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    In Montreal, it took me a good 15 minutes to get in. I was in line at 7:15 and in the Bell Center around 7:30. I'm curious to see how it will turn out for the folks in Toronto.

    I was at the Monday show, as I mentioned on that thread, I got the vax pre-screen wrist band and skipped the line. Took me maybe 8 minutes to enter.

    They prefer to scan the ticket bar code from the Ticketmaster phone app and that worked fine.

    I was at the Monday show (Nov. 22) and can say it was excellent. There was a vaccine pre-screening to get a wristband and skip the line. No metal detectors at my gate, I had a full hour to buy merch and have a beer.

    After the "Dead already" intro and only a 15 minute delay, show started with an amazing Behind the Lines and Duke's end suite, loved it. Like the Gazette review says, Mike and Tony were as sharp as ever, so was Daryl. They got standing ovations from the sold out audience that by no means was quiet.

    Phil is another story and a sad one but did quite ok for his condition. The sitting tambourine routine part during I know what I like was specially sad remembering how dynamic his dancing antics were in the 70s & 80s.

    My favorites were Second Home by the Sea and Firth of Fifth, and yes, Domino was a let down instrumentally but visually was stunning. I am not much of a an 80's hits fan so I could have breezed thru those songs but it was a great "night to remember". Sadly, no "In the Cage" this last time around :-(

    Farewell my Genesis after 12 times seeing them live in Montreal (8), New York, Passaic NJ, Houston, Denver).

    Thanks - but I see you are also arriving from outside of Quebec, did you already call the venue?

    Was watching concert clips on YouTube when Graeme came up front to sing "Higher and Higher" and poem reading, he was always energetic and will be dearly missed.

    RIP Graeme, your poetic spirit will always be higher :-)

    It may not be due to the impact of high gasoline prices or no gasoline at all like in the UK!

    Also that new Barclays Centre must have a much higher cost to book, than say the Prudential Center in Newark New Jersey that I wonder why it was not moved there instead of cancelling all together.

    Cancellation insurance cost must be very high now that covid is factored in and considered a high risk, just like it is for travel.

    Interesting comment from someone who was fortunate enough to see the early '70s tours (I go back to '77 so that's my baseline). I actually didn't like the Duke tour (which I saw in Ottawa); I preferred ATTWT and Abacab/Encore tours. I just thought the setlist in '80 was unbalanced (they only had 4 post-Gabriel albums) with only a couple of Gabriel era songs played. The lighting was also super pared down compared to '78 and '81 (which of course featured the introduction of Varilights). All opinion of course....

    Agreed, it's all a matter of opinion.

    I recall about that '82 Tour that I missed when my friends raved about the massive show at Jarry Park in Montreal that a couple of years before had Supertramp & Jean-Luc Ponty a that venue. Incredible.

    Back to Genesis, I agree that the "mirrors" '78 tour and of course, Seconds Out '77 were far superior to Duke but I can't compare them since I did not see them live in '77'-'78.

    Oh yes, when the Vari-lites were first used, that really pared down the Duke '80 tour but maybe it's because I have a special memory of it having met Phil & Mike at the Capitol Theater in Passaic NJ at an intimate warm-up show before the MSG-NYC concert that made that memorable night very special.

    My observation: This poll voting reflects more the result of the tastes for the album quality and not the tours.

    I am old enough to say that I saw the early tours 1973-1974 (4 times) and the Lamb tour was my #1 for many years. But with the advent of the grandiosity of later tours (including other bands besides Genesis) during the 80's and 2000's, that tour has fallen down a little on my list.

    About having a time machine, I would have loved to see the 76-78 tours that I missed but recovered in the 80's going to the Duke (2), Abacab (2) and Mama tours. Never saw the '82 Encore tour tho but Duke is still my new #1 even having seen the 1992 and 2007 tours that technically and visually are more stunning.

    Aside from the the abrupted halt that happened, it looks like the UK tour ended quite well by the comments and videos I have seen.

    Unfortunately, the expected London O2 climatic ending did not happen and still remains to be rescheduled. Hopefully it will be but with so many variables (especially Phil), it is not 100% IMHO.

    Interesting for me, I have not seen Genesis with only one drummer since the Lamb tour in 1974! of course we are not talking similar eras here, but it stands out for me in particular. I love that on the 2007 tour I got the chance to ever see that killer drumming duo was highlighted for the stool duel that really showcased Phil and Chester at their finest hour.

    Of all my favorite bands, Genesis is the only one that I own multiple boots from concerts that I have actually attended myself live:

    - Houston Astrodome May 1992 tilted simply "Astrodome" (complete show on 2 CDs)

    - Madison Square Garden New York Duke tour June 1980 titled "Inna-Gadda-Da-V'Albert" (complete show 2 CD)

    - Denver Pepsi Center Oct 2007 Turn it on Again tour by encore series (complete show 2 CDs)

    I could say I also was in the audience when the Genesis video from April 1973 was filmed and has been restored in higher quality, I am sure there must be a boot around somewhere.

    In Montreal Quebec where two shows are scheduled (Nov 22-23) and I have tickets, there is a vaccine passport and mask requirement.

    Like some have said, the large majority of the audience are older folks like me who already have the vax but no boosters have been authorized yet in Canada. The other good news is that finally the land border will be open in November to all non-essential travel provided the person is vaccinated. Trans-border crossing for Tour buses and equipment trailers should be able to enter problem free like in pre-covid days.

    So as along as the show does goes on, it is looking good for Genesis in Canada.

    A disruption of this magnitude has multiple implications; it's not a matter of finding open dates in London to reschedule the cancelled shows. Keep in mind that a tour of this scale has complex logistics like shipping the whole production overseas (lighting, PA system, gear, merch and staff) which means that equipment would not be sitting idle waiting but was already scheduled to leave the UK ahead of the North american tour.

    And now covid makes matters a lot more complicated, quarantine regulations and testing.

    I sure hope anyone who has fallen sick recovers well and I sure hope it's not Mike or Tony. Some reports have already dismissed it is Phil. Even if the band members are fully vaccinated, there is always a risk.

    And I feel really bad for the fans who were airborne travelling to the UK and got the bad news. I have had that feeling when I had arrived in Mexico city to see Camel in 2002 only to learn they had cancelled on that day.

    Fingers crossed so that the Canada US tour is not impacted by this.