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    Dear all:

    First of all, all respect to the one(s) deciding that London shows (or any others) will not be filmed (may be neither recorded). Those are their shows and it´s their decision.

    There is no need to say the huge number of fans around the world behind Genesis full story. And that most likely, this is their last tour, the last time to see them play together.

    All 3 Tony, Phil and Mike have decided to go out to road and tour again, even when Phil´s condition is not as used to be. All fans attending to the shows could/can find out.

    So, if the reason for not recording & filming the shows is Phil´s condition/voice, why are they touring again ?

    I went to both Leeds shows 2.021 and those were different from 2.007 shows, but still amazing. And I´ll be in London on the 26th.

    All of us, the fans, deserve to have an official recording of what will be "the last time".

    We´ve given our fidelity to all Genesis family up to now. And Genesis family should pay us back with the release (cd, dvd/bluray or download of a show) of what likely will be their musical epilogue. We deserve it.

    I´d like that this message could be forwarded to the ones who have the final decision. Hopefully, they´re still on time to change and to consider to most of the fan´s wishes, arranging a beautiful filming of the last 1, 2 or 3 concerts of an immense musical career.

    Thanks very much.