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    One of my fave PG tracks is family and fishingnet .On the So "87 re mastered live I cant for the life of me figure out what hes singing here : " memories crash on mummble ?**mummble ??? waves, the lifeguards ....."

    Its as though hes forgotten the words n just filling in with made up stuff ?!

    Apologies to PG in advance if im incorrect .😕

    Thought Id throw this out to everyone for a bit of fun , if its not already been covered .

    I was listening to Genesis live at Manchester 07 ( I went to the Twickenham gig ) recently .Couldnt help but smile when I noticed at the beginning of Cage Phil sings the word Cave 😊He changes to Cage later in the song . I often wondering if after the gig the boys rib him about that.

    Ive noticed he gets a bit messed up on throwing and confusion on other recordings .

    Any body else noticed these little slips of the tongue ?? 😉PG,s also done a few if I recall , particularly on fishing net .