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    A couple of pages from a 1980's magazine called "Which Compact Disc" which I subscribed to. It covered the whole industry, from the music to the discs to the hardware it played on and industry news. ( eg/ Hard to believe now, but in the mid-80's, there was a shortage of CD pressing plants internationally, and announcements of new ones like Sony's in Austria in around 1987 was a big deal!)

    These 2 scans are of an article in the July 88 issue, clearly it was intended to be continued, but I don't have that issue any more.

    Maybe you know the company better - but they want to bring Genesis music closer to the "young generation". Will they bring Genesis's music closer to them through only commercials? Not completely. :) In this article it was clearly stated - Genesis music is to be remembered "to the young generation". I believe there will be a physical video as it will be practically the only way to reach young audiences. :) I would have to know what it is like with the recordings of those musicians who sold their collection there - or something else that Concord released. I can always be wrong, but I believe there will be something new. The only question is what. It couldn't be worse anyway hahah- because Genesis hasn't released anything new for a long time. :) I think since 2007 :)

    Physical Video? To the young generation? Unlikely, more likely to be streaming options. Yes, there will be physical stuff, but only stuff likely to sell in "guaranteed returns" quantities. And Genesis will no longer have any say. At all!

    I finally got around to watching the Sky Arts "documentary" Discovering Genesis. It's part of a "Discovering..." series with a different subject each time, discussed by whichever 3 or 4 journos were available on the day.

    It starts at Charterhouse and within about 3 minutes it's at The Lamb and PG leaving, having not bothered mentioning Trespass or NC, or Phillips leaving. In no time Hackett's also gone and Collins is now "in charge". The rest of it focuses on how much influence his solo career had on them, though there's an unexpectedly generous 2 mins on Wilson.

    My favourite bit is a reference to "Steve Hackett's Bach-inspired organ noodlings".

    I made this available as a download, it's on the previous page. I guess you missed it.

    It reads very much like a Tony lyric to me, and I think works well apart from the word 'roasted' which I think is one of those words that is hard to sing. The lyrics would be very timely now with "cancel culture" and the censorship of things from the past that don't meet today's ethical standards:

    Out of interest, "Out on the street" by Medicine Head includes the word "Roasted"

    But I don't know what you think she should have 'done' in a practical sense. She was the titular head of state and many found reassurance from her presence. It was not her role to 'do' anything beyond her constitutional functions which she performed admirably. I suppose people looked up to her as a source of stability which they didn't find in politicians.

    I wouldn't bother engaging with him any more on this if I were you, it's just a frustrating waste of your time. When there are major issues in the world to get angry about (Syria, Ukraine, Myanmar, Iran, Afghanistan, the list goes on, ......... and on) he chooses to obsess about something that maybe costs every man, woman and child in the UK maybe £5 a week. Let him stew. As he admits in another thread, he doesn't even have the courage of his convictions, to hold a placard or shout something controversial at a Royal event. He'll come and moan at us, though! ?(

    I'm done.

    Now the Queen has been laid to rest maybe it's time ( if we're allowed ) to question her legacy .

    To paraphrase a well known British comedy troupe, " What did the Queen ever do for us?" I know many people complain about politicians but for better or worse they make necessary decisions affecting us at every level of our lives. What , for better or worse did our monarch do that affected me/us in any way at all? Despite wall to wall positive coverage of the Queens life I still didn't see or hear about anything she she did that impacted on our lives? I heard that she was always there for us many times. I heard she was a grandmother. I heard she never put a foot wrong, despite her actions when Diana died and not paying tax for most of her life and using crown estate money to refurbish private living quarters in the mansions she handed out her to family but I digress . Just what did the Queen ever do for us? Liz Truss said she was was the rock on which modern Britain was built and we are now a modern thriving dynamic nation. I thought we're in crisis but I guess the Queen could only be accountable for any good bits; which are??

    Not that I'm particularly pro-royalist, but frankly, I can't be bothered wasting my time write something you'd ignore or dogmatically disagree with, I've written too much alre

    I have The Divide, and frankly it was a massive disappointment, I've played it twice, maybe 3 times. After Tony's outstanding Northlands with Brendan Eyre, (FWIW, Alan Hewitt and I both thought it the album of its year) and his very-nearly-as-good Equations Of Meaning, it was a very sharp drop in quality. I've just listened to the 2 tracks above, My Happy Place isn't bad, Old School Tie is nothing special at all. I'll have to hear the whole thing a couple of times before I fork out any hard earned cash for it.

    Exactly how I feel about it. Even the bonus disc is better than his more recent stuff. Both are full of variation in a way none since have been. A shame, but chart success seems to have made him get stuck in a rut.

    Reminds me of that old cricket commentator quote, "The bowler's Holding, The batsman's Willey" :)

    Has he ever been known as "Desperate Dan"? :P

    (Back in the early 80's, I was in a meeting with several others in the office of a manager 2 levels above me. His phone rang, he answered, and after a short pause said, "Hello Dan, is it desperate?" I kid you not. He was briefly puzzled when we all laughed.)

    Surely at that stage your main concern would've been waking up choking on a mouthful of semi-masticated pizza.

    As unpleasant as your gum incident was for you I have to admit it made me smile - sorry - but mainly underlined my dislike of chewing gum and my feeling that it has very little purpose. Maybe it's changed over the years but going back decades to when I last had it, it would have flavour for a minute or two after which it'd just be a case of my jaws working for absolutely no reason or gain. Then you end up with a stretchy glob of useless stuff that becomes another piece of litter to be disposed of - which, for far too many people, consists of spitting it on to the ground or sticking it to surfaces where it can be horrifyingly touched, sat on or otherwise cling to other people.

    I have a feeling I might've said elsewhere on the board, anyone caught discarding gum like that should be sentenced to being strapped to a lamppost for 8 hours while others stick their used gum to the miscreant's face and clothes.

    Modern chewing gum does retain its flavour a lot longer, BUT I dislike chewing gum because it just makes me feel hungry. I guess the chewing and salivating just gets your system ready for food, which never arrives.

    Justin Hayward, New Brighton Floral Pavilion last night. Nearest thing I'm going to get to a Moody Blues gig now, unless John Lodge tours here again. Lots more Moodies content than last time, 2017, I guess due to the demise of the band following longest-term member Graeme Edge's death last November. Only 4 solo songs, The Eastern Sun, The Western Sky, Forever Autumn and Blue Guitar as a final encore (Some may think "that's not a solo track, it was Hayward and Lodge", but no, it was actually Hayward and an uncredited 10cc)

    Lots of Moodies songs though, Tuesday Afternoon, Nights in White Satin, The Actor (a nice surprise) Never Comes the Day, Question, Story in Your Eyes, The Voice, Wildest Dreams, I Know You're Out There Somewhere, Driftwood, and Hope And Pray. I think I've remembered them all.