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    New Faulty Towers confirmed by John Cleese with his daughter.

    Is this true? If so, it's a truly terrible sounding idea.

    PS: Fawlty

    EDIT: Ah shite, just checked and yes it's true. He and his daughter will write and star in it, based on Fawlty and his recently discovered daughter running a hotel together. It's being exec-produced by Rob Reiner.

    Strictly speaking this shouldn't be in What Have You Watched thread as none of us will watch it for some time.

    …and it won’t until the 3 CDs are released!


    Look! There they are! Glittering with rehearsally goodness....


    There was a never-ending thread called “Re-selling Tickets”. However, it didn’t stay that way…for hundreds and hundreds of pages. 😆 It was one of the greatest collectively-written stream-of-consciousness threads I have ever seen on the Internet, bar none. After a short while, the only thing that wasn’t mentioned on it was the reselling of tickets.

    Will that happen here? (Or will the 3 CDs come out first?)

    Ah well you've given us a goal now....

    You cannot have everything.

    Oh I think you'll find our persistent thread host begs to differ. Not only can, but SHOULD.

    He's crowbarred Margaret Thatcher into a thread about releasing Genesis rehearsals. Come on, this is someone who knows about having everything.

    I've no doubt that between posts here, he's on a literary forum somewhere demanding that his favourite authors' preliminary rough notes, scribblings and crossings-out are published in deluxe leatherback.

    I like them both so far. No they're not Intruder, San Jacinto or Signal To Noise, but no tracks are, other than those tracks. I look forward to the album and am keenly anticipating the two shows I'll hopefully be seeing.

    I sense a mix of desperation and drama behind the disappointment being expressed. Genesis are gone, obviously long since in terms of recording, and now retired as a live band. Collins now seemingly retired, Banks showing no signs of doing anything else, Rutherford touring his band who aren't exactly everyone's favourite, me included. Hackett, aside from his ongoing re-heating of Genesis stuff live, has given us at least 12 years of insipid rock bilge.

    So it's hardly surpising people are edge-of-seatly anticipating a two-decades-long-awaited new PG album and this is inflating people's expectations and pitching them very high. It's not going to be peak PG but that doesn't mean it won't be worth hearing.

    That gave me a proper laugh! The poor marketing people...

    Simultaneous hiring and firing.

    "Great to have you here, welcome on board. This'll be your desk here. Hey most importantly, kitchen's there, toilets just down the corridor there on the left. OK, now we've covered that, meet Stewart here, he's with our security team. He'll show you straight out. I'm sorry, this is never easy and there's no nice way to do this so just grab your things, hand your pass in at the desk and leave. Now."

    Maybe the gap between hiring and firing is so infinitesimal they co-exist in both states. Oh my god they're Schrödinger's marketing team!

    I've actually always found it strange when people say they don't like a song because of the lyrics or they find a particular turn of phrase pretentious, silly or non-sensical, and that ruins the song for them.

    In my case with this song, to be clear, the line I quoted doesn't ruin the song for me. The song ruins the song. Music, lyrics, everything

    In the case of the lyrics I quoted above though, they could have been written by a 4 year old. At least Adrian Mole was 13 3/4!

    Then well done that 4yo. It's still better than Banks's bargain-bin philosophising!

    those who deal with marketing in this team (marketing directors, their subordinates) - should simply leave their positions.

    I didn't imagine this thread, as screechy as it is, would reach the point of calling for people to lose their jobs


    you have to fight for everything, drill yourself, search. I do exactly the same at work and I get results.


    Bloody hell. We're talking about a band's rehearsals. That are already available. You make it sound like someone struggling to escape from an oppressive regime!

    I never liked this one, consequently I haven't heard it for decades so I just reacquainted myself with it and still don't like it. Yes PC sounds good but that's about it for me. Banks at his most ponderous - "Beware the fisherman..." and PC having to sing the dramatic line-ending "...BUT whereas" 😖. Where others find it lovely and atmospheric I find it lugubrious and heavy-handed. The feel of the music and some of the melody line in the 'chorus' sections is quite nice but just a pity it's buried in this song, and those bridging sections into it, eg after "smoky atmosphere" are awful twee winsome noodlings which sum up the textures I've always liked least about Genesis. The song remains a must-skip on this album.

    I already know I'll likely be the lone dissenting voice on this one. In that sense this is Duke's Mad Man Moon for me.