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    When I first heard it on Three Sides Live I was somehow sure it has to be about animals in zoos that live under miserable conditions and dream of going back to their old natural habitats.

    It's not as specific as that but it certainly has a general theme of treatment of animals. But I don't get any sense of music/lyrics mismatch.

    Is it just me, or does Vance seem even more batshit crazy than Trump?

    Who even knew such a thing was possible?

    I think he's certainly channeling trump. He's gone from criticising him to being essentially his ventriloquist dummy which perhaps has some amplifying effect.

    Some of the GOP reps are at least as unhinged as trump - Boebert, MTG, that guy who said if trump loses "we will NEED civil war" - how's that for "toning down the rhetoric"?!

    This was also played live in 1990, since That's all was part of the mini setlist for the Nordoff-Robbins music therapy Knebworth festival that summer.

    Also in the set were Mama, Throwing it all away and Turn it on again with medley.

    Was that following a short set by PC, played in a high wind? I think I listened to it live on the radio, if I remember he started with ITAT followed by Colours without the intro. I'm sure I taped it onto a cassette that I somehow lost along with a load of others I miss badly.

    Well in 2019 he did describe himself as a 'transitional' candidate so in that sense he's making good on that, but only after being pressured to do so. It's rattled the magas who aren't happy about it as everything they've planned for their campaign rests on battling Biden. Trump is now the oldest ever candidate, and the irony is that he himself is of course pretty senile when that was the basis of their attacks on Biden. Will his nicked ear be enough to still propel him to victory?

    Harris hasn't enjoyed great ratings but is now operating in a different context which could be helpful. As I understand it Millennials and Gen Zs are the biggest US labour demographic and Harris is seen as very much on their side. At 59 she's not in that age group but has the potential to appeal as a younger more dynamic figure compared to saggy baggy ranting stupid-haired Trump. I'm not condoning judging by appearances, simply acknowledging the part it plays in elections, whether or not it should.

    Yes her running-mate choice will be key, Buttigieg is surely going to be a contender and I've heard Beshear mentioned but know little about him. Her plus either as a ticket could be enough to fire up a "youth" vote. But obviously there's a month until DNC. Support for KH seems to be building but anything can happen in the next few weeks, at the extreme the DNC could be chaotic unless they see their best bet is to make it clean and simple by getting behind her.

    I agree with the various positives already stated. It's a perfect demonstration of how they took into a new decade their already established knack of skilfully mixing longer complex songs with shorter simpler ones. Banks was always a riff-master and his lovely clean piano line on this forms the solid basis of a catchy song. On the topic of doing shorter more commercial songs Rutherford said they were harder to write than the more extended proggier workouts. Its conciseness deceptively hides that there is a lot of the Genesis DNA there. I get why some fans are dismissive of it, but I think it's a shame. I don't agree with the descriptions of it as being cheerful (it's quite a tetchy song), funky or having a country feel. (The latter unfortunately reminds me of PC's cringingly unfunny introduction to it on the Mama tour dvd).

    For me the sequencing of Genesis side 1 is up there with the side 1s of SEBTP and Abacab. This track is very well-placed and provides a really nice dry contrast between the murky atmospheric drama of Mama and the urgent tension of Home.

    sorry to those who think it’s excellent

    I like it a lot but you should never apologise for your tastes and preferences! If you don't like it that's fair enough and if anyone objects to that, tough shit.

    I think in the case of Inside and Out, there is a wistful melancholy that goes with the idea of being locked up and then a bit of a maelstrom at the end that might reflect the trauma of the story

    On the back of the original vinyl EP the lyrics were headed 'INSIDE' and have 'OUT' after the end so I always took that as the instrumental representing the lead character's mass of confusing emotions on being released back into the world.

    As to the overall topic the only one that occurs is possibly Supernatural Anaesthetist as it has a kind of jaunty feel while being about someone thinking they're about to die.

    This is a favourite of mine from the trio. It was a slow grower, I was fairly neutral on it to begin with but then with each listen it gradually gave up its goods. Now, depending on the day, it might make my Genesis top 10.

    I think each band member is on form on this one.

    Definitely. PC in very good vocal form and his drumming skips deftly along, Rutherford provides some of his best bass work, I really like the jangly guitar patterns which don't sound very like his normal work but fit very well here, and Banks strikes a really nice balance by showing some restraint and colouring in just as much as the song needs.


    I'm surprised Truss didn't do a Trump and claim she actually won.

    I wouldn't have been surprised.

    Oh well she'll have plenty of time to visit her pal Bannon in prison now.

    Re the notion of claiming to have actually won, on twitter I've seen reform voters outraged that they didn't get 50 or 100 seats or indeed win outright, and that this is proof of - guess what? - a deep-state conspiracy. I then immediately wonder if they're satirical accounts, or are themselves part of some conspiracy to spread discontent in the hope of starting a sad little British version of January 6th.

    From an Italian newspaper on the morning of the UK elections:…to_favoriti-14446448/amp/

    "Polling stations open from this morning at 7am in the United Kingdom for the renewal of the 632 seats in Westminster. The game seems to be over, the polls have never fluctuated so much as to cast doubt on Labour's victory. The latest projections speak of a range of seats between 432 and 465, over 200 more than the Conservatives".

    So we knew who won. :/

    Are you actually being serious with this stuff?

    to throw 300+ years of history and togetherness away is, in my view, simply stupid.

    I wouldn't so easily dismiss like that the range of deep-rooted views of pro-independence supporters who do not see or feel the supposed "togetherness" of the union, while having no problem with the English themselves but specifically resenting, with good reason, the Westminster government. Also the political landscape has significantly changed since the 2014 referendum. Support for independence currently hovers around 50% and those views aren't going away, and they are not all SNP supporters either.