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    The least populated album threads are NC and Lamb, the first to feature the "classic" line-up and Gabriel's final Genesis album. That doesn't make much sense to me!

    It makes perfect sense to me. That's what Genesis fandom has been reduced to. A cultish clique of fat, balding, neurotic brand worshippers who'd happily lick Tony's backside clean and pay him their entire life's savings for the privilege desperately trying to convince anyone who'll listen that dismal releases like Calling All Stations and We Can't Dance wipe the floor with Sgt. Pepper, The Wall, A Night at the Opera, and Close to the Edge combined, while those of us with a modicum of good taste and a little common sense (but not quite enough to get the hell out of places like this) are ruthlessly attacked for daring to interrupt the perpetual circlejerk. Nearly all of the bright, thoughtful fans sincerely moved by the profound beauty and imagination of Supper's Ready and The Cinema Show have long since abandoned ship. Speaking of which...


    1. Selling England by the Pound
    2. Foxtrot
    3. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
    4. A Trick of the Tail
    5. Nursery Cryme
    6. Wind & Wuthering
    7. Trespass
    8. Duke
    9. And Then There Were Three
    10. Abacab
    11. Genesis '83
    12. From Genesis to Revelation
    13. We Can't Dance
    14. Invisible Touch
    15. Calling All Stations


    1. Seconds Out
    2. Live at the Rainbow
    3. Genesis Live
    4. Three Sides Live
    5. Live Over Europe 2007
    6. The Longs
    7. The Shorts