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    I’m pretty sure Steve was looking at Genesis in the eighties and thought ‘I’d like to be that successful as well”, who would not? Then again, he had the chance to be part of a band like GTR and I am pretty sure his major force was to make great music that people would like and not being as successful as Genesis

    Agreed. If I was at that level of ability, and had the chance to work with either of them, I'd be mad to say no.

    Darktown in my case - though I wouldn’t consider any of the more recent stuff “bad”, those Album are all okay. But they never got close to what Steve did on Darktown.

    I hope to have the review finished by end of August. It’s actually quite nice to live with an album for a while before sitting down and writing the review. Usually it’s always a time issue

    Beyond the Shrouded Horizon for me, but Darktown is certainly a high spot. I've long said a review needs months, even years, to truly reflect an albums strengths or weaknesses. Some music is like those shiny things that turn green in a few months! ;)

    I rarely have breakfast, but porridge is one of my go-to's. Not made with milk, water, sugar and Salt.

    Good first verse. Over to PG for verse 2................


    OATMEAL WARS!!! Next big thing the on The Food Network.

    In all seriousness, @Backdrifter's oatmeal breakfast has long sounded nothing short of legendary to me, and the whole fruit in my oatmeal was frozen. If I had to guess, his would win in an "oatmeal breakfast competition" (sounds like a missing section of Supper's Ready!). However, the oats I use are made/grown in Dungarvan, Waterford, Ireland giving me a connection to home, and the orange blossom honey is a new discovery purchased at the roadside in Maine, and is absolutely gorgeous. So it might be tight!

    You could all write a new classic: "Breakfast's Ready"! ^^

    He needs a director or someone who will tell him that just stringing a series of images together in this day & age doesn't make an effective video. Go back to Behind The Smoke & Beasts In Our Time, both of which told a story & had effective visuals.

    Indeed, this latest video is not good, but then again, probably very cheap to make. I'd imagine the record company have put this together.

    Since it does not make the claim at the end, I guess it's not a Crooked Hand production, Paul Gosling's outfit, who did several of Steve's over the last few years, at Steve's request. I know Paul, and once interviewed him for the Waiting Room. He's a great guy, and knows what he's doing. He was also a member of the old forum, though I was the only person who knew it. Is he on here? I'm not saying.

    Well, the "sex mix" version of this track listing is slightly weird - both of them go *over* the allotted time for an 80 minute CD (disc 2 only slightly)

    so either this is the wrong list, or this list has more edited versions ??

    CD's CAN go over 80 minutes, it has been done, several times, I think the longest one is a Herbert Von Karajan version of a Beethoven symphony, could be wrong about that, but it certainly breached 81 minutes. There are a couple of caveats: It wouldn't be allowed to display the "Compact Disc Digital Audio" logo, and it should be annotated that it may not work on all players (Because it might not!). 80 minutes is the red book spec figure, but a good player can handle a tighter data spiral than spec.

    There was a time when the quoted limit was lower, I think it had been 78 minutes at one point in history, and it was certainly 74 minutes in the early days, as CD's were originally mastered off Sony U-matic video tapes, max length, 74 minutes!

    I've heard that saying but with, stupidly unfairly and in total ignorance, the word teach at the end instead of criticise.

    I wouldn't blanket-condemn critics as all being unable to "do". I'm not much of a reader of reviews but sometimes (and I'm talking across genres) it's obvious the reviewer has good technical and historical knowledge and a flair with words, and fashioning those things into a concise critique* is a skill in itself. And bear in mind sometimes the critic is a practitioner of the medium in question - eg some music reviewers are musicians as a hobby, authors sometimes do book reviews, etc.

    * EDIT: Just to be clear, I'm not counting "SHT" as a concise critique!

    Agreed, but I'm pretty sure (as I seem to recall it being said this moment was what he was famous for) that SHT crtc is neither good at in depth criticism, or able to make music.

    I completely disagree. He was a mentor for both, Phil and Genesis in the early eighties. And I think that was a wise decision. People keep discussing Abacab, it's far from being a boring album.

    Ahmet's statements about In The Air Tonight itself are also quite interesting. It's part of the Face Value classic album DVD.

    PS: The HITS album uses album versions only ... same with THE SINGLES

    In the Air Tonight loses it's climactic peak at the big drum break through having drums all the way through. Phil did the original the way he did for a reason, with the menacing drone building up to it. The change adds nothing, IMO. Still, for those who prefer it...........

    What is the same with the singles?

    Do you think so? I think it was Ahmet Ertegun who suggested not to include YMR in favor of Who Dunnit, just to give this album more edge and make it more interesting. I assume he thought the inclusion of a "safe" track instead of something controversial such as Abacab would have made this album less ... special?

    Ahmet, the man who made Phil add drums to In the Air Tonight, to create the single version, which you NEVER hear now. Even Phil's "Hits" album uses the album version. So, perhaps his judgement was not that good, after all.