album. And became a fan. Then as soon as they came to the Academy of Music in New York City after that(Early 70's) I went to see them with a friend. Then I saw them in Waterbury, CT and again at the Academy of Music several times. The first concert did music from Nursery Crime, Foxtrot and Selling England By the Pound. I saw that tour again and I also saw the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Tour twice. Then I went to school in Northern Arizona in 1975 and returned to Connecticut/NY in 1976 and that's when I really became a fan. I saw the Trick/Wind Tour several times in NYC and Westchester County a few times.

    My life was such a whirlwind in the 70's. I liked lots of bands, saw many concerts in the northeast - Was very into Jazz - Weather Report, Pat Metheny and all kinds of Fusion, Funk and R&B as well as other Rock and Prog. But I graduated college in 1980, spent the summer in Martha's Vinyard in 81' wrote my 1st screenplay and moved to Los Angeles in early 82'. When Hackett left, the Band recorded And Then There Were Three and Duke, Phil broke away to do his solo career, Mike did the Mechanics and Peter exploded his career - Which was when I moved to LA in the early 80's - That's when i really started listening to their music seriously and they evolved into my favorite band. I just liked it more and more as time when on. And over a 15 year period they became my favorite band. Wind and the Wuthering eventually became my favorite album along with Trick, Selling England and Duke. But I was around since the early 70's - seeing them with both Peter and Phil and with Hackett and without. But I can't say that they were always my favorite until the mid 80's. But it was their music from the Hackett Era that I liked the best. Although I enjoyed everything from the beginning all the way through Calling All Stations. There is just no BAD music by Genesis. It just evolved - As it should have.

    I will be 65 in September. I married for the 2nd time in 1999 and probably added about 10 years to my appearance. Then we split in the end of 2008 and finally divorced in 2014. I don't know exactly how, but I seem to lose about 25 extra lbs and seemed to take an extra 10 years off again. Needless to say, the marriage wasn't one that worked out very well. It's kind of amazing how happy or unhappy relationships can affect your appearance so much. I never abused drugs in my adult life. I did plenty before the age of 22. But seemed to stop most of it then. But I am considering smoking marijuana again once i fully retire now that it is legal in many states here in the US.

    I live in the hottest city in all of the Americas - Phoenix, Arizona. The winter was short. It started late - Almost December, as October and November were unseasonably warm this year. Then it cooled somewhat in January and February. March warmed up a bit, but April has been hitting the high 80's F. And next week the mid to high 90's are supposed to commence. Usually this weather occurs in May. But this year seems to be warming earlier than usual. The past 2 summers broke all kinds of records in June and July with temperatures averaging above 110 F for each month and hitting the 120 F mark several times. And with the 90's arriving in mid April, I think we might even break those records this year. I have been here since early 1991. I'm going to be 65 in September and when my youngest child graduates H.S. next May, I am moving from this hellhole forever. I used to enjoy the winter weather, but they are getting shorter and shorter. Considering getting into the medical marijuana industry in my old age and moving to Colorado, where the temperatures are considerably cooler.