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    Nick Magnus - Catharsis, arrived yesterday. Liking it so far, a tip for those who get the DVD/CD set: Play the DVD first! I did by chance, and it explains the background to the songs, so you'll get more from your first listen.

    Nothing wrong with some well-crafted pop and no need to explain it. That said, I much prefer her post-PWL stuff.

    Someone made the distinction between first vinyl and CD. I mentioned my first vinyl single and album, my first CD was Here Today Tomorrow Next Week by The Sugarcubes. I was a late starter cd-wise.

    Indeed, Kylie's best stuff is the deconstruction material, "put yourself in my place" and "Confide in me". She showed real promise, then threw it all away again!

    Even more up-to-date news:

    "Hi all:

    I know you all have just one question... "when do I get my music?" Some of you are beyond frustrated. I am too. All I can do is give you the latest details, and here they are:

    Both albums have been completed. The Sound of Dreams has been mixed by Grammy Award winning artist/producer/engineer PJ Olsson, lead singer for the Alan Parsons Live Project who re-mixed 2019's Grammy Winning Alan Parsons Project album Eye in the Sky 35th Anniversary Edition. Likewise, Random Acts of Beauty has been remastered by Grammy Winning artists/producer/engineer Tom Brooks, keyboardist and orchestral Arranger for Alan Parsons.

    In case you missed this video update and preview, here it is again:

    [Blocked Image:] David Minasian "All In" Preview from The Sound of Dreams David Minasian previews a new track from his upcoming album The Sound of Dreams which features compositions co-written with legendary artists including Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues, Steve ...

    Co-ordinating schedules has been a challenge to say the least. But we did it. All files are being turned over to Golden Robot Records as we speak and there will be lots of promotional information coming out in the weeks ahead, along with release date and shipping announcements.

    Thank you again for your unwavering patience.


    David Minasian"

    Based of the sample here, it's gonna be worth the wait!

    No problem, he is relatively unknown, but some of his albums are superb. Children of Another God is a brilliant concept album, there are videos on youtube from it, and Hexameron is very very good too, and should still be available. Inhaling Green is also excellent but long deleted, and virtually impossible to get.

    Indeed, my daughter's current boyfriend is a Phil/Genesis fan, he's 28. My daughter is 27 and likes some Fleetwood Mac and Beatles, though sadly also a lot of the current "stuff", which it can "get" IMO! ;)

    More delays, sadly:

    "Dear customer

    We feel it's essential to keep you up to date concerning the shipment of the 'Catharsis' album.

    There has been a further shipping delay.

    This ongoing situation is due entirely to the manufacturer again having failed to meet their quoted delivery date, a situation which we at CDS and Nick have made very clear to them is totally unacceptable.

    All our efforts are therefore focussed on a swift resolution.

    At this stage we cannot give a precise date - but rest assured the albums will arrive, and when they do all hands will be on deck to get them shipped-out to everyone who has pre-ordered their copy of this Limited Edition 2-Disc Media-Book.

    We can only offer our sincere apologies for the delay, but this situation is entirely out of our hands.

    Thank you for your continued trust and patience.

    Best wishes from Nick and the CDS team."

    Actually yesterday, the new Dukes of Stratosphear CD/Blu ray set, Psurroundabout Ride. Very good it is too, though there are one or two tracks where the vocals are a bit too low in the mix, You're my drug being one, and Your Gold Dress another, though the latter isn't such a problem, as it's my least favourite track anyway.

    I ordered mine through Burning Shed, and got a signed postcard, randomly allocated, they were signed by Sir John Johns, or E.I.E.I. Owen. I got the latter, as you can see. It would be nice to see a Sir John card, if anyone got one.

    Well, it's been argued there are concept albums years before the 60's (Sinatra is someone who has been credited as doing one) but for me, Sgt Pepper just about qualifies, though the concept is more of sound and feel rather than lyrical content.

    Accuse me of bias, but Days Of Future Passed, mere months post-Pepper, ticks all the boxes, and it's worth noting Crimson were well aware of the Moodies, they started recording Court With Tony Clarke, the Moodies producer, and at the Moodies studio, I believe.

    Fripp didn't want to buy a mellotron, but had to admit defeat as nothing else would make "that" sound.

    Plenty - It could be home.

    For the unfamiliar, this was a very early Tim Bowness band, from the mid-80's, who finally released their debut album last year. Full story here: https://timbowness.wordpress.c…/plenty-it-could-be-home/ and here:

    I had the good fortune of chatting briefly with David Jones, (He's also the bass player with Genesis tribute band Mama) a couple of weeks back, telling him how good this album is, and complimenting his playing on a couple of tracks in particular (One being a cover of the 'Stones As Tears Go by, the best version of it I've ever heard). He was quite chuffed (as we say in the UK) to hear I liked it.

    RA&B is certainly the weakest track, and much of MMM is not exceptional, (The best bit for me is Steve's guitar at the "So I pretended to have wings...." it really captures the essence the lyrics.) but the rest is, if not their best, within striking distance.

    To come up with such an album just as everyone is writing you off, is a real coup.

    Thank you! It was more of a coincidence I mentioned both these artists, I was reading on wikipedia about Ulla Meinecke and it led me to a couple other musicians, one of them Rosa Precht. I never heard of Cosa Rosa's songs before, now I spent 2 hours late at night clicking through her songs on youtube. She is fascinating! And yes, what a shame she had to die so soon. No doubt she would have become one of the leading producers in the German pop music scene.

    The keyboardist in "Die Tänzerin" is Edo Zanki though, who also passed away only a few weeks ago (September 1st).

    Do you still have the … email? I can send you links to the albums.

    Ok, here's another one, just have to share it, I love these forgotten 80s gems :P

    I have all 3 of Cosa Rosa's albums, plus an mp3 of the one non-album track. Rosa was diagnosed with stomach cancer during the making of the middle album in 1985, and died in January 1991. Such a shame as she was not only a great singer and songwriter, but she was also a great keyboard player, and in fact was hired as such by Ulla Meinecke (coincidence you should mention them in consecutive posts, I believe Rosa is keyboard player on the Meinecke track you posted). She co-wrote at least one song with her, Süße Sünden.

    Here's Ulla in concert, Rosa on keys, from 1991. Note, the video write-up states the guitar player is Carlo Karges, guitarist with Nena, and co-writer of 99 Luftballons. I'm not sure who it actually is, but I'm pretty sure it's not Carlo!