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    On dvd I've been watching Pennyworth, another Batman origins show by the makers of Gotham, this time going back even further by showing the story of Alfred the butler following his discharge from the army and falling in with the young Thomas Wayne in a grimy dystopian London. It goes even darker than Gotham did and is brutally violent. I'm a bit undecided about it so far but on balance liking it enough to continue with it.

    Also on dvd, making my way very enjoyably through the complete Elementary.

    Yesterday completed watching The Serpent, an 8-part drama about 1970s serial killer Charles Sobrhaj. I wasn't sure at first and baulked at it being in 8 parts. But it slowly took hold. It's very well-made and has terrific performances, particularly Tahar Rahim in the title role and Jenna Coleman as his partner, who I think took top honours. It does a good job of making you care for his many victims. The mismatched group of people who become embroiled in trying to bring the killer to justice are also well-portrayed as is their resistance to outrageous inertia shown by some of the authorities who seemed to prefer to leave things alone.

    I also enjoyed series 2 of Staged, the 'lockdown comedy' featuring David Tennant and Michael Sheen - or should that be Michael Sheen and David Tennant? (that's an in-joke for fans of the show). Not as good as series 1 but the bar was set very high and it's still good.

    All episodes of the above on the BBC iplayer.

    The backing vocalists have caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth on Facebook based Genesis fan groups....often by the very same people who ask that Genesis "do something different with the songs" on this tour. For fans of "progressive" music.....some people do prefer to stick Genesis in a sealed jar labelled "1972".

    Right ok, I now understand why you refer to people having a problem with it, I was confused as no one here seems to. So far.

    I agree, as soon as the tour was announced I liked the idea of it being a very different kind of Genesis show. Well, by default it has to be but if the new lineup means a different kind of set than we're used to, even better.

    Ironically those arms-folded prog-head fans you refer to might actually end up getting a bit more of their sacred early 70s stuff than usual.

    As someone mentioned before as soon as I saw the red eyes the first thing I thought of was “Squonk,” although given that the character in the song is described as shy and retiring I’m not sure it fits. Still, I’d take it in a heartbeat if they play it! Still (im)patiently waiting for a US leg to be announced . . .

    Why did red eyes make you think of Squonk?

    And I wonder if it made anyone thonk of Squink.

    I kind of wish I hadn't watched that now as I'd prefer the stage set to be a surprise. But I didn't hesitate. How could I not watch it???? A lovely clean-looking rig, I love it. NC looks great. Thanks for posting.

    I came straight here after getting an email saying my Glasgow gig is rescheduled. All inevitable really, as we've been saying.

    Following on from previous posts here what do people think of his later work? Personally I see his seventies stuff as almost faultless although Heroes was the first album I never got into except the title track .Never keen on SM Let's Dance or Tonight. ( A few songs) I seem to be the only person in the world ( inc. Bowie) that thought NLMD was an improvement. Love Day In Day Out. I thought Tin Machine was brilliant. 1 Outside good and I have developed more and more a liking for BTWN over the years .Earthling brilliant. I lump Hours and Heathen much the same as Ok a good listen with Reality back to great again better for me than Next though still really like it. I think Blackstar was the best thing he did since DD which is my favourite Bowie album. Blackstar was/ just tremendous.

    Yes the ground he covered in his 70s output is astonishing. I'd agree with 'almost faultless' - in fact I wouldn't like my favourite artists to be faultless, and none of them are. Interesting about your reaction to Heroes (which I don't share). I do like Scary but I too found myself drifting away during the 80s. However, I might revisit those, ditto Tin Machine which I didn't like much at the time but have a feeling it might have improved on me. But I always liked that he did it, even if the results didn't excite me back then. I absolutely love a track from the 2nd TM album, You Belong In Rock 'N' Roll.

    With Black Tie, at the time I sensed the seeds of an upturn but never returned to that album, so I'd like to go back to it now. I then started to really enjoy his stuff again during the 90s and onwards, I like everything from then until the end.

    EDIT - By the way, what do you chaps think of The Buddha of Suburbia? It seems to be generally well spoken of, but it's one that for some reason I've never become familiar with despite liking the one or two tracks I do know.

    Backdrifter, up to the modern day. But any chance of an insight into his song writing, composition in the studio and or tours was very thin.


    Ok thanks. That sounds disappointing and if it covers up to the present then it's unlikely there'll be a vol2. I deliberately didn't leap into buying it and the views here underline that. I'll only possibly get it if I see it super cheap in paperback.