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    It was discussed in the Genesis in the Media thread. A couple of us watched it (myself included). It was certifiably awful. So bad it was embarrassing. What’s the old saying: there goes an hour of my life I’ll never get back.

    But the discussion gave me a good few belly laughs, so there is that. I'm still determined to see it in the hope it matches that KYTV clip I posted, for sheer entertaining awfulness value.

    EDIT - PS: Someone else say something. On the dashboard as I write this the first 7 threads all have my name after them.

    Just when you thought the Huckleberry Dumbbells couldn’t get any more Huckleberry Dumbbell: Mississippi health officials are dealing with a large number of people who took Invermectin, which is designed to treat cattle, believing it would protect them from Covid.

    A large number, eh? Are they herding them together? Well I suppose they've got to grab this thing by the horns.

    Seems appropriate that people who talk and believe bullshit should take cattle meds.

    that is disgusting that you feel satisfaction in this case. apart from that we have no proof of anything what you want to tell us here with that propagandistic bullshit. only proof I see is what kind of person you are.

    Put your handbag back down, Shirley Shrieky. All he said was that he'd repeatedly told them they'd be better off getting vaccinated. He said he feels some satisfaction having made that suggestion, while hating to learn how ill they now are and acknowledging it was their choice to ignore his and others' advice. The one demonstrating what sort of person they are here is you, with your hysterical overreaction and very poor attempt at self-righteousness.

    Don’t be silly!


    Oh man, thank you. Pure distilled essence of irony. You should bottle that!

    That is true for thewatcher's post which shows the typical reaction of that group of people who only check things when it's too late (or never). I will have no pity for that minority anyway.

    Your posts all sound like they should be accompanied by wonky fairground music.

    This time next month the first 3 shows of the tour will hopefully be done and dusted with everyone safe and sound

    Seems on track as we speak.

    [boring dream reference]

    I dreamt they released a setlist and I was miffed I accidentally saw one. All I can remember was it appeared to be in 2 sections and opened with Behind the Lines/Duchess

    [/boring dream reference]

    Guy Garvey playing Entangled on his BBC 6Music show as I write this, he introduced it saying it was a favourite track from his childhood and means a lot to everyone in Elbow and he dedicated it to them.

    GG again including Genesis in his show today, this time the Seconds Out version of Carpet Crawlers which he said he listened to incessantly when growing up, describing it as practically a "lullaby".

    That his childhood memory is of the Seconds Out version was reflected in his twice referring to it as 'The Carpet Crawl' as per the bizarre SO mis-titling we've mentioned before on the forum.

    Also, the great, sadly late Geoffrey Perkins, who, among many other things, produced the Classic, Father Ted.

    And of course was producer on the groundbreaking Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. His recollections of making that show are a joy to read and shows him being very upfront about how, as a young recently graduated producer, he didn't really know what he was doing. But writer Douglas Adams reassured him by admitting that he, too, had no idea either.

    This isn't specifically Sean Lock, but is a clip from QI featuring him among the panellists and is one of my favourite bits from that show, and he makes a couple of his characteristically amusing contributions. I haven't watched the above video, so apologies if this clip featured in it.

    Various performers have been making very heartfelt tributes to him, he was well-liked in the industry.

    Why is "number" abbreviated as "no"? When there is no "o" in number?

    I think that as with a lot in the English language it's derived from Latin, in this case numero and it was common to use the first and last letters as an abbreviation (a practice carried through in words such as doctor)

    or 20,000 Afghans!...=O


    If they worked for the US, Brits or anyone else involved in the Allied war effort there I’d welcome them. It’s the least we can do.

    What the US and UK have done, and what is happening now, are beyond disgraceful and beyond words.

    Anyway, back to the weather.

    A friend in NY was freaked out by receiving an official hurricane warning text message advising citizens to make all necessary arrangements to "preserve life". However she reports that little has happened so far and all is well, thank goodness.

    (whispers almost inaudibly)

    I hope the tour goes ahead and I refuse to pour endless amounts of cynicism over it. If it IS postponed again, OK. Is there any need to keep saying so?

    Just letting off steam because there seems to be a concerted effort to bring everyone down. And we really don't need any more of that.

    No need to whisper it, you're absolutely right but this is an internet forum and in common with band forums I've experienced elsewhere every individual molecule of everything to do with a tour will be relentlessly picked over in forensic detail.

    We previously had the incessant "don't expect it to be any good because, you know, Phil's voice..." which thankfully tailed off so perhaps "but blah blah blah postponement" has moved in to fill that vacuum.

    New pet peeve.

    Walking down stairs behind someone who is walking downstairs very (very) slowly because their eyes are glued to their phone. Must. Not. Push. PUT YOUR FUCKING PHONE DOWN YOU FUCKING FUCK!!!

    ....and breathe....

    For me this and variations of it is now a well-established peeve.

    Over 12 years ago I was leaving a theatre but had to stop in the exit behind a woman who stood there gazing at her phone. After a few moments I politely said "excuse me". She turned, glared at me and tutted. GLARED AND TUTTED. Well that was it, all politeness instantly evaporated. I leaned forward and shouted right into her face "YOU'RE BLOCKING THE BLOODY DOOR YOU STUPID PHONE ZOMBIE".

    A few years later I had the exact same exchange with someone blocking a shop door. And yes have had plenty of experiences of being stuck behind the slow-moving phone-hypnotised.

    We nearly ran over someone wandering into the road, staring fixedly at their phone. It was only Mrs Backdrifter's lightning reflexes that stopped it being potentially messy.

    I was heartened to read of someone so dazedly fixated on their phone they walked off the edge of a quay. I can laugh with impunity as they were unharmed while hopefully being soaked through with dirty water and feeling like a total idiot.

    Dinner was Thai chicken panang using a Blue Dragon kit and some of my usual embellishments, steamed rice, glass of cold ginger ale with fresh lime. Delicious, spicy and rich with coconut milk. Though I'm very much a make-from-fresh guy the Blue Dragon kits are very good. We've had this, pad thai and pho kits, all excellent.