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    Just getting into bed at 5 am having driven back to Lancashire from Newcastle and dropping off some folk en route so too tired to write much. But a superb gig and a wonderful way to remember them. Daryl and Nic were astounding. Mike looked to be having fun, Tony was Tony and played superbly. Phil was great. Almost from the off he was in good voice and mostly sang in a strong, clear voice and hit some tricky notes well.

    The backing singers added just enough and I think I’d have liked even more harmonies, they really worked well on Afterglow. Phil, muddled up a few words, most notably on TTT and a bit on Domino I think. But I had expected to come away having made all sorts of allowances for him but he held his own amongst the others and I felt he have a great performance which didn’t require a sympathy vote. He was funny and clearly enjoying himself. That said he didn’t overdo the interaction and he was frail

    When not sitting down. The lights and screens were superb and the set list worked well. I expected the stop start into Cinema Show to be awful, but it was fine. The acoustic set was great and, although I would prefer the original arrangement, I liked the campfire Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. If anyone reading this is yet to go- you are in for a treat. My first gig with them was 41 years ago and the last one tonight was well worth the time, effort and wait. They did me proud.

    I’m so sorry to hear that. Thanks for the offer of the tickets, I’m sure someone will enjoy them. I’m hoping to go to Newcastle on Thursday with my son, having taken him to endless tribute and Hackett gigs over the years.

    Between Covid, petrol shortages, Phil’s health and illness in our family, it feels a bit against all odds (no pun intended) but hopefully we will get there. I hope some day they will come to Europe- or play here again so that you can get there with your son. You never know.

    Fair enough- I was being a bit tongue in cheek and that doesn’t come across in text. I like jazz and improvisation. It’s a good solo but personally I would have preferred him to come back to main theme a little bit more and play around it. But credit to him. I hope Daryl’s wife is ok and he doesn’t need to go home but I’m sure Anthony would do a fine job

    That’s uncalled for and disappointing from him, I hope Steve has a word. They would be best wishing each other well or saying nothing at all. It seems lots of folk are already forgetting the lessons we should have learned from Covid about what is important in life

    I’ve played it a bit more now and Christian’s review is very fair and says pretty much everything I’ve been thinking. The album is another missed opportunity which has a lot of potential smothered by too many layers of sound and guest appearances. To the point where Wingbeats is almost a relief because it has a recognisable chorus you can sing along to. Yet in terms of ideas, Wingbeats is overshadowed by most other tracks. Cathedral is probably best overall and Nad cuts through what is well described above as a wall of sound. Held in the Shadows also works well. I think Roger King is too integral to the whole set up now to change and he must be credited with helping Steve to be so confident and prolific, but I wonder if he cannot help himself and can’t resist overloading the production. It would be interesting to hear these tracks in some sort of demo form, I bet quite a few would sound better. I fear that if Steve came up with another Everyday, Virgin and the Gypsy, or indeed anything from the first three albums today, they would be lost in labyrinthine twists and turns and travel-by-numbers exotic instrumentation. Yet these albums are close to being very good indeed, just need more - as described by others here- space, room to breathe, a little more attention to melody and less to production. I think he still has at least one more classic album in him but I’m not sure we will get to hear it. I should say his voice sounds great and his playing is exceptional,

    so still much to enjoy, but hard to listen to a lot of it in one go!

    I can see arguments on both sides but it’s up to him and good luck to him. I would like to see a bit more of his solo stuff live but then I like to see him do Genesis and he’s perfectly entitled to, as Ringo and Paul are with Beatles material. I think 50/50 would suit me and -Seconds out tour aside- I think he does for about 60/40. I’m just glad he’s still playing and creating new music as well as revisiting the old classics. The ratio is down to logistics and the type of show he needs to finance as well as top flight musicians to pay etc so the more of anything he does the better as far as I’m concerned

    Great album, one of my favourite three man era. I like almost every track, the first five are classics to my ears, then it tails a bit. I like Whodunnit, could do without Man on the Corner and Like it or Not is OK. I’ve always liked Another Record, I like the drumming, but it’s a little bit lightweight. So, first five tracks up with the best and then a bit of filler for my tastes

    Saw Steve in Birmingham tonight.

    A Superb gig. Nad in particular was outstanding- the sound was very good but he seemed to come of age and handled all of the material brilliantly. Steve was on fine form, if I have a quibble it was the lack of interaction with the audience once Seconds Out began. Prior to that he was very chatty and engaged really well and this should have continued. The new material was excellent and the other Hackett stuff was safe but very well played. A great gig and a superb band at the top of their game. The best Firth and the best Musical box I’ve ever heard and supper that was right up there. Well done and thanks to all

    Arrived back from a few days away and gave it the first spin this morning. I’m very pleasantly surprised. I’d feared another album that sounded like the last two but this seems to have a lot more light and shade and some decent melodies. Needs a good few more listens but I think it is a very strong album. I’m looking forward to seeing the two tracks live in Birmingham tomorrow.

    I froze the video but couldn’t make out the set list- is there a readable version out there somewhere? Enjoyed the programme. Sounds great and show looks superb. Poor Phil all over the place and wouldn’t get into a half decent tribute band. But I think he’ll be in much better shape by the first gig. I really hope so for his sake and his general health, never mind us.

    I like all eras but much prefer earlier albums. I suppose we have to remember that there are 761 members of this forum at the moment. We probably represent a bigger number of fans but I’m not sure enough to convince a reluctant band to invest time and money in revisiting the vaults. I wish they would. I do think they show a disregard for this part of their fan base and I’ve said before that the websites- when they bother to have one at all- are woeful and the fact that the box sets are out of print is very poor. Let’s hope they do eventually produce a Lamb box set; I’m sure it would be critically acclaimed and if enough people bought it, that might spur them on to do more. Otherwise I’m not optimistic. The live tapes would be an easy one as someone else would do all the work but I think they would have done that by now if it was going to happen.

    Indeed, sounds quite good if you ignore the video- which has the hallmarks of a project by a promising A Level student with a half decent PC. Vocals are good and the sound is good- although the drums - whilst very flash, don’t do much for the song in my opinion. But, following the disappointing Wingbeats, this is a bit more like it in terms of whetting the appetite for the album.

    Like most of us here I’ll be glad just to see them together on stage. But if this is an indicator of the set list it confirms my fears about the unadventurous nature of things. Basically a re-hash of the last few tours. Hopefully there will be at least one surprise and I’d be very disappointed not to get a bit of Supper’s Ready, which they wouldn’t put on this CD I suppose, so there is still hope.