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    I’m behind sorry.

    Number Seven: The Lady Lies

    Classic Banks tune. Rutherford steals the show with his fantastic bass playing. Love the way Phil sings this too.

    Number Six: Blood on the Rooftops

    Everyone is on for this one. One of theirs most beautiful tunes.

    8. Ripples

    This is one of their most beautiful tracks. I think this was an end of an era for Genesis as the two 12 string acoustics, which defined their sound since Trespass, would not be utilized like this anymore. Lyrically it’s very touching, dealing with aging and the thoughts of things from the past never returning. The highlight is the amazing bridge with Tony and Steve doing what they do best.

    Ironically, you have undersold Phil by not mentioning his drumming! He was very much channeling his inner Ringo on this tune.

    Speaking of irony, I've always found it interesting that the band's first truly decent pop song came from Steve Hackett, a man often praised for his progressive leanings. I don't know if Selling England is Steve's favourite Genesis album but I wouldn't be too surprised if it was; it's certainly the album where he really shifts gear (then again, I think the band as a whole upped their game on this record, in every way).

    You’re right, Steve has publicly stated multiple times that Selling England is his favorite album

    Number Nine:

    Squonk - just an amazing song from my favorite album. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall when Phil first sang this one in the studio. Love how the song starts off so powerful and ends real laid back. When I want to show anyone Genesis, this is usually the song I play them first.

    I’m terrible at ranking stuff but Ill give it my best shot.

    10. Hold On My Heart

    Not a lot to say other than I really love this song. I get a feeling of nostalgia hearing this one. Mike’s guitar line with Phil’s vocal during the bridge gets me every time.

    Saw Peter for the first time on his tour with Sting in 2016. Both Genesis and the Police are two of my favorite bands. I’m also a huge fan of Stings solo stuff, particularly his first four albums, so I was really excited. It’s hard to pick who topped who at the show, both of them were on it that night. It was a huge tease having Sting sing Dancing with the Moonlit Knight while Peter was on the same stage haha. Those folks who saw Peter sing it the last night of the tour were really lucky.

    Really tough choices but I think overall Scratch is my favorite followed by Car and Passion. Melt and Security are great but I have to be in the mood for them. So is awesome but there’s a few songs on there I’m not into.

    My favorite song by Gabriel is the live version of San Jacinto from Secret World Live. Unbelievable.

    I saw Steve for the first time in February in LA. 2nd member of Genesis I’ve seen live, since I had caught Peter on his tour with Sting. Steve was fantastic. Met him before the show and was so charming and nice. Had him sign my MFSL Trick of the Tail (my favorite) and my wife had him sign her Selling England since that’s her favorite. Told him how much I enjoy his classical albums and he said that they were a labor of love for him.

    Trick of the Tail


    Wind and Wuthering

    And Then There Were Three

    Selling England





    Nursery Cryme

    Invisible Touch


    We Can’t Dance

    After years of being a fan I honestly have yet to the fully listen to From Genesis to Revelation or Calling All Stations.

    I have loved Steely Dan since I was a little kid. The first song I remember grabbing my attention from them was FM. Even before I learned an instrument I knew I wanted to play music like that. Ranking their albums is tough because certain ones will hit me differently each time. Can’t deny that side 1 of Aja is their crowning achievement though. I’ll try to rank right now. I’m only doing their pre retirement albums.

    1. Aja

    2. Royal Scam

    3. Gaucho

    4. Katy Lied

    5. Countdown to Estacy

    6. Pretzel Logic

    7. Can’t Buy A Thrill

    BTW me and a group of local musicians created a group to perform Steely Dan songs. We ended performing the complete Aja album. Our lead saxophonist was mentored by none other than Pete Christlieb, who of course recorded the famous Deacon Blues solo.