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    The first leg USA show I saw had 6 Up, 2

    US, 4 So, 2 OVO, 3 PG 1-4 plus Animal Nation, which is 7 new 9 old, a better balance. I’m enjoying the new music (although it lacks the instrumentation that I really appreciate about PG’s music-it leans on orchestra a bit too much for me. I miss Rhodes guitar quirkiness and Manu’s a bit too chill on these tracks) but to only hear super obvious hits from PG 1 - Us is a letdown. I’ll be patiently waiting for I Don’t Remember, I Have The Touch, and some other deeper tracks

    I agree, more disappointed than happy about this set list. I love that he’s playing new music but to see it account for more than 50% of the show? That’s a bit unbalanced at the expense of any-literally any-deep tracks. Outside of the 12 new tracks, this is a bit of a hit parade. Yes, some are always going to be there, but where is Love To Be Loved, No Way Out, Party Man,, Love Town, That Voice Again or anything slightly unique from PG1-4? I’m hoping this set evolves in a big way by September.