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    Yep I'd love something along these lines. I'd like it all on vinyl as well as CD. Would be great, for example, to have Shepherd and Pacidy on the bonus tracks LP for Trespass. If an indie band like Stereolab ( can do it for their reissues, why not a huge band like Genesis?

    Well done - I really enjoyed this - I'm not the biggest fan of CAS, but I this made me appreciate it a bit more I think. In fact I even think some of the arrangements are superior to the album versions! Standouts for me were The Dividing Line and There Must Be Some Other Way (a track I never used to like that much). Looking forward to seeing what you do with WCD!

    Growing Up Live is re-issued as a triple vinyl (see below)

    The first in the series was1983’s Plays Live which was released on August 28 on double vinyl, followed on September 25 by another double vinyl: Live In Athens 1987, which was recorded in the Greek capital on Gabriel’s tour in support of his fifth solo album, So.

    October 23 saw 1993’s Secret World arrive on 2LP, while Growing Up Live from 2003 was reissued as a triple album pressing.

    I know, I suggested this might be the cause of the confusion. But she's absolutely insistent that there were two different versions of Plays Live with exactly the same cover, but one was a heavier package with three LPs and was £26.99 and the other was two LPs and £21.99. She says she's definite about it because she stood for a while looking at them, unsure which one to get to me. In the end she got the cheaper one. It's very odd, she's not usually given to hallucinations. Then again, it HAS been a very tough year.

    Bit of an odd query - my partner has just been in a record shop to buy me the reissue of Peter Gabriel Plays Live on vinyl for Xmas. She bought the standard double vinyl edition, but she is adamant that there was also a TRIPLE vinyl version available. Same cover, sticker etc but more expensive and three LPs instead of two. The weird thing is I can't find any reference anywhere online to this version. So what's going on? Did she imagine it??

    I seem to remember that Cherry Red Records are planning some kind of ultimate edition of that album. Ant Phillips said something along those lines in an interview earlier this year (but don't ask me where to find it). So patience might be the key.

    I've tried to find the interview you mention but no luck. I hope this does happen - especially if it's mastered from original tapes and even better if it has more unreleased early demo material! I have the original vinyl (stereo - I think the 1970 repress) but no digital copy. I used to have that nice picture disc version that came out in the mid 80s - wish I'd kept it for nostalgia's sake.

    Number 3:

    The Serpent is the longest track on FGTR, but it is the shortest longest track on any Genesis album

    Shipwrecked is the shortest track on CAS, but it is the longest shortest track on any Genesis album

    I haven't actually checked this by the way!


    Excellent. I'm glad it's a misprint, and a good one too. You still instinctively understand the meaning! I never questioned it.

    I remember looking it up in the dictionary as a 13 year old - pre internet obviously! - I assumed it was some obscure technical term. Genesis always seemed so worldly to me - they seemed to know everything - even the various ways to dispose of pigeons

    Frankly, I doubt they were signed to Genesis at all. My guess is that they were signed to King's company, Jonjo, and that was signed to Decca. Common practice back then. The Moody Blues mk1 was shafted thus as they were signed to Tony Secunda's company and that was signed to Decca. The middle men, (Secunda and 3 others, inc. Alex Wharton, disappeared with the money), luckily, Decca honoured the contract, probably because they were still owed advances.

    Interesting - didn't know that

    According to the biography at the World of Genesis fansite, Genesis were originally called "From Genesis to Revelation" for their contract with Decca, and later shortened their name to Genesis before signing to Charisma.

    This is the first time I've heard or read this. It's true that the first album only has "From Genesis to Revelation" on the label, suggesting it is a self-titled album. If that's the case though, I'm surprised no-one has edited the Discogs entries for the first album to show this. All the listings currently have the artists as "Genesis".

    Does anyone else have any information on this? I'm sure I recall from the Genesis - A History video Jonathan King saying that he "named them Genesis, and the rest is history". Not that this necessarily proves anything.

    I like all three. Match of the Day is pretty daft but there's something I like about it, so innocent sounding. Pigeons is better, equally daft, but I really like that riff. I like the Beatles vibe of those two songs. Inside and Out always strikes me as Genesis "doing" Yes. It's good, and I love the instrumental ending, but it's overrated and the lyrics seem unclear. I often wonder how those tracks could be inserted into an extended W&W, but I can't seem to make them fit satisfactorily in the flow of the album.

    Here in the UK I'm not sure Design are one well-known band let alone two.

    Well, they were a bit before my time but my googling reveals several appearances on mainstream TV shows (Morecambe and Wise, Benny Hill show, Two Ronnies), so they must have been pretty well known in the 70s

    I just love the instrumental bit in RAAB. I think it's tremendous. Duchess and FL are also tremendous.

    I agree, the instrumental section is fantastic. I don't like the lyrics very much - they're just a bit of fun, but they don't have the same surreal vibe as Gabriel's lyrics. They struggled with that side of things for a while, and they got better when they did songs like Duchess - instrumentally and melodically still outstanding, but with thoughtful, clever lyrics. I do wonder if you could, in this case, say that objectively Duchess is the better song. No-one is (surely) going to claim that the lyrics to RAAB are amazing, but you could certainly claim that the lyrics to Duchess are very good indeed.

    I fancy putting together a playlist of the most Genesis-sounding instrumentals from all the G members.

    Things like - Banks' Waters of Lethe, Ant Phillips' Sisters of Remindum etc, Rutherford's Out Into the Daylight etc.

    Any obvious ones I might not have remembered? There's probably loads of Ant Phillips you could put in there.

    Mike has always been positive about these things - never rule anything out. And I mean - why not? If it doesn't happen, it wasn't his "fault".

    As I wrote elsewhere: I believe* Steve and Peter will appear somewhere during the tour (if that happens) and they will do one last track together as a five piece on stage. Only problem: when and where?

    * this is only an assumption!

    Interesting you say that - I did get a feeling that maybe they already have something like planned from the way he spoke about it. I didn't want to say that because it was only a feeling. Fingers crossed!