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    😆. I have always preferred wish you were here and animals (and on some level I enjoy meddle and the division bell as much or more also). But I can see how DSOTM is the iconic one. I also find it hard to imagine how it sounded to listeners in 1973, when there were much fewer tools for making aural magic happen in the studio.

    I completely get its iconic status and recognise the achievement. It's just one of those ones that overall doesn't excite me much. I think Brain Damage/Eclipse is a powerful ending, Us & Them is great dreamy texturing and the line "Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way" might be Waters's finest lyrical moment.

    I'm not much of a PF fan generally. If I listen to anything I'm most lijeky to visit Meddle (Fearless is a favourite) ir, as you say, TDB.

    I saw them in London in 94 when they did the whole of Dark Side.

    For reasons I can't explain I got slightly choked up watching that video, especially for Steve's solo. I have heard FOF countless times of course. But watching someone ELSE see it for the first time, and enjoy it, made it hit home even more on this occasion.

    I did too, exactly as you describe.

    I am not a fan AT ALL of the guitar solo he has tacked on to the end of Supper's Ready. It is just so "un-Steve" and in my opinion detracts from the natural drama at the end of that masterpiece of a song.

    Good summing-up of why I dsilike it so much. The 'Eggs' segment is exactly the length it needs to be to bring the song to its perfect conclusion. Not only does his solo over-extend the segment and therefore dilute the impact of the ending, it's doing it by means of a solo that goes against everything that has made him such a singularly good guitarist.


    As for reaction videos, it struck me a while back that every reaction video I was watching was overwhelming positive, with the "reactor" gesticulating in awe over how great (fill in the blank) song is, which of course leads to the inevitable hundreds of "thumbs up" from fans of the band and pleas that the reactor do (this other song) by the same band. At least in the case of this particular video I do get the sense that the person doing the reacting is both qualified and genuine.

    Interesting point. It's what I assume leads some to suspect the videos are staged, or at least partly. Maybe there are negative reaction vids, we just haven't seen them or they get hidden out of wariness of a tsunami of angry responses! You know how irate rock fans can get at the slightest criticism of their idols.

    Another band whose early period I don't know that well. I got into Simple Minds primarily with Sparkle In the Rain. More stuff to explore.

    The first album (two of which are on my list) is quite punky in feel but from the second album they became much more electro/new-wave/synthy. In 2012 they did a tour playing only stuff from the first 5 albums and it was absolute bliss for me, the best SM gig I've seen. Those albums are an intrinsic part of my teenage music listening. Changeling sums it all up for me which is why I gave it pride of place as my 'album' closer.

    In all honesty I wasn't going to watch this, mainly as I'm a bit tired of 'reaction' videos (which is to do with me, not the videos). But I caved, watched and enjoyed it. Her reactions are clear and well-expressed.

    But most of all, it was fascinating and quite moving to hear her say one particular thing. I've always liked Hackett's guitar work, especially in Genesis, for its economy, clean lines and its ability to convey a story - in fact, the way it often sounds like a voice. That on first listen to the FoF solo, one of the best things he ever did, she is prompted to say it's like an actual voice and thus articulate my own long-held thoughts was a real pleasure for me to hear. (One of the things that saddens me about Hackett's current work is his abandonment of his old clean, pencil-sketch approach - the ridiculous protracted noodling he now does at the end of Supper's Ready is the antithesis of what once distinguished him from other rock guitarists).

    This reaction video does more to make me hear the song afresh than most of this type. One unfortunate thing: the off-screen bloke's stupid question at the end, "So - Beatles or Genesis?" She handles it in a dignified and fair way, more so than it deserved.

    The Beatles mention refers to her having done this same process with a few of their songs as she has never listened to any before. I watched one where she does Strawberry Fields, which is similarly interesting. She had previously done She's Leaving which I haven't watched yet but will.

    But I don't feel very inspired to watch many others. There's a quite a reliance on Floyd and one or two other bands I'm not very interested in so I hope she does some more Beatles and Genesis soon. The only other one that appealed to me was Rush's La Villa Strangiato but annoyingly they give her the inferior live version to analyse, not the much better, more textured and nuanced studio original.

    Simple Minds. I've focused on my favourite period of theirs by far, the first five albums. I could do at least one more whole album drawn from this phase.

    Calling Your Name

    Thirty Frames A Second

    Sons And Fascination

    No Cure

    Today I Died Again

    Sweat In Bullet

    Real To Real

    King Is White And In The Crowd

    Sad Affair

    Capital City

    Theme For Great Cities


    I didn't know this so listened to it just now. I approach all his stuff of the last 10 years or so with trepidation as I rarely like any of it and sadly this is no different. Terrible noodling intro sounding like a mash-up of the Abominable Dr Phibes and Soft Machine having a bad day, followed by some standard rock slop of the kind he's done way too much of. The bits where it sounds a little like a re-hash of Slogans work best.

    Further to the sales are disappointing narrative, yesterday I heard an advert promoting the tour... on Moray Firth Radio, my local regional station in the Scottish Highlands. Alongside ads for Raddery Sawmill, Dingwall Motors and Macleod's Farm Equipment. Hey maybe it's leading up to a big announcement PG is adding a new date at the Black Isle Showground. (Well, Toyah's playing there so why not him? He and her hubby go way back).

    The ad featured various live snippets including Sledgehammer and Solsbury Hill and prefaced with "At last... the wait is over!"