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    Even before 1995 after Phil's both sides tour finished and Peter Gabriel's subsequent Secret World tour ended, there began rumours circulating that the genesis five piece classic line-up were in talks for a reunion and I think at one point even Peter had said that talks were progressing, suddenly talks came to an end, even a one-off special was talked about, but nothing came of it. Then the rumours began of the three piece band getting back into the studio in 1995, then they were put on hold. Eventually the official announcement that Phil was leaving the band came about. Shortly afterwards the announcement that a new solo album from Phil was in the works. I didn't feel surprised about Phil's departure, the sadness sort of wore off once the announcement was made that Genesis were going to carry on without him

    I like Daryl as guitarist. Even Tony mentioned that Steve would play stiff, so when he came on on board for the touring cycles, he was much more loose. In time, I'm actually glad that Genesis remained a three piece band after Steve's departure in studio. It worked and the rest is history.

    I like SO as that album solidified Pete and at that point was his most commerccal success and the artistic accolades just kept pouring in the aftermath, even beating out U2 and Genesis for Sledgehammer at the MTV music awards, I think. Topping the American billboard charts with his first #1 hit single that unseated the pop single Invisible Touch. The album itself is a fine piece of work, not a weak song on the album, working with producer, Daniel Lanois who managed to get the best from Pete and the musicians working for him. My favourite songs have always varied when I listen to album depending upon the mood I'm in. Usually I find myself at times being drawn into "Don't give up" that fantastic duet with Kate Bush. Its become one of my all time favourite duets. The remaining songs on the album are equally impressive. I'l leave it at that.

    For me hands its a tossup between , In The Air Tonight, arguably his most famous song and I Dont Care Anymore. In the Air edges it for me as it has a darker sound and that drum sound can never be duplicated. Its one of the best pop songs every written for my taste.

    I think it was 1995, when Phil made a guest appearance on Martin Page's album "In the house of stone and light". I think that was the name of the album. Anyways, I think Phil played drums on three tracks. I always felt and still feel to this day that his work on the album was really overlooked and largely forgotten for the most part. It may not have been Phil's most memorable work as a guess artist, let alone some of his best work, but I liked it then and still do now every so often when I listen to Mr Page's album.