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    When I first bought this and saw the cover my heart sank, it must be up there with the worse covers ever and sadly to me the music lives up to the cover. By far my least fav of Steve's albums.

    In fact it is so long since I have listened to it I think I will dig it out and give it a spin to see if it still sounds as bad ?

    Hope I am not breaking any rules by posting this, if I am I apologize.

    Due to illness I have 2 tickets available for Steve's sold out show at the Liverpool Philharmonic on Sat 11th Sept.

    I am happy to sell them at face value and at this short notice will, at my own expense, post them registered delivery to

    make sure they are delivered on time.

    Anyone interested please send me a msg.

    Oh, forgot to say, this is NOT a Covid related illness so no chance of the tickets being infected.

    A reply to VL From an "old bloke". Did Genesis sell out? Of course they did, they went poppy and sold more records. Good luck to them. Did Phil take over? I don't think he did, don't think Tony and Mike would allow that.

    This is a Genesis forum and as far as I can see it is not a Genesis forum for people who like anything they did in the last 45 years but not before, maybe I missed something?

    The last Genesis album I bought when it was released was Wind and Wuthering because the later poppy music does not really interest me but I have never criticized anyone for liking their later period music.

    Genesis were an amazing group who changed over the years and some people like the early music, some like the later music and some like it all.

    Us "Old blokes" are as entitled to post on here as much as you youngsters and it is always nice to respect other peoples views and not imply they have no right to post here if they do not share your views.

    Not sure what is happening with this book. Release date was put back again to the 4th June and then to the 11th June and now Amazon just says it is not available at the moment.

    The good news is there is a Peter Gabriel On Track book coming out soon, well hope it will be soon :)

    I like a lot of prog bands and LOVE In The Court Of The Crimson King but strangely enough, apart from a few tracks, never got into any of their other albums. Like ELP, Yes.

    I also like a lot of good pop bands like The Kinks, Procol Harum and Jethro Tull, but not sure if they are pop or prog but either way I have every album they have made good or not so good. Also like heavy metal specially slightly experimental heavy metal like Enslaved and Meshuggah which I admit are an acquired taste.

    As for Genesis it is the Gabriel years for me, I like a few songs with Phil Collins singing but also I like his solo music just can't take to him in Genesis, they went too poppy for me.

    I have a lot of Steve Hackett solo albums, a few Peter Gabriel, and assorted albums by the others but if I could only listen to 6 albums for the rest of my life it would be the first 6 Genesis albums every time.

    I absolutely love XTC, have all their albums and their alter egos,the wonderful Dukes Of Stratosphear albums. If you haven't heard the Dukes do yourself a favour and give them a listen , they are well worth it. They released 2 albums but there is a recent reissue that has them both on " Chips From The Chocolate Fireball" and a more recent comp " Psurroundabout Ride" which has the 2 albums and some extra tracks :)

    I actually only saw XTC live once, in Liverpool on the 8th December 1980, the day one of my heroes, John lennon died :( Needless to say it was an emotional day and of course XTC were superb.

    Hard to pick a fav album but if I had to it would be Black Sea but they have not released one album i do not love.

    They must be the most underrated band of all time, I think it was only Andy Partridge's stage fright which held them back.

    This is my fav band at the moment, called The Hu Band. They are a Mongolian folk/rock band, takes a minute for the video to get going but give it a listen, it is addictive.

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    Congrats thefarmer, Cheltenham played great, I watched it thinking it was going to be a massacre but they played proper football and it was a really enjoyable match and the result flattered City.

    My team, Everton, have a potential banana skin tomorrow, Sheff Wed at home, but fingers crossed.

    Come on you Toffees :)

    PS thank you Burnley for winning on Thurs and brightening my week :)

    Due to the Royal Mail being useless, they use Covid as an excuse and I know I used to work for them, mail is taking much long to get anywhere in the UK, we went over a month with no mail :(

    Mine was posted first class on Thurs but I am not holding my breath and it cost me £5.99 postage, what a joke :( but I guess there are lots of people far worse off who have no job and no home so waiting for an LP is annoying but nothing more, even if it is Steve Hackett's :)