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    Very positive review of the recent release.

    Interesting, some bits I don't fully agree with but some notable takes too. I like this comment regarding the 5-man era:

    Even at their most busy, Genesis at this time balanced their outward flamboyance with a razor-sharp instinct for when to pull back as a group.

    I look forward to reactions to the description 'synthpop'. Come on guys.

    I agree with the general sentiments above, it's a moving and emotional song with a very touching lyric seemingly about growing older and the possibility of dementia.

    It's a track for which I'm not sure I see the value of different mixes, and I certainly can't imagine it being like the penultimate segment all the way through as suggested. But if there be different mixes let's see what they're like.

    I do kind of see a Newmanesque quality in it but as FeelItComing said that can only be a good thing.

    I've always liked this a lot. It has a great feel and movement and I really like the typically Banksy shifting piano line under "It's too easy to live like clockwork..." Yes the song is upbeat, poppy and has the brass but bits like that slightly askew piano line distinguish it and underline that this is Genesis (see also No Reply). When some fans complain about them "becoming a pop band", as happens on this board, apart from the general absurdity of that viewpoint I'm reminded of songs like this - no doubt the sort of thing they're referring to - and how they brought a touch of sophistication to them that was entirely their own.

    I don't remember the pic disc but did have the picture sleeve aping the Beatles. Some people I was at school with took it completely seriously and complained about it being a rip-off, not spotting it was an affectionate homage.

    I remember hearing a few years back the full studio version, ie coming to its complete end, not fading out, and much preferred it. I thought they overused fadeouts.

    I always love seeing Genesis fans taking stuff written about the band and picking it apart at the sub-atomic level. In this case, some bloke or other doing his top 10 list. It's what this forum was created for! 😂

    On the excellent UK archive channel Talking Pictures I've been watching repeats of drama series Crown Court. Any brits of similar age to me remember this? It used to air during the afternoon on ITV (1972-84) and for usually 3 episodes would depict a court case, ending with the verdict. I never knew this at the time and only later realised that the jury in each trial was a real one, with members of the public, independently reaching their verdict based on the drama played out before them. I gather that two script endings would be written for each case to account for the possible outcomes. Which might explain one episode I recall, in which the jury foreman stands and is asked by the Clerk, "Has the jury reached a verdict?" to which the foreman answered "No" and the episode ended right there! Presumably because a 'no verdict' script hadn't been written.

    I was at school in the 1970s so wouldn't usually see Crown Court. But I was very ill and away from school for a few months and that was when I got hooked. So seeing it now brings back strong memories of that time, sitting on the couch and waiting to see how each case panned out, wearing my 'ill jumper' - this is the jumper you only ever wear when you're off sick from school (it was Andy Partridge of XTC who articulated this in a Sounds interview in around 1983, I realised he was right and it stuck in my mind).

    It featured a number of stalwarts of British TV including some who later went on to greater fame, so it's good fun spotting some very familiar faces.

    Other notes on Crown Court - it was one of the rare shows that had a different opening and end theme tune, with an austere and slightly forbidding opening theme, but a gentle melodic end theme. Also, the fictional court was located in equally fictional 'Fulchester' which later became the setting for many of the cartoons and spoof features in Viz.

    Well - I didn't mean that in a positive or negative way - I just thought it was amusing that fans spend all this time carping about what is / isn't in the set, but from a more mainstream perspective, it's just a box set of good music from a classic rock band. And that, I suppose, is exactly the audience this set is aimed at.

    The fans carping feels like a bigger issue than it is because a tiny number of us on this board have filled a thread with carping. It'd be fair to argue that fans not on this board will have similar feelings, perhaps expressing them elsewhere but even then it's not a music publication's job to cover that in a review. In that sense, probably your last couple of comments above are accurate in that UCR quite rightly have simply taken the box set on its own merits without exploring any issues around it.

    When you're on the phone to someone who's eating while talking - yeggghhhhh.

    Talking through a mouthful of food while chewing and slurping is always horrible but when it's on the other end of the phone it amplifies it so much it's like they're spitting their slurry of semi-masticated gloop directly into your ear.

    Last week on a train I saw someone a few seats away inflicting this on someone. Phone to his ear, with his free hand he spooned pasta salad from a tub, then some kind of creamy stodgy dessert before proceeding to crunch his way through an apple, all the while loudly yapping into his phone (and no doubt encrusting it with a spray of airborne food sludge).

    Ffs some people shouldn't be allowed out in public until they learn how a civilised society functions. If I'd been on the other end of that call, after his first two spoonfuls of pasta I'd have told him to hang the fuck up, finish his food - ALL OF IT - then call back.