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    Oh, sure - that's true. My comment was purely in reference to the music. There was a distinctive musical sound that Genesis created from Trespass to SEBTP that defined the band up to that time. The Lamb was a departure from that established sound - and it had to be that way. With the storyline that Peter came up with, the music had to be different. After Peter left, the remaining four reverted to the style of music that simply came naturally to them. That's all I was getting at.

    If you like the Gabriel era most (and there's nothing wrong with that - how could there be? Without that era, there are no eras after), you should give ATOTT and W&W a listen. You would at least like the music. I always regarded ATOTT as the more proper sequel musically to SEBTP than "The Lamb", which was a wholly unique piece of music in their catalogue.

    To me, the Lamb is a musical continuation/progression from SEBTP, incorporating some new technologies and a poppier side already explored in I Know What I Like. What jolts with the Lamb is the change of theme and atmosphere more akin to the Velvet Underground or something, than the classical English mythological landscape of the earlier albums. I'll definitely give Trick another chance.