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    In 2010 having been invited, Peter Gabriel did not join Genesis for the Rock Hall induction when Mike gave his "valid excuses" to the audience.

    Peter's heart has been distanced from Genesis for decades, if these final concerts at the O2 were a charity event for something like Amnesty International, there is a good chance he would be there. I would be very surprised if he shows up at the O2 shows, don't hold your breath.

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    Yeah, I remember the Canadian Music Festival in 1979 in Toronto. It was a one-day event. There were maybe 9 or 10 bands on the bill headlined by a trio of rockers: Aerosmith, Nazareth and Ted Nugent.

    Johnny Winter came on before them, and before him it was The Ramones and that was the one act the crowd turned on.

    It began with heckling and then people started whipping food and chunks of sod. I, of course, didn't participate in any of that, I was up in the stands as a young observer.

    I recall The Ramones stopped playing mid-song very shortly into their set. One of the Ramones walked to the front of the stage, gave the audience the finger and the band walked off.

    And I can remember when The Ramones opened for Black Sabbath at the Long Beach Arena (California Nov. 1978) and got a deluge of bottles thrown at them! I was young and not very amused by this behavior although I did not like their type of music but thought that they did not deserve such a rude reception.

    So it appears this happened to them more than once, poor dudes :(

    Love these guys. They stage an amazing show.

    Agreed; of the two top premier PF tribute bands (being the other one Brit Floyd), having seen both bands multiple times, I can say that the Aussie version is the best of the two.

    Considering the world situation right now and specially in the European countries closer to Ukraine, it is a pleasant surprise the tour is going to happen. Let's just pray and hope for peace very soon.

    Meanwhile, for those about to rock with Genesis: Enjoy the wonderful experience like the one we already had in Canada.

    For my 2022:

    April: Judas Priest & Queensryche

    May: ZZ Top & Cheap TrIck - Sting

    June: Pendragon

    July: Marillion weekend in Montreal - Roger Waters

    October: Aussie Pink Floyd

    Fingers crossed for all, Elton John already got cancelled.

    Of course nothing is sold out in Germany. And I do not believe in any show happening anytime soon there. Maybe London. No more.

    I agree and have my doubts. The are just too many unknowns and some european cities are still under lockdown. The only country easing restrictions is the UK so as you say, maybe only the London gigs will happen but not Germany, Holland or France.

    As it looks, there will be an announcement a couple of weeks before the concerts in Berlin (March 7-8) .

    All those songs you guys are making this "petition" is a real FAR cry of what Genesis is about today and has been for the past two decades.

    Come on, let's be real, they can't play those songs not only because Phil no longer have the range but also because they are more now about the Genesis trio (post Duke) of the 80's-90's period.

    If you want to hear songs like Supper's ready and others from Wind & Wuthering, go see Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited Band, you'll be happy instead of begging for a miracle.

    My next concert WAS going to be Elton John Farewell Yellow brick road show in Montreal.

    I asked for my tickets refund this morning. I am NOT travelling at all after a horrendous experience I had in the USA over the Holidays trying to get back to Canada. With covid still around and the uncertainty of variants, travel seems more like a nightmare than a pleasure now, sadly :(

    I have mixed feelings about today and tomorrow nights; these two last American dates in Boston may be not only be the last time Genesis perform in North America but could be the very LAST.

    The Omicron variant is causing to make changes on travelling rules Internationally and many cities are going back to lockdown like in the UK. It all seems to volatile and uncertain, I wish the band and fans going to these shows to enjoy what can be a historic moment in Genesis history.

    Why bother with such a long breakdown? All you need to do is go to pick your concert date and scroll down to "Songs on Albums" to see the graphic and songs from each album:…l-qc-canada-338a7821.html

    Invisible Touch was the highest with 5 (not my most liked album unfortunately) followed by Genesis Mama and Selling England with 4 each.

    It sure must have been hard for Michael Nesmith to hear from a manager or promoter when he was asking to get their band name to be legalized for authorship and brand copyrights who said to him: " yeah, I see your desire but you are NOT REAL" meaning the Monkees were a TV show but not a rock act. I'm glad he got the recognition he deserved later in his career. RIP