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    You didn't just diss the individual responsible for this?! The man's clearly a genius (and probably the best vocalist in history, although I confess I've never heard a syllable he's uttered, sung or spoken).

    Ah yes, I keep forgetting about that. I feel chastened and contrite.

    As staggering as that image is in various ways, I always hone in on the... whatever it is... on his head.

    And if Tony and Mike REALLY don’t want to bring Peter or Ray back they could always get Martin Levac. The fella sounds exactly like Phil. Not saying that I want them to do that, just pointing out that they COULD. How would y’all feel if they got Levac? I’d personally prefer a Gabriel and Hackett reunion with Chester on drumming duty.. regardless I don’t think either’s gonna happen

    I don't know ML but wouldn't be averse to a line-up with a substitute singer as long as it wasn't Sylvan.

    There are two OutKast songs in the top 50, and no Pink Floyd ones? I like OutKast, but what the hell kind of list is this? Smells Like Teen Spirit is in the top 10 or something, but the Pixies song it's derived from (Gouge Away) isn't in the top 50. Or maybe not even the top 500, I'm not bothered looking through the whole thing.

    And how will we ever know what the 501st best song of all time is 🥺??

    As was said earlier, these lists are meaningless.

    Doubly so when Rolling Stone are involved. First consideration for them is "does it give us street cred?" ;)

    Yes! I was counting down in my head to your RS "cool/street cred" comment. You were slack off the mark there. Come on!

    I don't think including Floyd is especially street. As with all mags who do these ridiculous pointless lists, the sole motivation is "it's been a while since we did one of those Top 10 Million type of lists, s'pose we'd better do one, dunno, songs or something."

    It would be not much less stupid, but slightly more interesting and challenging, if they went the other way and did a Top 3 or even Top 1.

    Yes I too sometimes think back to never knowing what a band would play at pretty much any point in a tour. It's slightly alleviated by those few bands who make significant setlist changes from one show to the next.

    And yes, avoid this board!

    Oh don't worry, from 2359 on Sunday I'm going nowhere near this board! All the same -

    We will try to make sure the stlist won't be visible publically anywhere else than the Spoilers thread / or a show reports thread that will be marked as such.

    - excellent idea and good to know.

    Might dig up a bit of Mansun too while I'm at it!

    All of a sudden! Talking about 90s stuff prompted that, I suppose? I still think Wide Open Space is one of the best songs from that period, it does that thing really good songs can do, of having a real feeling of tension. I always liked Take It Easy Chicken as well. I think they were about to go on tour before touring ceased to be.

    I like them. I first remember them from the infamous Steve Lamacq interview and Richey Edwards's disturbing self-harming incident. If it was intended to make them visible, it certainly worked with me. I remained not too aware of their music beyond some singles and their controversial appearances on Top Of The Pops eg performing Faster (a favourite track of mine) with JDB wearing an IRA-style balaclava. On one hand I saw it as young musicians' attention-seeking flourishes, which I always think is fair enough - it's on the same spectrum as batwings and flower masks - but did like what I heard.

    I suppose my awareness increased with Edwards's disappearance and then the huge success of Everything Must Go. I kept up with them after that but in the last few years have lost interest, as what I heard started sounding too samey. I saw them twice, first about 12 years ago, they did a tour of smaller venues and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Then they did a support slot for Doves on a Heavenly Records show, as they released their earliest work on the label, and that was a good show too. For anyone who's ever quite liked them but never seen them play live, I recommend it.

    Their lyrics are often pretty overwrought but they have a knack for shouty hooks and tuneful guitar lines. I think Motorcycle Emptiness is a great song with lovely peaks and valleys of guitar. Probably my favourite album would be The Holy Bible.

    Haha, I know. I wish I was joking. It really wasn't what I expected (or wanted). He omitted the middle keyboard section, and his own lovely solo parts. No idea what he was thinking.

    If there was a single person watching who thought "the seconds out version is all very well, but THIS is what it should sound like", I'd be very surprised.

    I rarely like that instrument except in a few rare cases. This sounds like a ridiculous idea. I'm reminded of his W&W tour in which Inside & Out, to which I'd been most looking forward, was ruined by a stupid tootling flute solo during the instrumental passage. It was one of a number of things about that show that made me resolve to not bother with any more of his Genesis tours.