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    Been slowly working my way through the box since it arrived yesterday. Enjoying it for what it is, a selection of live tracks from across their history. Would I have liked at least one complete show? Yes, Lyceum would have been nice. Would I have liked a slightly different choice of Wembley tracks? Yes, Abacab and Tonight, Tonight, Tonight if deemed worthy enough for release would have been good as they are particular favourites of mine.

    However, I'm getting into it and especially with the Wembley stuff I'm surprised by how atmospheric the mix is. In parts you can actually hear the crowd singing along with Phil and not just the call and response stuff. Talking of mix, there is no mention of this on the booklet despite what some of the advertising stated. So unless Nick has secretly tweaked some stuff I'm guessing everything is as broadcast by the BBC. So presumably, for the live stuff at least, either the BBC mixed it themselves from their own multitrack recording or they just got a straight stereo feed from the desk. I also presume part of the deal of using the BBC logo is that the material is effectively as is, any remixing would mean it was not as broadcast.

    One thing I will ask is what does 2nd Home By The Sea sound like to anyone else. Specifically during Mike's guitar solo. Can't make my mind up if the CD is glitching, if there is a glitch on the recording or there was glitching as Mike performed the solo?

    I'm curious about that too. I initially thought they must have been together as some preliminary Division Bell tour thing, but that album wasn't released until the following year. Is it possible that release and tour were unexpectedly held up and they thought they'd be going out sooner? Either that, or one of them was asked and suggested the others.

    If they hadn't met before they may have become acquainted at the Cowdray Ruins gig where several bands played (Genesis, Pink Floyd, Queen in the form of John Deacon and Roger Taylor etc). Auxillary members helped out here and there during the gig. However from what I can find online that was about a month before the TOTP appearance. Would they just go into the studio to mime for Phil?

    I have never seen this before. Was wondering whether or not this is sung live, but I also think it is. Very powerful. The "band" is really hilarious!

    Haha. Looks like Tim Renwick on guitar and Guy Pratt on bass, wondering if the drummer is Gary Wallis. No idea who is on keyboards though.

    Think it was Turn It On Again: The Hits in 1999.

    I had started to become a fan with We Can't Dance in 1992 and was slightly behind the curve when I got The Shorts and The Longs. From that I had worked backwards to Duke. For a time that seemed to be all the Genesis I needed. ATTWT came and went back to the shop as I wasn't sold on it and taster's of The Lamb and Trick courtesy of my local library were okay but not sure. Eventually the combination of the two Archive boxsets (the 1st from the library, the 2nd I bought) tipped me over the edge to 70's Genesis.

    Reading a thread on another forum, someone commented that they heard a noticiable "click" at 17 seconds into the song "Robbery, Assault and Battery" when Phil sings ..."considered" with the Definitive Remastered Edition (1994)

    I have this DE Cd manufaturated in the US (ATCO Records 82668-2)

    and I don't hear this. I have reviewed it several times and using headphones... the click is not there.

    I guess maybe it's a matter of the European editions... has anyone found it on their cd?

    I still wonder this, because I imagine that the remaster is the same for all worldwide releases

    Yes, I can hear it on my UK issue of DE on the 'con' of 'considered. I think I remember reading something where Nick Davis confirms it too. One of his jobs on the DE series was to go through removing all the clicks and pops and that was one the one that got through. I've got all the other DE's in the series and while I'm aware of the tracking errors I don't recall any other clicks or pops.

    Ok, a totally random thought that I can't get out of my head, so I'll share it.....the Fading Lights "BAM" segue into Cinema Show certainly split opinion on this tour (mainly as it was something different and unexpected which isn't a bad thing; and it certainly jolted everyone awake!); and the DWTMK/Carpet Crawlers was a previously-tried version.....well, what if the Fading Lights section they did segued into Carpet Crawlers? Would that have worked?

    It would certainly have put two really poignant songs together as one 'piece'.

    (For what it's worth, I'd always found Carpet Crawlers a bit of a weird encore / closer...up until the last shows where it really worked well. A really poignant way to end the last shows).

    For me the medleys work best when there's contrast in moods between the sections. I actually thought the idea of Fading Lights into Cinema Show was a good one, its just that the join was a bit clunky. They probably should of done a small part of the Fading Lights instrumental before transitioning into Cinema Show.

    While I wouldn't argue they're the best Genesis live albums I went for The Longs and Live Over Europe. The Longs because along with The Shorts they were my way into Genesis post We Cant Dance. Selected Live Over Europe for the basic reason it featured several tracks from Manchester which was the first Genesis gig I went to.

    I properly got into Genesis after the We Can't Dance tour had already ended and was looking forward to their next release only for Phil to quit the band. I ended up getting the Congo single but I wasn't as enthused about the CAS line-up so had no inclination to see them live. I was just left picking up the remainder of the back catalogue and any other new releases they put out. I assumed I'd missed my chance of seeing Phil with the band but I promised myself that in the unlikely event he ever returned and toured I would get tickets to see it without hesitation.

    I made good on that promise by going to the Old Trafford gig in 2007. Still the best gig I've been to - not that I've been to many.

    I thought I'd been lucky to see one tour with Phil in the band in 2007. Can now up that to two tours after seeing them in Leeds last night.

    Quick impressions having seen the show last night. Loved it. Had tried to avoid spoilers beforehand but failed miserably by buying the CD and then seeing the documentary on Youtube (which then offered up spoilery clips of the shows themselves even if I only saw the titles). Mind you, could have been worse, could have bought (or seen someone wearing) the setlist t-shirt!

    Did have slight concerns about Phil's voice as the show started but he improved as the show went on. I have also seen it said, possibly here and elsewhere, that acclimatising to how his voice sounds now also helps. I would agree with this. The backing singers were unobstrusive and helped fill out the vocals and hold some longer notes where needed. Phil was in great form though and held the audience in the palm of his hand.

    Having only seen them live once before on the 2007 tour I was happy with the additions this tour added. I thought the acoustic section was brilliant. Going off of the CD I had wondered if Fading Lights, The Cinema Show and Afterglow would be offered up as a new kind of medley. I like the idea but I'm not sure the transitions totally worked. Maybe could used some of the Fading Lights instrumental before seguing into Cinema Show.

    While everyone on stage performed well and the sound was great (even right up the top where I was sat) there's no question that the MVP award goes to the 'boy wonder' Nic Collins. I had read good things about his playing but it was still even better than I was expecting. Probably quite rightly deserved one of the biggest cheers of the night. Of course without him there would likely be no tour.

    If this is the end - which also seems likely - then I think this is a nice way for the band to bow out.

    Wouldn't surprise me if these re-arranged dates were already being held for insurance purposes - especially with the additional dates they've now been able to add - in case the initial dates had to be cancelled for some reason. Although who could have forseen Covid.

    I wonder if for legal and contractual reasons they're then obliged to move to these dates even if the feeling is the Covid situation may not have changed enough by then? The question then is what options are left open to them if these dates then fall by the wayside. Will there be another set of dates now in place as further insurance or will they have to pull to the plug?

    The idea of reverting to stadiums might be a good one but then availability and number required would become a factor to cater for everyone with an existing ticket without having to scrap the whole tour and start again.