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    That is some story, makes me glad I stayed single :)

    My fav Christmas album is, this year as always, The Jethro Tull Christmas Album, a classic.

    My fav Christmas song has to be, well there are 2 : A Fairytale Of New York and Happy Christmas War Is Over.

    I am going to have to say Face Value because to be honest it is the only one of his solo albums I have listened to.

    I loved that album but when I listened to the singles of the following albums, although I thought they were excellent, they just didn't make me want to buy the albums, although I have always loved Brand X,

    After seeing this thread I have bought the "Take A Look At Me Now" set and am going to listen to all his albums and them maybe post back,

    I have always been a "Peter Gabriel era" Genesis fan and kind of lost interest in the other members solo work, apart from Steve Hackett, but I am starting to listen to Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford's solo work and am really enjoying it.

    When I got my first CD player I could pick a CD from a selection and i chose Def Leppard Hysteria, think it was 1987, i still have that CD.

    Not a fan of them by any means but I love this album, everything else I have heard by them has left me cold.

    Gonna add my predictions, not sure if there is a league, if there is just ignore these :)

    Burnley 0-1 West Ham

    Newcastle 0-2 Bournemouth

    Southampton 0-6 Everton (I'm an Evertonian )

    Leicester 3-1 Arsenal

    Wolves 2-2 Aston Villa

    Liverpool 0-10 Man City (I am still an Evertonian )

    Nottm Forest 0-1 Derby

    Wigan 0-2 Brentford

    I too was lucky enough to see Cat Stevens when he playing in Liverpool many years ago, if I recall right Leon Russell was in his backing band, though I might be wrong. You can't go wrong with any of his albums, they are all superb.

    I have just picked up, on Ebay, a job lot of 14 Frank Zappa cs's, always been meaning to listen to more of his stuff, gonna have some interesting listening in the next few weeks.

    I also got Soused by Scott Walker and Sunn 0)) which i love, then again I love nearly everything Scott has done.

    Also got the new Rammstein cd which is growing on me, i have over the years seen Led Zep, Purple, The Stones, Motorhead, Prince etc over the last 50 years and I have to say that Rammstein's live show is the best I have ever seen.

    I agree with Ian, Beef sums up my feelings about the album, I am trying so hard to like it but like the last couple of albums nothing stands out, as i listen to the tracks I find myself thinking that most of them sound like tracks off his last 2 albums.

    I am going to see Steve in Liverpool later in the year and as usual it will be a brilliant show, although the loss of Gary O'Toole will be a great loss, and i will buy the next album on day of release, I have got past the times when I expected to be blown away, which is sad.

    I like Descent and Peace but apart from that :( I hope after a few more listens it will click, but I doubt it.

    Listening to And Then There were Three. I am working my way through every Genesis album from Genesis To Revelation to Calling All Stations.

    I do this every couple of years, don't know why.

    I also do it with my other 2 fav groups, Motorhead and Nightwish.

    Not sure why I do it, I guess I am just a bit odd, which can't be all that bad :)

    Actually just finished ATTWT and started listening to Duke.

    I tend to listen to an artist almost exclusively for a couple of weeks and at the moment I am listening to my fav "pop" singer, Scott Walker. I just love his voice.

    One of my top 10 albums of all time is Scott Walker sings Jacques Brel and i am playing that a lot, as well as his latest album which he did with drone band Sunn0))) which is called Soused and is rather weird and addictive.

    His later work is challenging to say the least but that suits me.

    To me his vocals are up there with Peter Gabriel and I cannot give a bigger compliment than that.

    I have just bought the Amorphis cd Queen of Time which I love.

    I also picked up the deluxe editions of my fav Yes albums, Relayer and Tales from Topographic Oceans, yes I know it is overblown and too long but I love it.

    I am listening to Duke for the first time in years to see if i like it any more now and up to now I do but oh God, that dreadful Turn It On Again has just started. The rest up to then was enjoyable but it is still missing 2 things. Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett :)

    I will always love Gabriel era Genesis best but I am really trying to appreciate the later stuff but it is hard going for me.

    My first vinyl album was The Beatles A Hard Day's Night, wow i am getting old. My first CD Was Hysteria by Deff Leppard.

    Haha I am a bit ashamed to admit it but the first single I bought was You Were Made For Me by Freddie And The Dreamers, well I was only 10 when it came out :)