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    Is there video anywhere that shows the first use of the Vari-lite in concert. From what I've read it was on the ABACAB tour during the song DODO. I've looked on youtube but couldn't find it. I was hoping someone here might know if it exists.

    Really good show! I hesitate to say great because I felt like the slower tempo took away from the energy of the songs. Butchered lyrics aside, I’m glad they had back up singers since Phil was unable to sing a long sustained note. I thought Phil’s voice was good for his age and physical condition.

    I swear, I have never seen so many people going back and forth from their seats to wherever they were going. Is it cause we’re old and need frequent bathroom breaks?? or was it for beers? I saw people leaving early which surprised me as well.

    Jordan Rudess, Neal Morse, Rod Morgenstein, Marco Sfogli; Dance On A Volcano

    You'll want to crank this to 11.

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