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    Author: F.L. Clauss Klamp

    I was looking forward to the release of this album after more than 20 years without releasing an album of original songs.

    I know the songs because they have been presented every month for a year (Full Moon), and because I have heard them in his concert series (through Youtube), since he did not come to Spain.

    Reviewing an album that you have already heard partly live is not an easy task. I don't have a device of sufficient quality to differentiate the sounds coming from the different mixes.

    I grew up "musically" in a time when vinyl, cassette and cds were the ways in which music was listened to. I don't adapt to platforms like Spotify because an album is a whole, not just the sum of its parts.

    I/0 on a first listen is a good (great) album that shows the immense creativity of a musician who is already 73 years old.

    Are many 12 songs the result of 21 years of work?

    I don't know; better 12 songs than 30!!! like Dolly Parton does with her Rockstar, although Dolly comes out of it very well.

    Sales in other countries are going very well.

    Number one in the UK; number 2 in Germany; number 7 in France...; as are the reviews.

    Would they have been the same if i/o came out at the end of the year without the idea of releasing a single every month?

    PG wanted to "test" the songs in the live shows; to play it safe and the game has turned out well.

    I/O talks about social, political and family issues. Its sound is very well achieved, with high technology and several mixes (Bright, Dark, Atmos)... If the songs are not good, what good is a mix? I personally have not been very attentive to the different mixes, but to the songs.

    The list of collaborators is immense and varied. From African choirs to an orchestra conducted by JOHN METCALFE. The participation of BRIAN ENO on some tracks gives the album cachet. His usual band is very well-oiled: Levin, Katche, Rhodes... In the credits, neither Ayanna nor Marina Moore, key players in his live performances, are present, but John Schpak does appear.

    And now (after this introduction) let's look at the songs:

    On a first listen the album sounds very different from the live performances. I would say there are two parts; the first six or eight songs seem more hopeful, more positive; and the following ones are more introspective.

    I've missed in the booklet the "lyrics" of the songs...

    As for preferences, I really like Panopticom, i/0, Four Kind Of Horses and This is Home, although all of them shine at a high level.

    Peter Gabriel's best album? "It's the best after 21 years of waiting" I think it's been cooked with time and without rushing.

    Different from US and UP, as PG's world was different in 2002 (UP) and 1992 (US), It's not good (my opinion) to compare I/o with his other albums; each one has a life of its own.

    The score I give it is 8.5, somewhere between a high mark and outstanding.

    More towards the outstanding.

    Note: a wish that he comes to Spain if there is a new tour and if not that the next album comes out before 20 years!!!

    In Spain there are two interesting lists of the best rated albums. In plasticos y i/o does not appear among the favourite albums; there is a blog called esquisiteces that is putting out a list of the best of the year...for now they are starting from position 40...soon we will have the first 40.

    Greetings to all

    Hello, in Spain the list that exists so far goes from 24 to 30 November 2023.

    What seems clear is that i/o is selling well as in some shops it appears as sold out....

    Greetings to all


    I am very happy about the good reception of i/o in the various countries where it has been published.

    Reaching and staying at the top of the charts is great news.

    I am preparing a review of i/0 for the blog ROCK THE BEST MUSIC (in Spanish).

    On a first listen I find the first 9 songs to be hopeful and optimistic and the last three are non-negative but their tone is paler.

    The instrumentation is perfect and the collaborators are wide and diverse.

    In Spain as I think I said it is the album of the month for two magazines.

    I'm waiting for an interview in a Spanish newspaper or magazine.

    I can't compare it with other PG albums like US and UP. It is a very personal album, intimate and committed to today's world.

    Hello, as I said, the reviews in Spain are very good. Ruta66 magazine has named it album of the month.

    This is Rock magazine has a short but good review.

    When will the review of the dark side be ready?


    I found your review superb. I really liked the comparison between Bowie and Gabriel. One down and the other looking for hope, much more positive.

    He still has some songs left in his musical suitcase and I hope he will give us some more.

    Since we have not been able to see his tour in many countries, I hope he will release a Blue Ray of some of his concerts.

    I haven't listened to the album yet, although I know his songs from his Youtube/Bandcamp videos

    I think making an album like this at this time is a great joy.

    In Spain, where we don't have as many music magazines as in other countries, there have been positive reviews in This is Rock and Ruta66.

    Hello, friends of the forum

    As soon as I could I ordered I/o through Real World Records.

    Today I received the package at home but they have left me the notice from the post office.

    I hope to pick it up on Thursday 7th December and I'll let you know how it goes.

    Here I have seen it in a supermarket (El Corte Inglés) at a good price 18,99.

    It will be more expensive for me but I know that its value in euros has gone to REAL WORLD RECORDS.

    In total it will cost around 30 euros for a double cd.

    I didn't find i/O in vinyl format in this department store.


    Here is another song which is a cover of the song FAST CAR by Tracy Chapman, by the American LUKE COMBS.

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