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    You said it. I skip the drum duet whenever I listen to a live recording of any gig from this tour (on my phone, I actually excluded it from the rest of the Way We Walk live album) - it doesn't sound good on its own, especially without "Los Endos". Then again, I never really cared all that much for the DDs ever since "Dance on a Volcano" was cut out of the end-of-show medley following the end of the Abacab tour (DOAV > DD > LE). Apparently, from what I understand, even the band themselves are a bit stunned by this decision according to the DVD commentary of the W3 live video (Phil seems to express surprise that the DD just abruptly ends and asks what happened to LE).

    Thanks. :) The medley consists of In the Cage > The Cinema Show (no "O" in the abbreviation with a spelling fix) > In That Quiet Earth > The Colony of Slippermen > Afterglow. I hadn't slept when I wrote that comment and only now do I see all the typos and smeg ups.

    Hey, guys. First post here. Might as well put in my $0.02. :)

    Best: In the Cage/In That Quiet Earth/Supper's Ready (or Afterglow, either one works for me), with the 2007 one a close second (ITC/The Cinema Show/Duke's Travels/AG). Honourable mention goes to Dance on a Volcano/Drum Duet/Los Endos (I never cared all that much for the DDs, and I think excluding DOAV from post-Abacab tours was a mistake). The It/Watcher of the Skies medley from the 1976 tour is an awesome way to finish a show (if I had been Tony Banks, then I'd have kept it as the standard encore number, followed by The Carpet Crawlers, which, to me, is the perfect way to say goodbye to the audience after hearing it on the 2007 and 2022 tours, I'm surprised the band didn't consider it sooner).

    Worst: ITC/TCS/ITQE/The Colony of Slippermen/AG (the transition from ITQE to TCOS is too jarring and having the latter as well as the former makes the medley a little too bloated - either one or the other, guys). The 1992 Old Medley is another contender (starts off with a good strong half but the second half starting with Firth of Fifth pretty much kills the momentum for me, plus the I Know What I like sub-medley puts the brakes on everything save for the extract from Stagnation), which is curious because the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/Musical Box medley from the 1977 tour is brilliant.

    Unfairly Criticised: The 11th Earl of Mar Medleys (all 4 versions of it, although I do wish the band could have worked out which one was best and stuck with it instead of changing it constantly throughout the tour). The 2022 medley (Fading Lights/TCS/AG) was OK, but not great - the transition from FL to TCS was a bit too rough, and I feel it would have worked better if the band had held off the segue until well into the instrumental part of FL.