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    All 4 contribute to the Floyd sound no doubt, but RW had a lot of importance in the albums, because he composed most of the songs.

    who sings :


    1. Speak to Me - NONE (Instrumental)

    2. Breathe (In the Air) - Dave Gilmour

    3. On The Run - NONE (Instrumental)

    4. Time - Dave Gilmour & Rick Wright

    4b. Breathe Reprise - Dave Gilmour

    5. The Great Gig in the Sky - Clare Torry

    6. Money - Dave Gilmour

    7. Us and Them - Roger Waters, Dave Gilmour & Rick Wright

    8. Any Colour You Like - NONE (Instrumental)

    9. Brain Damage - Roger Waters

    10. Eclipse - Roger Waters


    1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 1-5) - Roger Waters

    2. Welcome to the Machine - Roger Waters & Dave Gilmour

    3. Have a Cigar - Roy Harper

    4. Wish You Were Here - Dave Gilmour

    5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 6-9) - Roger Waters

    ANIMALS (1977)

    1. Pigs on the Wing (Pt. 1) - Roger Waters

    2. Dogs - Dave Gilmour & Roger Waters

    3. Pigs (Three Different Ones) - Roger Waters

    4. Sheep - Roger Waters

    5. Pigs on the Wing (Pt. 2) - Roger Waters

    THE WALL (1979)

    1. In The Flesh? - Roger Waters

    2. The Thin Ice - Dave Gilmour & Roger Waters

    3. Another Brick in the Wall (Pt. 1) - Roger Waters

    4. The Happiest Days of Our Lives - Roger Waters

    5. Another Brick in the Wall (Pt. 2) - Roger Waters, Dave Gilmour, & kids from Islington Green School, London

    6. Mother - Roger Waters & Dave Gilmour

    7. Goodbye Blue Sky - Dave Gilmour & Roger Waters

    8. Empty Spaces - Roger Waters

    9. Young Lust - Dave Gilmour

    10. One of My Turns - Roger Waters

    11. Don't Leave Me Now - Roger Waters

    12. Another Brick in the Wall (Pt. 3) - Roger Waters

    13. Goodbye Cruel World - Roger Waters

    14. Hey You - Dave Gilmour & Roger Waters

    15. Is There Anybody Out There? - Roger Waters

    16. Nobody Home - Roger Waters

    17. Vera - Roger Waters

    18. Bring the Boys Back Home - Roger Waters

    19. Comfortably Numb - Roger Waters & Dave Gilmour

    20. The Show Must Go On - Dave Gilmour

    21. In The Flesh - Roger Waters

    22. Run Like Hell - Roger Waters & Dave Gilmour

    23. Waiting For The Worms - Dave Gilmour & Roger Waters

    24. Stop - Roger Waters

    25. The Trial - Roger Waters

    26. Outside the Wall - Roger Waters

    THE FINAL CUT (1983)

    1. The Post-War Dream - Roger Waters

    2. Your Possible Pasts - Roger Waters

    3. One of the Few - Roger Waters

    4. The Hero's Return - Roger Waters

    5. The Gunner's Dream - Roger Waters

    6. Paranoid Eyes - Roger Waters

    7. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert - Roger Waters

    8. The Fletcher Memorial Home - Roger Waters

    9. Southampton Dock - Roger Waters

    10. The Final Cut - Roger Waters

    11. Not Now John - Dave Gilmour & Roger Waters

    12. Two Suns in the Sunset - Roger Waters

    I remember very well the Farm run down sheet of gig boards, rehearsals (both tour and album). And there are more Lamb OAM and desk recordings 'out there'. There is also an EXTREMELY rare audience sourced show from New Castle '72. However, to my knowledge, this reside with but one individual.

    Hi Mark ,yes i am Luis ,hope everything is ok with you , i`m following your page about Tony FB..thanks

    at the "Farm" Theres lots of 76/77 board tapes....i would like to get a few more "Lamb" OAM/SDB recordings..there a multitrack recording from the UK "lamb" tour....and the guy who copy the tapes of Milton keynes rehearsals H Odeon 82... could have the Milton Keynes show from the desk its not multitrack recording ,the show was recording in 2 C90 tapes

    Great review by Martin Klinkhardt..

    i found in the book that Jon Kirkman in coversation with Dale Newman says that the last "Lamb" show was Besancon on 22 May 75

    and its correct, but the tour dates list By Alan Hewitt are with some mistakes.

    when Paul Russell great Book "Live Guide 1969-1975: Play Me My Song" came out a group of collectors

    discussed some incorrections.Over the years some great collectors like Mel Huang , V warncke ,Mino Profumo..and

    some others.. helped to clarify some doubts.

    1-14.December .1974 The Market Square Arena Indianapolis

    This show never happened, Mel huang said about the Kansas show 14. december :

    "this is incredibly doutfull..just look at it geographically" because on 13 they play N jersey

    and on the 15 th in Montreal.i talked in 2006 with a fan that saw the Kansas 1.FEb.75 show

    and told me that the Kansas 74 show never happened..and we found a photo of the Tape of the Kansas

    show taken at "Farm Studios" and the date is 1.FEb.75 .i alsohave a review of the show and a copy of the ticket.

    2- Last European "lamb" dates:

    8.5.75 The Sports Palace Antwerp(?)Belgium

    9.5.75 The Stadthalle Bremen(?) Germany

    10.5.75 The Ostseehalle Kiel Germany

    11.5.75 The Grugahalle Essen Germany

    12.5.75 Rhein am Main Halle Wiesbaden Germany

    13.5.75 The Stadthalle Bremen Germany

    15.5.75 The Patinoire Rheims France

    18.5.75 The Velodromo Anoeta San Sebastian Spain

    20.5.75 The Porte de Versailles Paris France

    21.5.75 The Palais des Grottes Cambrai France

    22.5.75 Palais des Sports Besancon France

    the MB singer is the biggest problem for me , his voice, he is not a pure artist is an imitator,

    do not have the emotion nor the theatricality in the voice. in "the Lamb" its very bad ,in some older songs its a bit better.

    After watching them play "the Lamb" in 2012 I was thinking that I liked to have seen the

    show of the MB, but with the sound of a 1975 audio recording, so they stayed on stage only to do playback

    After listening to more than 60 diferent concerts of The "lamb" It is difficult for me to connect with the

    voice of "Musical box" vocalist

    I think the Genesis Oficial book its a good book , strange we don`t see any pictures of the album the book.

    Armado Gallo`s books were great, i like very much Robert Ellis Book.

    Alan Hewitt `s books are very weak,and with many errors.

    this last book from Jon Kirkman about "the Lamb" it seams something is missing..and again Alan Hewitt ...made some mistakes about the "the Lamb" tour dates ..he is mainly a 1976/2007 Genesis fan so i think he should not write about the issues of the Gabriel Era.