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    Here you have the playlist from yesterday's show in Krakow. I recorded at least a snippet of each song and a few songs in their entirety. Full songs: Panopticom, Playing For Time, Sledgehammer, Darkness, Love Can Heal, Don't Give Up, Red Rain, What Lies Ahead, Solsbury Hill, In Your Eyes, Biko.

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    This is my favourite song created by the trio. From the first listen I was amazed, the composition, the sound, the drumming, the lyrics (story of snowman and fish is my favourite part). My nickname on this group speaks for itself - this song is in my top 5 of all Genesis songs.

    As we know, the Dodo/Lurker suite was also supposed to consist of Naminanu and Submariner (the latter title, some say, was supposed to be an answer to Lurker-Riddle, although I think Tony Banks said he wasn't thinking of any specific answer). There is someone's attempt on YouTube to combine all four pieces into one suite. In my opinion, however, Dodo/Lurker, the two-part version, is the best; the other two parts add little to the whole, and probably even dilute its impact. As for the Lurker part itself - in my opinion it is superb, doing an excellent job as a coda to the whole piece. Then there's the matter of Tony's odd solo in Lurker - I know many people don't like it. For me it's perfect, considering it's lurker's speaking, quite funny.