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    Like the tweet if you agree :)

    imagine the production he would put together for that.

    Next year would be 30 years since his last appearance at Glastonbury

    Christ, I hope not. Look at what a disaster that '94 appearance happened to be. I know I'm not the only one who thinks festivals - but this one in particular - is just not right for certain artists. There's a clamour from Kate Bush fans (for example) every year wishing she'd do it and I can't help thinking what an highly inappropriate platform for her music.

    Cant see it really . What was wrong with 94? I was there and rather enjoyed it.though can't remember it that well . I also went to the US tour and remember that quite well apart from the venue.

    You should never expect a festival gig to be the same as a main show . He's too low key for a main headline spot and really doesn't have much of a wide appeal beyond his own (large) fan base. I could see an afternoon slot working if was a best of set but there's no way he would do that.

    I would have loved that and was hoping but certainly not expecting that there would be some kind of nod to Genesis. Ultimately if he had it would have overshadowed the new stuff

    Headlines would have been about one 50 year old song with the new songs as a plus not the other around, and also likely the bits in-between would be ignored., so it's totally understandable .

    I had a prime spot on the floor and thought the sound was sub-par. Certainly for a Gabriel gig and I've heard significantly better at arena shows. I've heard reports from others in other parts of the venue that the sound was "awful". I know this is always a risk in this kind of venue but as I say, if others can overcome it, then Gabriel certainly can. Especially when you're paying just shy of £200 for a ticket.

    And I so wish mobile devices were banned at gigs. It's one of the reasons my gig-going days are largely behind me. The King Crimson approach seems to work just fine.

    I was halfway back on the floor towards the left side. The sound was great . I have found the sound if too close to be pretty poor at other gigs although I was fairly close at Genesis and that was fine. My friend was high up on right side and he said that sound was quiet echoey. I guess it's pot luck. There should be better sound dampening at these places.


    Glenda Jackson.

    A great actor and someone who clearly thought that she try and make the world a better place.

    Great sense of humour. I'll never forget the laughs my family had watching her play Cleopatra in The Morcombe & Wise show.

    The song was certainly inspired by the painting that adorns the cover and Backdrifter, you are certainly right about basis of the song and I always thought the wardrobe bit it was a throwaway line, but over the years I've come realise that PG has very few throwaway lines if any. I like to think of PG musing over rummaging through his wife's wardrobe to find that infamous fox dress then putting his thoughts down a year or so later.

    I know the song is based around the painting on the album cover about a guy quite happy with his wasteful sleepy sun drenched life, but I have occasionally wondered about the line "it's getting better in your wardrobe stepping one beyond your show." I know PG has never tended to have throw away lines. My best guess is Peter equates his own life with the man who declines a sensible career when he set to be rock star . His own career took of when he raided his wife's wardrobe for that foxtrot dress. Am I way off? I've never read anything about it. They say art is subjective. What does anyone else think?


    Don't suppose you can recommend a good cocktail bar in the area that mixes a top-notch Manhattan?

    Don't know but there is place really close that looks like a great cocktail bar including the grand piano. I've never been in. It sort of part of the complex just along from one of the entrances next to the Legoland shop.

    Thank you for the offer. I'm not entirely sure of my movements immediately before the gig but more than that - this is going to sound so grouchy - I don't tend to meet up with people I know from internet boards etc. It's not just you, it's anyone so don't take it personally! I prefer being an avatar and fake name on a screen. Indeed, it's not an actual photo of me but maybe we could all wear masks of our avis and introduce ourselves as our board names? I might cope with that.

    EDIT - I will just add, I'll be in block 12 for the gig. If I know what block you're in, I'll give a wave and nod of respect in its direction.

    No problem at all, totally understand, but I'm a bit shocked that avatar isn't actually a real picture of you! I'll be in block D so can't be missed.