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    Of course you may. Quite simply, Steve has been openly re-writing history with regards to his time in Genesis for quite some time now. The Steve Hackett who now claims to have been pushing for bells and whistles in Supper's Ready is the same Steve Hackett who told Hugh Fielder in the mid-eighties that he wasn't at all sure about said song, that it was too long and altogether too much of a musical gamble.

    You're welcome.

    Why, thank you :)

    I can't say I see much of a contradiction there - especially since he was often reduced to adding bells and whistles to er... private parts and pieces in the first place.

    Anyhow, he was there, so I guess we'll have to take his multifaceted word for it.

    (Let's take this up again when he starts to claim credit for the abysmal Invisible Touch!)

    This week:

    VOYAGE OF THE ACOLYTE – Ace of Wands

    PLEASE DON'T TOUCH – Hoping Love Will Last

    SPECTRAL MORNINGS – Spectral Mornings

    DEFECTOR – The Steppes

    CURED – The Air Conditioned Nightmare

    HIGHLY STRUNG – Group Therapy

    BAY OF KINGS – Bay of Kings

    TILL WE HAVE FACES – Let Me Count The Ways [SAS*]

    MOMENTUM – Cavalcanti

    GUITAR NOIR – Dark as the Grave


    GENESIS REVISITED – Fountain of Salmacis [SAS, but love the reinvented parts]

    A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM – [all of it]

    DARKTOWN – Twice Around the Sun

    TO WATCH THE STORMS – Serpentine Song

    WILD ORCHIDS – Ego and Id

    *Shame about the singing

    I picked this up at a services station this afternoon. Having enjoyed the Ultimate Music Guide editions on Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, there was no way I was going to pass this up (although, it appears this is an updated, 50th anniversary edition of a previous release).

    I'm slowly working my way through the reviews (I've only got as far as Foxtrot) and, while I hope that it's not slanted more favourably towards the seventies era (although with a picture of Peter Gabriel on the front and an introduction by ex-guitarist Steve Hackett (featuring a plug for his latest album and yet more revisionist comments such as "I said we should [do Supper's Ready] with all the sound effects" as well as the traditional mention of "my brother, John") I do wonder...

    May I ask what you mean by "yet more 'revisionist' comments"?

    (...from 'ex-guitarist Steve Hackett' - shouldn't there be a matching 'ex-singer Peter Gabriel' in there ? ;) )

    I knew that Aisle Of Plenty reprised Moonlit Knight musically but I never saw any deeper meaning in the lyrics. Is that your interpretation, Lazlor or has Peter mentioned it in an interview?

    Hey SCD, sorry I took my own sweet time to answer this.

    It's mostly my interpretation of the whole album's theme, in fact (not just Moonlit Knight/Aisle of Plenty). The commodification of just about everything in life that might lend itself to some form of trade, our world's overarching religion.

    Pretty visionary of PG, if you ask me :)

    Aisle of Plenty is mostly meant to book-end the album with Moonlit Knight... including its lyrics, that illustrate the piecemeal auctioning off of Old England - until
    Brexit finally came to right all such wrongs, that is (erm - sorry about that :D)

    I like it - love it, actually - although half the time I find myself expecting the Seconds Out Cinema Show ending - which is great too.

    I don't bother to complain about those Acolyte tracks but mainly because I simply dislike them. Ironically for someone saying "Well why shouldn't he have vocal tracks!" the only VOTA track I actually like is Tower

    Funny how we are all so different, isn't it? I tend to view Acolyte as his best album (you know, that old 'best album Genesis never made' saw)... and the track I like least is... Tower! (Too cinematic by half, like much of his later output... Still, it works very well as part of the whole thing).

    I wasn't aware the guest singers issue was a common complaint regarding Touch. But again, in a sense a moot point as it's an album I struggle with. I'm not sure I even like anything at all on it.

    I haven't listened to it in years (while I always come back to VOTA), but for me it stands on the merits of its collaborations – Narnia, How Can I, Hoping Love Will Last, Icarus Ascending...

