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    Yes I've never begrudged him doing these Genesis-focused shows, nor fans for enjoying them. I totally get why he does them and why fans like them, and of course he has every right to do them. I share the 'good luck to him' sentiment. I even went to 2 or 3 of them but decided to bail after the W&W one for various reasons I've droned on about before.

    I think it's a shame someone with such a creative track record has fallen into this cycle of releasing underwhelming albums then touring a couple of tracks amid a nostalgia show. But, see above comments re him and the fans being happy (and obviously, opinion on his albums is subjective). Although I don't like his last few albums I'd see a solo-material show to give the newer material a chance to flex its muscles on stage. I can't see it happening though despite his saying he will do that some time. Foxtrot 50th tour next year possibly already being planned?!

    On a side note, I don't get this notion that he feels some responsibility to carry the prog torch forward, and I hope it isn't a factor in his doing these tours.

    I think it has less to do with him having “no conviction in his own new material” and more to do with the fact that Second’s Out takes up the majority of the set.

    But if he had that confidence in his new stuff he'd tour it properly, he wouldn't choose to do a token couple of tracks and get them hurriedly out of the way before focusing on an entire 44-year old album by his old band.

    I like the "imperfections" (tempo, playing...) or small differences given by a live recording over the studio version. It is something that modern tours, because of programmed cues for video or lightening, usually lack.


    Bloody hell, bands have lightning on stage?! 😛

    I find that despite the programming and sequencing etc, in my experience there are still enough of those differences, quirks, imperfections etc to distinguish gigs from each other. Probably less so with an experienced well-oiled machine like Genesis admittedly.

    In common with some here I love this album. The Lamb is my favourite, this is 2nd. My top 2 Genesis albums are possibly the two most divisive ones they did. What does that say about me?!

    In a way I sort of get that it's paradoxical. It was a hugely important album in their evolution, maybe their boldest. Yet on tour they quickly abandoned it, which might be to do with the other main contradictory thing about it for me. Oddly for an album with a starker spacier sound most of its tracks translated badly on stage apart from Dodo and, most obviously, the title track which became a fiery piece of taut storming rock. By the time of its final outing in 87 it was one of the strongest things in their set, the only one from this album to far outshine its studio original.

    The minimalist packaging added to the right-angled turn they made. Major kudos to them for realising they were starting to repeat themselves and so ripping up the script and starting afresh.

    Dearie me, this bizarre mix of home team first

    sometimes. And occasionally referring to the city, but other times the nickname only. You can confuse a stupid person with no NFL knowledge, you know! 🤔

    Anyway - and I'm defiantly putting the home team first ALL THE TIME:

    Pittsburgh 30 Vegas 15

    Ind 19 LAR 29

    Carolina 20 NO 24

    LAC 25 Dallas 32

    Seattle 32 Tenn 26

    Baltimore 23 KC 28

    Miami 20 Buff 24

    Yeah, I just edited (BIG WARNING !!!!!) my two previous messages to warn people that usapcfan seems to know something, I hope it will be sufficient...

    Not my fault, but still, I'm sorry...

    Thanks, and also well done on your much more even-tempered response to usapcfan than mine!

    Luckily I've programmed my eyes to instantly avert at the very nanosecond they see anything remotely setlisty-looking. All I saw was reference to a song already seen in a teaser video anyway.

    All I did was list the songs that have been performed (Production Rehearsal on Thursday and Production Rehearsal on Saturday) on the current tour that have a Drum machine track or a pre record. It was for informative purposes only given the comments above by Rael and Duke of Earl of Mar. Doesnt have anything to do with the quality of drummer - Nic is outstanding - I was just merely stating some facts about which songs had pre records or drum machine tracks.

    In terms of the difference between pre-records and drum machines - JHKM has a pre record, so does Land of Confusion (Sorry missed that off the list earlier). One is pre recorded instrumentation - synth bass line in LOC and the other is a drum machine pattern, think the other songs. Hope this helps.

    Great job of possible setlist spoilering there despite clear guidance from the moderator.