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    How do you listen to a 5.1 mix? Do you have to buy the stereo system or does it have to do more with just the cds themselves? I have the boxed sets, I’m just confused when people say they are listening to the 5.1 versions.

    You need the system to be 5.1, ie/ 5 speakers, front centre, front left, front right, rear left and rear right, plus the .1, a subwoofer.

    Needn't be expensive, I don't know where you are, but I'm in the UK, and got a Denon x250-bt AV receiver, and a JBL speaker set for about £340 as a special deal at Richer Sounds. It's actually meant as a home cinema sound system, so is coupled to the TV and blu-ray player. A DVD player will often do, but some 5.1 releases, such as the XTC ones, are blu-ray only, so you'd not be able to play them.

    no doubt

    but obviously Genesis, Gabriel (or Collins) have a bigger audience than Steve and therefore most likely more fans who would be interested in buying such a book. That's all.

    Yeah, but these books are a series, in a sort of self-publishing way (They include an invitation to write one about your own fave artists) so it's down to who wants to do it. Barclay James Harvest are part of the series, smaller than even Steve, internationally, but actually a very good issue, written by the husband and wife team who run the fan club.

    I love Another Murder Of A Day and Shortcut To Somewhere. However I must be the only person who has never heard any work by either Fish or Marillion.

    I got into them at the time, 1983, though the first 3 albums did leave you thinking "That's how Genesis would have arranged that" at every turn. Script is great, Fugazi, the follow-up has one good track, Assassing, and the rest is awful. Then Childhood's End and Clutching at Straws are great too, but after Fish left, I did too and got his first 2 solo albums. Vigil is very good and surprisingly varied, with very touching ballads rubbing shoulders with biting satire.

    His next album was Songs From The Mirror, a covers album of mostly prog which influenced him, I Know What I Like being one of them. Question, by the Moodies, also features.

    You must've heard Kayleigh, surely?

    As for More Fool Me shaping Phil's solo work, yes, I could see similarity with the 3 slow tracks on Face Value.

    Helen McRory, like Paul Ritter, far too young to go, and also prolific and a great talent. A sad reminder that Covid is not the only departure lounge!


    From Yahoo: North Carolina health officials said on Thursday that they stopped administering Johnson & Johnson doses at a mass vaccination site in Raleigh and at clinics in Hillsborough and Chapel Hill after at least 26 people experienced adverse reactions, including fainting.

    Sounds like inadequate training for the administration staff on site. Contamination, over/under dilution, something along those lines.

    There are side effects for every type of medication. But if you look at the statistics it very rare to get any serious reactions.

    There has been a lot of talk about blood clots, yet I read this today, "This works out at a risk of one in 250,000, or 0.0004%."

    The way our family have looked at it, is even if you get some side effects it is still better than getting covid itself. I have had my first dose of the vaccine and should get my second in May. I know some who have not taken the vaccine but for me personally this is the way forward and only way we are going to get out of this pandemic.

    Totally agree, my mother had her second jab on Wed, just over 2 months short of her 99th birthday, minor side effects both times, well worth the trouble for she would not have survived Covid.

    Indeed, the end of an era. The majority of Brits have lived under the same monarch and consort all their lives. Quite an achievement, for want of a better word. RIP

    RIP Paul Ritter, brain tumour, age 54, gone far too soon.

    Not exactly a household name to many, but you will have seen him, recent roles include Friday Night Dinner, Belgravia, Chernobyl, Vera, and The Limehouse Golem. Good in all of them, and more.

    It was always one of my favorites from that album and I would love to hear it live, but i think they are more likely to play dark side of the moon (in it's entirety). For some reason, I can see them giving many too many a whirl just to excite the long term fans, but undertow I put in the same bucket as seven stones in terms of probability.

    Are Pink Floyd Guesting? Wow! Must get a ticket.

    But, seriously...... Mad Man Moon, right? ;)


    Worth mentioning binaural recordings that allowed headphones to give a surround effect as they were recorded using a dummy head to recreate the way your ears hear. The track Suicide? by BJH ends with a fabulous binaural recording of the songs story, the moment when he steps out of the lift motor room door on the roof, and you hear a dog barking in the distance, will make you look round! :)

    Always struck me as an attempt to add bells and whistles to a song that was beautiful in its original simplicity.

    Compared to the studio version or any live performance of this song I've heard from any era, this is easily my least favourite.

    I agree, it's just a cash-in attempt. You can tel Peter & Phil are on it, and you can hear the bit of Steve they left in, but frankly, the rest of it could be Trevor Horn. Absolutely nothing signature or trademark Tony & Mike here.