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    Hello friends of the forum:

    i/o from what I've seen in the charts in Spain has not yet made the list.

    The list for the first week of December 2023 is not out yet.

    Chao friends!


    I am very happy about the good reception of i/o in the various countries where it has been published.

    Reaching and staying at the top of the charts is great news.

    I am preparing a review of i/0 for the blog ROCK THE BEST MUSIC (in Spanish).

    On a first listen I find the first 9 songs to be hopeful and optimistic and the last three are non-negative but their tone is paler.

    The instrumentation is perfect and the collaborators are wide and diverse.

    In Spain as I think I said it is the album of the month for two magazines.

    I'm waiting for an interview in a Spanish newspaper or magazine.

    I can't compare it with other PG albums like US and UP. It is a very personal album, intimate and committed to today's world.


    I found your review superb. I really liked the comparison between Bowie and Gabriel. One down and the other looking for hope, much more positive.

    He still has some songs left in his musical suitcase and I hope he will give us some more.

    Since we have not been able to see his tour in many countries, I hope he will release a Blue Ray of some of his concerts.

    I haven't listened to the album yet, although I know his songs from his Youtube/Bandcamp videos

    I think making an album like this at this time is a great joy.

    In Spain, where we don't have as many music magazines as in other countries, there have been positive reviews in This is Rock and Ruta66.

    Hello, friends of the forum

    As soon as I could I ordered I/o through Real World Records.

    Today I received the package at home but they have left me the notice from the post office.

    I hope to pick it up on Thursday 7th December and I'll let you know how it goes.

    Here I have seen it in a supermarket (El Corte Inglés) at a good price 18,99.

    It will be more expensive for me but I know that its value in euros has gone to REAL WORLD RECORDS.

    In total it will cost around 30 euros for a double cd.

    I didn't find i/O in vinyl format in this department store.



    Sebas E. Alonso

    The new life for OMD continues with good albums and new hits. Only Taylor Swift is going to stop them from achieving the first UK album number 1 of their entire career this week. The authors of legendary records from the 80s and songs as recognisable as 'Enola Gay' or 'Electricity' have continued for some years now in duo format -Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys- with such satisfactory results that they even considered disbanding after their 2017 album, 'The Punishment of Luxury', because for them it meant "retiring at the top". Now they say that this new work, 'Bauhaus Staircase', would be a good epitaph if it were their last, and they are right.

    Bauhaus Staircase' is defined as Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark's most political album. The single 'Bauhaus Staircase' sets out to "tear down fascist art". Further still, 'Kleptocracy' proclaims that "no matter who you voted for, they've already bought the man you elected", amid quotes from "stolen money", Deutsche Bank, the Kremlin, the KGB and "all the Saudi money in Central Park".

    There are more neutral and ambiguous songs, seemingly simply about love or life, but also striking are two spoken word tracks about birth and death ('Evolution of Species') and overpopulation ('Anthropocene').

    The latter is a story about the number of inhabitants on Earth in different eras and - WARNING, SPOILER - ends with the planet destroyed and a total of zero inhabitants, in a reflection on climate change. This excuse is used by OMD to end their new album in a totally beautiful way, with a ballad about death like 'Healing'. It would indeed be very poetic if it were the last song on their latest album -if it is at all-, as the lyrics begin "You will never die your death / But will you ever learn to live".

    All this wouldn't be worth so much if OMD had lost their panache, but that's not the case either. I thought they were swinging at the idea that they were going to sound like ABBA on this album, but the melody of 'Look At You Now' speaks for itself. Slow Train', on the other hand, is reminiscent of the more art pop era of glam geniuses like David Bowie. This track takes you straight back to 1980 or to Goldfrapp's recreation of those times on 'Black Cherry' (there was a cut called 'Train' exactly). And they don't disappoint when they sound like themselves either, like on 'Don't Go' with those synthesizers that are joie de vivre itself, or on 'G.E.M.'. They won't fill stadiums like Depeche Mode, nor will they have the cult following of Pet Shop Boys, but I'd swear they're in a better creative state than both of them.…/omd-bauhaus-staircase-2/

    Hello again. I totally agree. No more touring for now. If the release of the album is in December, these months will be for the presentation of the album on radio, in music magazines with interviews.

    As I've said before, no interviews have been done in Spain.

    There is an Argentinian website ( where a review of the concert he gave in Verona (Italy) appears in (Spanish).

    In the next issue of a Spanish magazine (ruta66) there is an article dedicated to TONY LEVIN (November 2023).

    In short, apart from not having passed through Spain on the i/o (Europe) tour, there has been a lack of interest in talking about PG live. Personally I have written several short articles about the songs that have been coming out in the full the blog rock the best music (Spanish).

    I'm not sure if they are going to tour again, especially when there are tours of their members (Ayanna & Tony).

    Bruce Springsteen is coming to Spain in June 2024 (Madrid and Barcelona), which makes it difficult for people who live far away from these two cities...

    So far, it seems that the i/o promotion will start in December 2023. Let's hope that in Spain it will be picked up by a music magazine. On the other hand, if concerts have been filmed, will there be a dvd-BlueRay of the tour i/o?

    And one more thing, will there be new tour dates 2024 in Europe, playing i/o songs?

    I have listened to both songs and in my humble opinion they are different. Perhaps what makes them similar is that in Fallen Angel RR sings as if he were talking, just as PG does at the beginning of I/o.

    On the other hand, although I'm going off topic, the soundtrack of Martin Scorsese's last film has music by Robie Robertson (RR).

    Hello, forum friends

    Finally we are getting to know the physical format of i/o. I think the cover is stunning and what comes after it will be too.

    I don't know how he will be able to put in one or two cds the different mixes of the songs.

    A BlueRay of some of the concerts would be nice.

    In LP format I imagine there will be two; there might be a box set with cds and merchandising of the tour i/o.

    The date is yet to be set and I think that as far as I know so far there will be no tour in spring, although some songs may be released in the next full moons.

    Apart from the i/o songs, which songs to choose?

    Sledgehammer fits into the concert, as does Diggin in the dirt.

    Introducing other songs is difficult in a very varied songbook. Maybe introduce Games Without Frontiers instead of Darkness for example.

    Solsbury Hill is a fixed song as is In Your Eyes; BIKO could also be modified. Another song could be Shock The Monkey (an acoustic version).

    This is just an opinion.

    I think Peter Gabriel and his band have started their North American tour in Canada.

    Is there anyone on the forum who has attended any of the concerts and can give us their impressions?

    Is the set of songs the same, any news?

    Have there been any pictures of the Quebec concert for example?

    At what price is the merchandising?

    Any other relevant questions ....