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    (1) The Lamb

    (2) Selling England

    (3) Foxtrot

    I like a lot of Phil Collins-era Genesis, but for me, the Gabriel era is the best.

    Some criticize Gabriel for the sometimes opaque, dense plot of the Lamb, but name a rock concept album that doesn't have a confusing plot or theme. (I love Quadrophenia, but I don't know what the hell is going on half the time.) The Lamb can be simplified as a character on a journey of self-discovery in NYC. Even PG said that the Lamb at its core isn't that complicated. "The Carpet Crawlers" is still an amazing track, as are many others here. "Anyway" would get my nod as an underrated number.

    It's a coin flip for me between Selling England and Foxtrot. I'm not a huge fan of "The Battle of Epping Forest," but the rest of the album is perfect. Supper's Ready, IMO, is still the best piece of music Genesis has ever produced. The plot of "Get 'Em Out By Friday" is hilarious.

    I started to really love music as a kid in the prehistoric year of 1981. That's probably why Abacab was always my favorite from the Phil era. I soon fell in love with PG's solo and Genesis work, but more so the solo stuff.

    I also liked "Genesis" a lot when it was first released. Great memories from that era of pop music, including the late '70s.

    I purchased the 2 CD/1 Blu-ray package. I downloaded it to my MacBook but wasn't entirely happy with the process. First, I am confused as to why the songs don't have any artwork attached to the music file, not the original artist's work for each individual track, nor the PG portrait cover. Am I missing something here?

    Another issue is when I downloaded the Dark-Side disk, it shows up in my Apple Music as the Inside mix, which is obviously impossible.

    I love i/o, as I've made clear in my earlier post today, but I'm somewhat bothered that I have to put in this extra effort to rename tracks and attach the artwork. (Yes, "I learn like a baby, I learn like a seed ..." :))

    (1) Playing for Time

    (2) i/o

    (3) So Much

    I connect to Playing for Time because it reminds me of how I feel that I'm running out of time in my life to accomplish everything I took for granted back when I was a teen. It also reminds me of the family members whom I love but have unfortunately perished.

    I love i/o (the song) because it further builds on Playing for Time in that it promotes the need to connect with others and seek meaningful and memorable experiences to enrich our lives. As someone who is somewhat introverted, I really connect to this one. As a bonus, it's a fabulous pop number, the type I didn't think Peter could produce anymore.

    As for So Much, it's just such a beautiful, powerful song. Peter is devastatingly honest and direct about his condition. And again, it hits on the theme of time, how we all desperately seek more of it to engage with those we love. But in the end, "this edition is limited" is true for all of us.

    No one asked, but here's how I rate the rest of i/o:

    (4) Love Can Heal

    (5) Four Kinds of Horses

    (6) The Court

    (7) Road to Joy

    (8) Panopticom

    (9) And Still

    (10) Live and Let Live

    (11) Olive Tree

    (12) This is Home

    Just my opinions. I HATE not having Love Can Heal and Horses higher, but it speaks to the greatness of this album. We all connect to music in different ways. But there isn't a single weak track on i/o. Love it!!!