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    Last Thursday at the Coventry Empire, double header , Dr Feelgood and None Below Zero. Great gig. All on stage together for the last couple of songs.

    Blue Oyster Cult. On Your Get Or On Your Knees. One of those I've had for years( about 45) that gives what feel likes a real life experience. Never really got to grips with each track vocals indistinct, it's always been like listening to a band I've never really known much about . Always a great listen

    There may well be no knew proverbs. You know what they say " when it's done,it's done" However if there are any moments in life that require a new proverb I'm sure we'll get one after all necessity is the mother of invention.

    I count myself as a fan, though not a massive fan like most here .I have their b best ofs and a few others , though was quiet familiar with their 70s output. I went to see them when they played down the road from me at Coventry City's football ground, must've been 2018 on the no filter tour. I was astonished as to how good they were. We got reasonably close, I think they're one of those you need to be close to as they're all such personalities. The atmosphere was great

    Well done, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    Yes all good fun! Toyah is an excellent performer. I was also taken with the ease that Robert Fripp plays. He just sit there a rips out these guitar riffs with out seemingly ever making an effort. We were smiling throughout. I had to laugh at the how the band were dressed; bow ties and glitter. They looked like they should've been in an old holiday camp starlight room!

    Getting ready to go and see Nine Below Zero and Dr Feelgood tonight . Checked the times and noticed that it's in two weeks time! Had this date in mind for ages and bought the tickets without even double checking them , they rescheduled . New date clashes with Sisters of Mercy gig , fortunately I haven't bought the tickets for that one yet. Looks like I'll have talk to Mrs Farmer tonight .

    Yes if that’s how it happened it’s very poor behaviour.

    Probably a case of leaving it to the management but it does sound as if they could have done a lot more to let Ray down gently over a few things. To be fair he has said that Tony handled things much better then Mike. Don’t think an upbringing at Charterhouse equips you for empathetic work relationships….

    I think you are right. I think those with public school backgrounds are often at ease, confident , charming and get on well with people . I'm sure they were nice and charming with Ray when he was with them. They don't seem to care so much about others when no longer needed. I've just read the review on Sum Of The Parts and was reminded of the way Steve was treated. I've done absolutely no research on this subject.

    I honestly think any unreleased stuff still lurking around will be there for one of two reasons.

    Firstly it got abandoned because it wasn't any good.

    Secondly some works in progress. Personally I would not be interested in either . I wouldn't want to buy rubbish and who would want to buy half a car when they already have a decent one?

    You sold it!

    Tickets for Sunday in Birmingham bought. We have nothing better to do.

    Sounds great. I saw some of the Sunday lunch stuff and it was great. Didn't even know they were touring it.

    I like most have been frustrated with the time this has taken. Eventually out on 1st December. On the PG site both vinyls are available at £40 a piece. The CD and Blu Ray are £22. I would like the lot but as pointed out it's expensive.. I guess P&P will be added. One way to solve this dilemma is to get the lot in boxed set at a bargain price of £136.00! And what's more you only have to wait until March 8th.

    I've bought this , listened to it yesterday. Its brilliant. As usual with RW not an easy listen and this one is as hard as it gets but still brilliant. Certainly doesn't replace the original and doesn't feel like it's trying to. When listening to.cover versions of music I know really well I usually hear the original in my head but surprisingly this rarely happened here. Its much longer than the original and loads of new spoken pieces , giving a whole new slant to the theme. In Great Gig In The Sky the heavenly vocals are replaced by a tribute to a departed friend. Cheerfully the whole thing seems about an old man considering death and reflecting back at his younger self. I found the following one listen so far to be intreging and couldn't tear myself away until the whole thing finished. So the album has not be ruined whatsoever as some people have said . The original album is still there and the now two pieces stand as distinct original and linked works of art.

    Absolutely no chance. Very interesting that PG is thinking that way even now but his train goes like The Rocket, that's the original 1829 Rocket that was extremely innovative and went about an average speed of 10 mph but managed 30 mph at times before it broke down . He said they're not a long way along the line. Even when Peter Gabriel gets down the line his not to distant future is different from from the rest of us mere mortals. He can't even release his own completed album until it's the perfect time which I'm beginning to think will be sometime never. To get the other 3 or 4 to all work together at a pace he is happy with seems to me to be a remote possiblity. It will hit snag after snag and if it gets past that it will probably hit a snag. So if they all live to be a hundred and l make to my 90s something may emerge which I could hear, once they get around to deciding what format any release would take. Having said I hope very much. I'm wrong.

    I was chatting to someone last night who turned out to a Genesis fan. His favourite album is ATTWT. I think it's a brilliant album but doesn't make my top four. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say it's their favourite.