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    Well, I'm certainly a fan! A borderline 13/14 for me, although I do think there are some slight weaknesses to it, mainly in sound. I think compared to Dance on a Volcano it doesn't have that same dynamic power. To me the production is a little trebly and washed-out. Not disastrously so, only in comparison to the sound of ATOTT which is perfection IMO. Also I think the lyrics are a little indistinct and Phil hasn't quite got the same power and presence he brought to Volcano. My final criticism would be the story/lyrics which I don't find particularly engaging - they're fine, but not up there with e.g. Salmacis or even One for the Vine.

    That aside, it's a wonderful track - one of the most atmospheric and dreamiest openings to an album I know of. The melodies are to die for.

    I don't like it quite as much as Which Way The Wind Blows, but I do think it's lovely. It has an atmosphere and a feeling I don't think I get from any other music, not even early Genesis. The Geese and the Ghost is often described as Trespass mark 2 but I don't get that at all - it's not without its similarities of course, but Geese is much dreamier and more vulnerable sounding, and doesn't have the darkness or drama of Genesis. I find echoes of that whimsical dreaminess in all of AP's music but Geese is probably his most complete, if somewhat naive musical statement. This song encapsulates it perfectly and I like the untutored and youthful feel of the vocals (from both singers).

    The fans carping feels like a bigger issue than it is because a tiny number of us on this board have filled a thread with carping. It'd be fair to argue that fans not on this board will have similar feelings, perhaps expressing them elsewhere but even then it's not a music publication's job to cover that in a review. In that sense, probably your last couple of comments above are accurate in that UCR quite rightly have simply taken the box set on its own merits without exploring any issues around it.

    I wasn't really referring to the review discussing the fan reaction to the set, more about the likelihood if it having similar complaints. Indeed, it wouldn't be strange for a music publication to have a view on missing material (and in fact they do mention this off hand), however I wouldn't necessarily expect the likes of UCR to delve very deeply into anything like that.

    Don't have a problem with the CD tracklisting - fairly comprehensive and loads of Lyceum. Shame we don't get the early version of Musical Box - much more interesting, surely? Very disappointed in the vinyl tracklist. What a missed opportunity to have Shepherd and Pacidy on vinyl. Would have bought the set for them alone.

    Why only 3 LPs anyway? Could have had a two volume release mirroring the CD tracks - maybe four LPs in each.

    Will probably get the CD box if reasonably priced (...doubt it will be...)

    I don't really expect anything from Genesis - they seem to have little interest in flogging stuff to us ageing fans (fair enough really!)

    I'd LIKE to see the following:

    A reissue of FGTR with all existing demo tracks etc (maybe so far unreleased stuff??)

    Complete BBC recordings (not edited) - in more than one volume if necessary

    A special vinyl release for Record Store Day - something like Lyceum 1980 on triple vinyl (droool)

    And - oh go on then - a complete reissue program similar to the Led Zep reissues, with even the bonus tracks on vinyl

    Always feels to me like it could/should have been a "normal" Anthony Phillips album (I.e. not in the PP&P series). It just has the flow of a proper album. It's one of his best, and I'm convinced if it had just been called "New England" and marketed as the new AP album it might have done better commercially.

    Expanding on that, I feel like there was a bit of mission creep with the PP&P series. The first few were collections of various unreleased bits and pieces. Then later you get releases like PP&P V - "Twelve" which seems to have been a single project conceived and recorded as an album. Why put that in the series?

    I quite like the lyrics to "Hair on the arms and legs":

    See him digging, see him weeding

    Every single day of the year

    Coffee at eleven, four thirty tea

    His security is built on routine

    Anyone else reminded of the lawnmower man from IKWIL? (It's one o'clock and time for lunch...)

    ok, so I'm probably missing something really obvious but it struck me recently that I have no idea what this couplet means:

    "It's getting better in your wardrobe / stepping one beyond your show"

    Like, the rest of the song is quirky and surreal but it all makes sense. These lines just don't seem to connect with the rest of the lyrics. Or has it all gone completely over my head for the last 30 odd years since I first heard this song??

    A Google search shows that it's Mike Rutherford - is this correct? It appears to be about short term relationships.

    I always thought it was about infidelity...

    "cause you've taken someone else's girl"

    "..when they answer the telephone, don't you think they'll find out?"

    All the stuff about their being a crack in the mirror, a hole in the window pane, I took as being metaphorical for something being wrong at home / in the relationship.

    That being said, I expect Rutherford wrote the lyrics mainly stream-of-consciousness style. But I feel like the infidelity idea was the hook he hung the words on