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    A stronger album than Nursery Cryme methinks. I’m surprised reading through a thread of hardcore Genesis fans that there is so much criticism for this. I always put it up there as a quintessential Genesis album!

    As far as the discussion about production, yeah it’s not great. Especially compared to their peers at the time. I think it got better on Lamb. The drums sounded better, and Phil says the band sounded more ‘live’ on that one. It’s still kinda muddy, but I think that works better with the music on Lamb than it does for say...Foxtrot.

    I don’t think it’s one of my favorites, but I really like this album. I do like every song. I think they range from “good-great”. Even though there’s nothing amazing, (except maybe Los Endos) there’s nothing terrible. It’s solid.
    People ragging on you not like it on Seconds Out? I think it rocks on there.
    Fav tunes...




    Los Endos

    5. Mama

    It’s a great album opener, and great live song when used with cool lighting. It’s simple, creative and has an awesome Phil vocal performance. Love this song!