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    Wouldn't surprise me if these re-arranged dates were already being held for insurance purposes - especially with the additional dates they've now been able to add - in case the initial dates had to be cancelled for some reason. Although who could have forseen Covid.

    I wonder if for legal and contractual reasons they're then obliged to move to these dates even if the feeling is the Covid situation may not have changed enough by then? The question then is what options are left open to them if these dates then fall by the wayside. Will there be another set of dates now in place as further insurance or will they have to pull to the plug?

    The idea of reverting to stadiums might be a good one but then availability and number required would become a factor to cater for everyone with an existing ticket without having to scrap the whole tour and start again.

    Being born in the 70's I've been aware of The Beatles and the individual members all of my life but never really gone out of my way to listen to them. Of course it didn't mean I didn't hear them on the radio, TV, films or being covered by other artists so it was hard to not be at least familiar with some of their output.

    However it wasn't until the 2010 reissues of the Red and Blue albums that I decided to dip a toe in and buy some of their albums. For quite a while I thought this was all The Beatles I needed. This changed one day in late 2019 when I saw several of their studio albums going cheap in my local Sainsbury's: Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt Pepper, Abbey Road and Let It Be. At this point I knew enough that Sgt Pepper was not only revered as one of, if not the best, albums by the group themselves but also possibly of all time. Based on that I thought it was worth a punt as my first Fab Four studio album proper.

    Long story short, I loved it and decided it was worth taking a chance on the other albums I'd seen too. Enjoyed them just as much although found Let It Be to be a bit of a come down from what went before. Although further reading lead me to realise this was not much of a surprise. Anyway, from here I quickly picked up the White Album as the missing main album in the run of albums I now had. For about a month I immersed myself in this new found music when HMV had a price crash on Beatles albums. Striking quickly I picked up all the missing studio albums plus Past Masters.

    I've been enjoying them ever since. Key takeaways for me which may seem obvious were that I finally better understood why The Beatles have the reputation they have. I was aware of it, of course, but without really immersing myself in the music I had no way of understanding exactly what influence they had. I'd always been wary of people my age or younger who would state that The Beatles were the best band ever in their opinion. I'd always wonder whether they had truly come to that opinion themselves or were they influenced by what history told us. Having worked my way through their catalogue I got it. Not only did I now appreciate how they developed in such a short period of time but I also realised how - from Rubber Soul onwards at least - what they were doing to resonate into other post-Beatles bands I was a fan of - both subtlely and not so subtlely - in terms of the range of song writing, album construction and sound. Rubber Soul particularly seems to me to be the major blue-print for Brit Pop which wouldn't happen for another 30 years.

    Went for an evening walk along the prom yesterday to get some exercise in lockdown shuffle.

    includes 3 bonus tracks

    A Thousand Years - Sting

    Modern Love - David Bowie
    Puss N Boots - Adam Ant

    The Hounds Of Winter - Sting

    Suger Daddy - Fleetwood Mac

    Mr. Blue Sky - ELO

    Hot Night - Laura Brannigan

    Island Girl - Elton John

    With A Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker

    I Want Love - Elton John

    Love Me Do - The Beatles

    Shadow Endeavours - a-ha

    Legend In My Living Room - Annie Lennox

    A Great Day For Freedom - Pink Floyd

    Sowing The Seeds Of Love - Tears For Fears

    After a lot of messing about, 2 near misses and a fortunate piece of timing I managed to get couple of cheap seats at the back at Leeds 2nd night. Was a price I was happy to pay so don't mind the location although even within individual sections the pricing seemed bizarre. Too many special tickets with extras I feel.

    I properly got into Genesis after the We Can't Dance tour had already ended and was looking forward to their next release only for Phil to quit the band. I ended up getting the Congo single but I wasn't as enthused about the CAS line-up so had no inclination to see them live. I was just left picking up the remainder of the back catalogue and any other new releases they put out. I assumed I'd missed my chance of seeing Phil with the band but I promised myself that in the unlikely event he ever returned and toured I would get tickets to see it without hesitation.

    I made good on that promise by going to the Old Trafford gig in 2007. Still the best gig I've been to - not that I've been to many.

    Had a look at Leeds via Live Nation at 9:45 this morning and it showed four tiers of ticket prices. 1 being closest to stage and 4 furthest away:

    1. 183

    2. 136

    3. 90ish

    4. 69ish.

    Thought 3 or 4 seemed reasonable - especially with all the concerns regarding what Phil will be able to so - but unable to find any mulitiple tickets together as possibly a group of 4 of us wanting to go. Best I could bring up was single tickets in Tier 1. Really not sure I'm willing to pay 150% more than I paid for Old Trafford in 2007 - which was the first time I'd managed to see them live - so I didn't take it any further other than letting the rest of my group know the price.

    Had a look again a bit later at 11:30 to see if anything had changed. It had, now it was easy to find blocks of four tickets but the prices had rocketed. Tier 1-3 is £183, most of Tier 4 is £136 although some Platinum tickets in the same area are £161. Last looked about 20mins ago and nothing much has changed. At the minute waiting to see what the rest of my group are going to do. I might suck it and see if they all go but if left to own devices I may give it a miss happy in the knowledge I got the see the Genesis I know best in 2007.

    I've also noticed there are 2 day gaps between each gig. I wonder if there potentially there are some reserve dates in there in case extra nights need to be added to meet demand?

