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    Why don't you think they're prog? I'm just interested in your reasons.

    👆 I don't really think they are either. I think of prog as having more fantastical elements and meandering song structures than Floyd had. They always seem more organized to me, and I don't think they ever used words like 'madrigal' or the like. Sure there were elements, around Atom Heart maybe, but as a whole their body of work to me is more classic rock with a bit of sci fi or something exotic mixed in. On the other hand, I'm not into much classic rock but I love Pink Floyd 🤷‍♂️. Maybe they're hard to properly categorize. Be interested in Fabrizio's reasons.

    This is all taking us back to the old question of what exactly is prog anyway. There's clearly little agreement on it, especially given the wide range of acts that are referred to as prog.

    ....and must now offer up apologies for having forgotten that thefarmer already gave us the heads-up on this thing.

    I finally got around to watching the Sky Arts "documentary" Discovering Genesis. It's part of a "Discovering..." series with a different subject each time, discussed by whichever 3 or 4 journos were available on the day.

    It starts at Charterhouse and within about 3 minutes it's at The Lamb and PG leaving, having not bothered mentioning Trespass or NC, or Phillips leaving. In no time Hackett's also gone and Collins is now "in charge". The rest of it focuses on how much influence his solo career had on them, though there's an unexpectedly generous 2 mins on Wilson.

    My favourite bit is a reference to "Steve Hackett's Bach-inspired organ noodlings".

    But I don't know what you think she should have 'done' in a practical sense. She was the titular head of state and many found reassurance from her presence. It was not her role to 'do' anything beyond her constitutional functions which she performed admirably. I suppose people looked up to her as a source of stability which they didn't find in politicians.

    I'm definitely not a monarchist but I think you express this well. Perhaps he meant that if people framed their responses like that, rather than being vague or even getting angry, it would've made more sense. It always seems to me there's this sort of amorphous cloud of royalism but there's a bit more substance in what you said there.

    Not that I'm particularly pro-royalist're sure about that?

    I ask as on that basis, this -

    I wouldn't bother engaging with him any more on this if I were you, it's just a frustrating waste of your time. When there are major issues in the world to get angry about (Syria, Ukraine, Myanmar, Iran, Afghanistan, the list goes on, ......... and on) he chooses to obsess about something that maybe costs every man, woman and child in the UK maybe £5 a week. Let him stew. As he admits in another thread, he doesn't even have the courage of his convictions, to hold a placard or shout something controversial at a Royal event. He'll come and moan at us, though! ?(

    I'm done.

    - sounds quite over-reactiony.

    Also you're unfair in what you say - he'll speak for/defend himself if he wishes I'm sure but some posts on a rock band forum don't mean someone's "obsessing", any more than it means that person isn't concerned about the other issues you mentioned. There's no requirement for us to equally post about matters of impact to show our balance of concerns.

    Anyway, I won't expect a response seeing as you're done, sorry to look like I was trying to drag you back in.

    Just out of interest, exactly how many times was the Cage/Supper's Ready version played on that tour? Less than 10?

    More - all of US and Aus/NZ?

    EDIT - correction, it was all the US 1986 shows (unless anyone knows otherwise) and the NZ show; for the Australia shows the SR section was dropped and replaced by Afterglow. There it remained for the rest of 86 and 87 through the Aus tour, US 2nd leg and Europe.

    With the obvious exception of the Cage/Quiet Earth/Apocalypse medley of course......a real masterpiece

    That was a great moment, even when the SR bit was removed in Europe. But I disagree that's the exception to Ben's assertion. Abacab was superb on that tour, That's All never sounded better, and I liked the one-off performances of The Brazilian and the whole TTT. Los Endos was incendiary at those gigs. The only low point for me was their persistence with the TIOA 60s medley.

    Has he ever been known as "Desperate Dan"? :P

    (Back in the early 80's, I was in a meeting with several others in the office of a manager 2 levels above me. His phone rang, he answered, and after a short pause said, "Hello Dan, is it desperate?" I kid you not. He was briefly puzzled when we all laughed.)

    No, his other names have included The D-Man, Dan Dan The Queen Man and Barcode Dan.

    It would've capped it off if that manager had said "Is it desperate, Dan?"

    At our school the Deputy Head would read out the names of miscreants who had to report to his office. One day when Kevin Rice and Stephen Curry were on his shit list, he had to quell the inevitable outburst of hysterics and threaten the whole of assembly with detention when he solemnly intoned "I want to see Curry and Rice in my office at lunch".

    (Luckily Sean Fish and Peter Chips were off sick that day)

    (As were Chris Rhubarb and Tony Custard)

    (etc etc)

    My friend Cesspit Dan is the only person I know who's actually, genuinely, fallen into a cesspit. There was a witness too (not me). How it happened is a bit fiddly to explain.

    He claims he cycled the 5+ miles home "in 30 seconds". While he's genetally given to lavish exaggeration I'm sure he got home quickly and frantically.

    The following morning his housemates politely enquired why, in the small hours, it sounded like he had 3 baths and 2 showers, and why the washing machine had been running all night.

    He was too embarrassed to admit what had happened so impulsively said he'd suddenly developed a Howard Hughes style hygiene mania. Which, in a very real sense, he kind of had.

    The reason he's also known as Bacon Dan is another story

    Oh how I wish there was a proper recording of the 1982 tour. Alas, it is not to be.

    That would be a Holy Grail. Perfect setlist, with them at their absolute live peak. But indeed, not to be - ditto the complete live sets of the other tours as mentioned above. But they could at least give us the 'lost' IT Cage medley.

    I'd be happy with:

    70s 5-man stuff

    Truncated Knebworth

    Truncated IT inc Cage

    Complete Lyceum 2-disc

    If they are "cleaning up the archive" it's not all going to happen at once. Plus it's very unlikely those complete shows will get officially released anyway.