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    I saw one of the Wembley shows and I was blown away by it. There was some imagination in playing the Brazilian even though it was on the IT album. It is only as I get older that I long for a more varied setlist as I was lucky to see on the Duke tour. Although even then a huge part of the show was dominated by the Duke suite. The reality is that a band is touring to promote a new album and they probably look forward to playing lots of new stuff.

    I love the It/Watcher of the Skies Medley from the second encore on the 1976 tour. I just love the way It fades into the start of Watcher. Phil's drumming is truly exceptional here.

    Really enjoying these podcasts. Love the Hugh Padgham ones although quite funny to hear him make so many mistakes about Genesis and Phil's history. In one episode he says Phil started singing in the 1980s! I guess his interest in Genesis relates to his own work. Anyway they are a great listen

    I remember seeing PG at Hammersmith Odeon in 1980 on the Melt Tour. He opened with Intruder and then played several tracks from the Melt album which though interesting rather went over my head as a young 20 year old as the album had not been released yet. So these songs were entirely new and I personally found it hard to take the new music in on a first listen. The album went on to be my favourite of his releases so I wish I had heard the tracks first. I still have great memories of that concert and especially "Family Snapshot" which did work for me instantly. I just checked and he played the whole Melt album apart from No Self Control although I seem to remember that being played! At least this time you can hear some of the new songs online before the concerts. I already like several of them especially "Playing for Time" and "Four Kinds of Horses". At the moment I have decided not to go to the O2 as the ticket prices plus transport are just too much. However, the setlist would not put me off although I would have rather have seen a few other albums represented rather than hearing some of the other tracks that he has played so many times before.

    Sorry if my review implied that Tim Howar was anywhere close to Phil as a stage performer. I am Phil's number one fan and he had no equal in his prime. I would not disagree with your interpretation of Tim being a bit "shallow". My favourable comparison was in terms of his drive and energy. He ran around the stage and gave the concert some vitality. Sadly, due to Phil's health issues this was such a loss in the final Genesis shows and even in 2007 there was nothing like his personality and charisma which I had seen going back to 1977 when I first saw Genesis. He was the best front man I have ever seen by some margin. Sadly, at the final O2 shows what I saw was a shadow of that man. So apologies again.. I think I would agree with you 100% on Tim, Nad and I match your verdict that Roachford was the best of the 3!

    Hard to answer that in detail. However, I will do my best! As a band they all seem to be very focused and energetic. There was a nice atmosphere on stage. The two singers dovetailed well. They take turns to be on lead and back up vocals. In terms of the songs it builds to a brilliant finale. Surprisingly for me from "I can't dance" onwards there was a great power that developed and continued through to the solo spots. Cuddly Toy was great too. Miracle and Over my shoulder were so well delivered. The energy of Nic was clear to see and he interacted so well especially with Tim. His solo was breathtaking. Through it all Mike was having fun and looked so relaxed. His solo was great and I think it was a Jimi Hendrix one although that was just based on what someone told me! The last Genesis shows were quite tough due to Phil's health issues and the lack of a strong Lead makes a show difficult. Seeing Tim reminded me of what Phil had been at his peak. When he sang "Jesus" his movement and vocal range were so evident. Sometimes at at the end of a show I just look around and you can see the audience had a great time. At Eastbourne the crowd was buzzing. I heard people saying that it was a fabulous show and I agreed with them.

    Just saw the latest show at Eastbourne. I went in with lowish expectations but it was fantastic. The band were without exception superb and the desire to provide a great evening for everyone was clear. We even bumped into Nic (Collins) and Tim Hower on the walk to the Congress. They finished with some solos and Nic's one was quite astonishing. I would recommend them highly to anyone who has a chance to see them.

    Thank you for your message. It was a tough decision but it felt right when I had done it. I have happy memories of seeing him many times in the past so no complaints from me. I just feel for others who have not seen him before and are priced out of these concerts.

    I had two fantastic seats at the O2 in my basket but when I saw the prices I thought this has just got silly. The price per ticket plus whatever extra charges was way too much from my personal view. I remember when concert tickets were affordable and open to everyone. I know times change but for me it has just got too much. I genuinely hope the concerts are great and that everyone has a superb time. My decision is very personal and when he opens up with Watcher of the skies I might regret it!!!