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    As Christian said, there are no problem for Paris. It will be happen : no restrictions for indoor show since February 2.

    There are tickets left for the first Paris show (1500 tickets) and the second show (800 tickets) but this is the most larger indoor venue in Europe (40 000 seats).

    Problem is, when you're in your seventies and charging that much for tickets, winging it just isn't acceptable. I really do love this band but the more footage I see, the more I think this tour is a Domino too far.

    On the contrary, I think they play quite well and I'm even surprised by Mike's enthusiasm on stage. He seemed to have less enthusiasm in 2007. Tony seems to be less comfortable on the other hand but nothing too serious from what I could hear. The problem is Phil. With all due respect to him, his voice always seems to be on the edge. Since he has less power than before, his voice becomes really TOO nasal which is very unpleasant over time.

    The fascinating thing about sciences and scientists is ... they can be wrong, as they always have to deal with what's going on during a specific time / moment. And there's a difference between an assumption and evidence. We have learned a lot about this virus during the last 18 months. Measures taken are political decisions, which are hopefully based on scientific evidence. How effective some measures are can always be discussed, but it's pretty obvious that gathering in rooms does not help fight a pandemic. And this brings any health system down.

    It's also quite obvious that the UK government is not the best example for a good crisis management.

    Having said that, and coming back to topic with that, I am pretty shocked that the UK government will allow 60,000 people in a stadium for the EURO finale. The virus and its delta-variant now keeps spreading among younger people in the UK. My hope for Genesis shows this fall in the UK is pretty much gone.

    Hi Christian. Yes, that’s a pity : they will be forced to postpone again the UK tour. For the american leg of the tour, there’s actually no specific problems.

    I love it but it's simply too old, poorly produced, even by the standards of that time, particularly considering what bands like Yes were doing. Poorly arranged, some dodgy lyrics and the musicianship simply isn't there.

    I doubt anybody listening to this album today for the first time could get into it. Still, when stripped down to the core: chords, harmony and melodies the songs are very good. The talent was obviously there, the originality undeniable and the overall atmosphere is pure magic.

    The 2008 remaster and new mixes imrpoves the LP : It's almost another album and the balance between the different instruments finally does the musicians justice.

    Thanks for your message.

    I'm not that pessimistic.


    The main problem for foreigners remains the 10-day quarantine on the spot...


    I’m also fully vaccinated. I don't think that should be a problem on this side. I will also be at the Glasgow concert (Friday, October 8). Maybe we could meet there before?

    I'm especially worried about the quarantine measures still in place for foreigners. I hope they will lift the restrictions, otherwise it will be difficult for me to come.

    So, I’m waiting to see if I can get my plane tickets.

    See you soon,