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    On an album full of curious entries into Gabriel-era Genesis, it's one of the more curious.

    But, to quote the song, perhaps It's only knock and knowall, but I like it!

    ...or am I quoting the Stones?

    I'm hard pressed to think of a Genesis album that doesn't start with one of its best tunes, and ultimately one of their career highlights, but I don't think anything in their catalogue brings the smile to my face quite like Bank's mellotron grandeur on Watcher Of The Skies.

    Anything off of From Genesis To Revelation just doesn't sound remotely like them to me, no matter the era. Just inexplicably lightweight sort of 60s pop numbers with the only Genesis like thing I can find taking the form of Gabriel's vivid imagery in the lyrics.

    Not that they don't have a breadth of strange tracks scattered across the years, but that first record is just so unindicative of what was to come.

    from what I've heard


    A Trick Of The Tail


    Nursery Cryme

    Selling England By The Pound


    Wind And Wuthering


    Invisible Touch

    We Can't Dance

    and I've just purchased The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway the other day, which will probably be challenging Foxtrot for the top spot after a few more listens.