    You're right in what you say about his voice in that it's not bad but definitely not that good. It's a bit characterless. But it's obviously bad enough to make you wish he'd either hire guest singers or just do instrumentals!

    Not just characterless - paper thin, with a very slight but unpleasant rasp to it. And since he's trying so hard to get something half decent out of it, it comes out flat, uninflected, devoid of any personality/phrasing. OK, characterless... and totaly unnecessary.

    In-fu-ria-ting :(

    I think he's long produced his definitive album, which in my view would be Spectral Mornings. I don't think there's anything left in the tank to enable anything on that level, guest or no vocal.

    Judging from the smattering of fairly recent tunes of his I've listened to on YT these last few days, I'd say he's lost in a furrow he shouldn't have tried to plough in the first place – but that he could still surprise us if he let his instrumental/classical leanings take over once and for all. The instrumental parts are always outstanding, it's just that there is a general lack of direction (Under the Eye of the Sun is very good in its Yes disguise, hafta say :) )

    Again, I'm sorry he probably won't come up with an electric follower to Midsummer Night's Dream... Something written to the hilt, unhindered by lyrics writing & singing (which, again, must take up an enormous amount of time and energy), or by any commercial considerations... which in Steve's case are a moot point anyway.

    In fact I'd go further and say that I don't like when there are a load of guest singers, I think it detracts from the album's identity.

    A common gripe regarding the Please Don't Touch album.

    On the other hand, nobody complains about Phil Collins and Sally Oldfield singing on Acolyte...

    Personally I can see why he includes lyrics - he's a creative person who likes to express his ideas through both music and words.

    Sure... but then he must know he is far from the best vehicle for these words, as evidenced by what others have done with his lyrics on PDT, Acolyte and others.

    I'm not saying he's a 'bad' singer. He's just bland and highly limited, with a voice and delivery that bring nothing to his ambitious tunes and tend to discourage repeated listening. Take Déjà Vu, for instance–I must have listened hundreds of times to that wonderful song. Had he been the singer on that, well...

    All told I'd rather there were no words at all on at least a couple of Steves 'electric' albums–I'd love it if he were to put out something that might live in the same rarefied atmosphere as his fantastic Midsummer Night's Dream...

    Obviously, he'll do whatever he wants, but such hypothetical albums could be the definitive work of Hackett the great musician we all love... :|

    Nothing to do with Genesis, I'll drink to that - but with its shell? ;)

    It's not a great album, to be sure. It's quite nice for what it is, though (guitar pop???) and it kind of shows what Daryl could do as far as writing, although to be honest I hear a lot of that 'Genesis lite' which he'd been absorbing at the time.

    Anyone knows his other solo albums ? What are they like ?

    We know next to nothing about Daryl the songwriter, I suspect it is really not his strong suit or else we would have heard something from him in all these years he has been around. I somehow doubt he would have been able to shift the balance to the point that he would have been able to steer Genesis into a different direction. They were never really a guitar driven band, as Steve knew very well and that's why they never really cared to replace him.

    Stylistically, as we can hear on his renditions of Steve's parts he is very far from Genesis imo, so personally I am glad they never considered it.

    I hear you - just daydreaming here as I'm firmly in the "couldn't have been worse" camp...

    Have you heard his solo albums? I only know (and like) Steppin' Out

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    Daryl playing/writing on the albums would have taken the band in a different direction, methinks.

    ...which may explain why he never made full member... and why that feels like a missed opportunity AFAIC...

    Don't mean to be flippant, but I'm still baffled by Steve's insistence on cheapening his work by singing on it. It's infuriating when one loves his music (and this tune's instrumental bits are great)... and the reason I stopped buying his albums a good ten years ago.

    If he has to have lyrics (I can't see that, but hey...), why not have someone else sing them - someone who'll add something to the tune, not detract from it?

    Sally Oldfield, Richie Havens, Steve Walsh, Randy Crawford, Paul Carrack, John Wetton, etc... I mean, doesn't that tell us (him) something? And why not have his touring singers have a go at it?

    Think of the added time and energy he could devote to composing pieces worthy of the Genesis legacy he has been so right in upholding live these past years...