    Not easy and not a reflection on artistic merit, but based on what I tend to enjoy returning to most (for whatever reasons) and how I feel today I would go with:


    A Trick Of The Tail

    We Cant Dance


    Invisible Touch

    The Lamb

    Selling England

    Wind & Wuthering



    And Then There Were Three

    Nursery Cryme

    Calling All Stations


    From Genesis To Revelation

    Haven't done this for a long time. Let's see what happens.....

    The supposedly "Songs Only" shuffle.

    Elton John - Are You Ready For Love?

    Queen - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

    Sting - It's Probably Me

    John Barry - Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [inst. version].

    Queen - Another Bites The Dust [Live - '81]

    Genesis - Invisible Touch [Live - Old Trafford '07]

    Peter Gabriel - Wallflower

    A-ha - Stay On These Roads [Extended Remix]

    Phil Collins - Two Hearts

    John Williams - A Thought For Marion/To Nepal

    Through the 1980's I was probably more aware of Phil Collins than I was of Genesis. I have a vague memory of someone bringing the Invisible Touch tape into school on the last day of term and no-one wanting to listen to it. Following that I didn't really become aware of Genesis until the release of We Can't Dance. I remember the title track being everywhere and my friends doing the walk. I eventually ended up getting a 'copy' of the album from my Dad in 1992 - he lived abroad at this time and I had no idea what other Genesis albums he may have had.

    After that I slowly made my way back through their catalogue. I had got as far the Shapes album when a mate brought a rock compilation round with a previously unknown to me Genesis track on it. Or so I thought. The track was Turn It On Again. The title meant nothing to me but when I heard it I had a sense of hearing it before but couldn't place where. A bit of research told me it came from an album called Duke. I bought it on CD. The cover immediately appealed to me but it was when I listened to it that a connection was finally made. Whilst I couldn't sing along to it, it sounded familiar and the more I looked through the artwork I began to realise why. I'd heard it before, probably not long after it was released. Memories were awoken of when I used to sit with my Dad listening to music and in this particular case being sat crossed legged on the floor with the LP sleeve in my lap taking in the cartoons whilst trying to read to lyrics!

    At this point I had WCD, the two associated live albums, IT, Shapes and Duke. Having invested in a Genesis bio I could now start filling in the gaps. Abacab was next along with several of Phil's albums. PG's Us, So and Secret World Live also got picked up in this time. However, working backwards the changes in their sound seems more radical than it does working forwards. I wasn't initially taken with And Then There Were Three and returned it. I borrowed The Lamb and Trick from the library. I liked bits of them but decided that for now I had all the Genesis I needed. I also came to realise that having found Genesis I wasn't going to be able to see them live - or at least the line-up I'd fallen in love with - as Phil left the group. I took a chance on the Congo single. Even liked it. But it wasn't the same.

    In 1998 I borrowed Archive 1968-75 from the library. Suddenly The Lamb spoke to me (at least the individual songs if not the concept) although not enough to go out and buy it. I may have taped the first 2 discs and possibly some of the 3rd. I apologise! I then picked up Hits and Archive 2. Eventually I would take a chance on The Lamb again and also invested in Seconds Out and this helped bring me into 70's Genesis. Slowly, in a mostly random and forgotten order the gaps I had in my collection were filled including buying my own Archive 1! Still, didn't think I'd ever get to see Phil with them again until the Turn It On Again tour was announced and I didn't hesitate. I only saw them once, at Old Trafford, but at this point that's enough. As someone who doesn't go to a lot of live gigs, having several songs from that gig appear on the official live album from the tour is still amazing to me.

    "The Brazilian": I've read somewhere - possibly the Bowler and Dray biog - that it was started by Tony sampling Phil AND Mike playing together then all 3 jammed over the top of the loop.

    "Hold On My Heart": Definitely seen Tony quoted as saying he deliberately wrote this a Phil-type song. Not clear if he was referring to the music or the lyrics.

    My one and only Genesis concert was at Manchester 2007.

    Had only got into the band properly shortly after We Can't Dance had been released although I was oblivious to any touring going on. As my interest grew I was looking forward to the next release and the possibility of seeing them live, then they announced Phil had left the band. Whilst I accepted that didn't mean the end of Genesis and I even picked up the Congo single, it wasn't the same as Phil's voice and drumming had been a major part of what drew me to them. Of course Genesis was mothballed shortly thereafter and then the rumours began. I vowed that if Phil ever rejoined and they ever did live gigs, I would be there.

    Still look back on the entire day of the gig itself with great fondness now. Living on the east coast I had to drive south-west for about 2.5 hours to pick up my Dad who was flying back into the UK from holiday. Possibly heard the Live Earth performance on the radio although it is one of the few things I can't remember for sure. Me and my Dad then had to travel back north for about an hour or so to get to Manchester. I remember parking in the grounds of a school and the walk to Old Trafford, getting the tour merchandise, finding our seats on the pitch, the sun slowing falling behind the end of the stadium where the stage was (and making early use of my souvenir Genesis cap to keep the sun out of my eyes). The gig itself of course and then the slow walk out back to the car and the drive to my Dad's house.

    Was really hoping they'd give it a 2nd go with a revised set-list but it wasn't to be and of course now will never likely to be now.