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    I agree with what you have said but in Mason's defence if you are handed a song you can only go so far in adding to it. I cant see that Mason would have been allowed much input into the song structures when up against the other 3 big personalities. So he was probably the right man for the job. For example, if we look at Genesis. Whilst Tony may have wrote fading lights you can be sure that the middle section was worked on between the three of them with different rhythms. I honestly cant see Nick saying to Roger can we put this interesting drum part in this song. Even Gilmour is credited with the change of tempo in "Money"

    I think there's something in this, though I'm not sure how interesting NM could ever have been even if there was scope for that to happen. But yes, given that so many of PF's songs were at a quite plodding walking-pace tempo it does indeed beg the question of just how much he could have done with them even if he tried or was allowed to.

    I don't think it is correct to say that a bassist can't contribute as much to a band's sound. People like John Entwistle, Chris Squire, Geddy Lee were all essential components to their respective bands' sounds.

    I agree, and immediately thought of Squire and Lee too. McCartney of course, John Giblin springs to mind too, and Rutherford to an extent.

    I think most if not all here would happily acknowledge that arrangement and song development are very important and that the writing, though obviously key, isn't the entire picture. The fixation we often have on who wrote what (eg within Genesis) is I think just part of the level of fandom you get on a forum like this, and entirely understandable. I personally find it interesting, just as I'm fascinated by how a song is built up and added to in the rehearsal room or studio. I think the latter isn't picked over, or perhaps always known about, in the same way as the writing is but I'm sure few would diminish it.

    Mason could have been replaced by almost anyone, his style is lazy and unswerving, Phil would have brought much more life to the party. Hell, Mick Tucker from the Sweet would have been a step up.

    I've often thought NM is one of rock's most boring drummers. He's good demonstration of how a good musician is distinctive in that he absolutely isn't, unlike the drumners you cited.

    I think I've mentioned this elsewhere - I do like something Waters said when an interviewer was pressing him for pearls of wisdom about the origins of Pink Floyd: "Look, you won't get me to take any of this seriously. We were just 4 young blokes hoping to make money and get shagged."

    if you look at the 2022 schedule, I think Glasgow won’t be rescheduled anymore. There’s no space. Also little options for extra shows.

    Exactly what I thought. Unless they stick Glasgow after the Londons I think it's likely we'll see a Glasgow cancellation announcement soon.


    The European shows would never have happened without the London reschedules.

    The only thing that slightly goes against this is that at Glasgow 1 the hospitality team leader said there had already been discussions about mainland Europe (and US midwest/west coast), plus would a Europe tour have been assembled within just over 2 weeks? My understanding is that tour scheduling takes a lot longer than that but I stand to be corrected.


    I didn't want to start a new thread so decided to stick this in here. Probably I'm alone in not realising TB ever did any public performances of his solo stuff so I was surprised when I came across this. Are there any other examples?

    EDIT: I just noticed the earlier mention of a Pebble Mill (or similar type of show) appearance. Seems he was very much aiming to make Bankstatement a very visible M&tMs type project.

    No honestly it's a proper doc. Stills and video clips voice over with a few bods I have never heard of popping up and voicing their opinions. When discussing their new sound with Foxtrot and pics of the sleeve IKWIL was playing in the background ,.no mention of SR. No joke.

    From what I can see scrolling back through the EPG it was 30mins long whereas everything else in their "Discovering" series appears to be 1 hour so maybe you got off lightly.

    (Coming up there's a different documentary strand with a much longer programme on the Moody Blues which foxfeeder might want to check for accuracy).

    I sometimes wonder if Genesis are the most marginalised mega-successful rock band.

    I think Peter was taken aback by the underwhelming response in certain quarters to Up. I know I was shocked that the arena was half-full at best when I saw his show in Washington, DC on that tour. It’s similar to what Tony and Mike experienced when CAS was virtually ignored in the US. When you’ve experienced so much success it has to be a blow to a performer’s ego (and maybe even confidence) when album and ticket sales suddenly take a precipitous drop.

    I saw him on both the Growing Up and Still Growing Up tours in London; the former was well-attended but for the latter, the arena auditorium was as you say half-full. But I didn't realise Up had such a lukewarm reception generally in the US.

    More worrying is the fact that, as a long standing member, you should choose to back up said first time poster and his frankly uncalled for comment, rather than someone you have known for several years. I guess I know who to trust a little more in future.

    Laws a-mercy guv. I wasn't "backing him up", I thought his comment wasn't worth paying any attention. My reaction was solely to your suddenly invoking other acts in a somewhat overheated way, the tone of which you're maintaining here rather melodramatically. However, if you wish to use that exchange as a basis for not trusting me in future, that's a pity but I can't stop you.